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NAN National ANS Network General Authority of Civil Aviation

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1 NAN National ANS Network General Authority of Civil Aviation
Air Navigation Services Kingdom of Saudi Arabia National ANS Network NAN

2 Goals of Project Implementation of kingdom wide network to serve all ANS facilities Support ATM and ATC data and voice flows Form a single and robust communication infrastructure Provide redundancy for links and communication hardware Provide simplicity and scalability of addition of applications Monitoring communication facilities to identify faults

3 Present ANS Communication
Individual links for each application Lack of redundancy at Hardware and link levels Addition of application requires new circuits and hardware Delay of lunching of applications due to unavailability of lines

4 Current Communication Scenario
FDP Server VCS AMSS AIS Database SITA A/G voice AIS Data AFTN Hotline CPDLC & AOC Flight Data M S AFTN Terminal VCS AIS Client RCAG FDP Client VGS Individual Leased Lines Dedicated for Each Application

5 NAN Communication Service
FDP Server GNSS AFTN Terminal VCS AMHS VCS JEDDAH ACC RIYADH ACC Thalès Eurocat Thalès Eurocat AMOS NAN AIS Database FDP Client M S M S AFTN Terminal GNSS Mon ER Radar or ADS-B RCAG JDH RCAG RIY VGS D-ATIS AIS Client VCS

6 Supported Applications
ACC, APP and Tower Hotlines Air/Ground Voice Communication AFTN Data Approach Radar Data AIS Data Domestic Search and Rescue Data Flows

7 New Applications En-Route RADAR, WAM and ADS-B Surveillance Data Flows
VGS CPDLC and ACARS AOC Data Flows GNSS Monitoring Stations Flight Data

8 Network Topology PMIA GACA-HQ KFIA NAN Backbone KKIA KAIA Remote Sites

9 NAN Remote Sites and Connections

10 NAN Technologies TCP/IP based applications
IP unicast and multicast routing Voice communications Time Division Multiple Access

11 NAN Monitoring NAN Monitoring tools provide graphical representation of the NAN and allow monitoring NAN devices and links Monitoring include: hardware faults, link status, bandwidth utilization and topology changes NNMC: Located in Jeddah and Riyadh ACC’s and will supervise the whole NAN. RNMT: Located in other sectors and Jeddah HQ and will monitor sites related to the sector.


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