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GLOBALink/HF Data Link

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1 GLOBALink/HF Data Link
ICAO Seminar on Implementation of Data Link and SATCOM Communications Bangkok, Thailand 17-19 November 2003 Vic Nagowski of ARINC Industry Activities presenter Industry Activities is responsible for development of avionics standards for the aeronautical community Material being presented provided by the ARINC Aviation and Air Traffic Services division which is responsible for all air/ground voice and data link communication services Copyright © 2003 ARINC Incorporated, 2551 Riva Road, Annapolis, Maryland, All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher.

2 GLOBALink Services Overview
Airline Host System Satcom Aviation Communication Services ARINC Ground Network (AviNet®) HFDL FAA/CAA Tower Systems ARINC Central Processing System (CPS) ACARS/AOA VHF Overview of the ARINC services currently being offered I will cover the HF Data Link system Air Traffic Service Provider ATN Air/Ground Router

3 GLOBALink/HFDL ARINC is the world’s only provider of HF data link service System has been operational for several years Equipage and traffic continuing to grow Provides the only data link service over the North Pole HF data link allows you to communicate with your aircraft anywhere in the world ARINC only provider of HFDL service Service started in 2000 Fairly young service and still growing Worldwide coverage including the polar routes, SATCOM limited to about degrees latitude N and S

4 GLOBALink/HFDL Overview
HFDL is a certified airline industry data link Along with VHF and SATCOM, HFDL provides ATC and AOC data link communications to the airline industry HFDL uses the same air-ground and ground-ground messaging protocols Difference is in the link layer which uses the HF spectrum (3 – 30 MHz). Air-ground message transmission speed varies depending on radio wave propagation conditions. 300, 600, 1200, or 1800 bps ARINC is the sole provider of HFDL service (GLOBALink/HF data link) HFDL industry approvals ICAO SARPs and HFDL Manual RTCA MASPS RTCA MOPS AEEC Specification 635 Supports both AOC and ATC services Operates in the High Frequency band of RF spectrum 3-30 MHz System has the ability to adapt to ionospheric anomalies by changing speeds at which the air/ground link operates Numerous standards were developed by ICAO, RTCA, and the AEEC in support of this service

5 GLOBALink/HFDL Global Coverage
HFDL Ground Stations Alaska Bahrain Bolivia California Canary Islands Guam Hawaii Iceland Ireland New York New Zealand Russia South Africa Thailand This map illustrates the coverage provided by the 13 stations that are operational. Primary coverage is shown in green and secondary coverage is in blue. A good portion of the world has HFDL coverage as shown. One more station, Carnary Islands, is expected to be added later this year. Final preparations are underway. Areas of Primary coverage Secondary coverage Legend HFDL ground station

6 GLOBALink/HFDL Flights – July 2003
Here is a sample of HFDL flights that were recorded in July of 2003 Primary routes used were in the North Atlantic. Secondary routes included Europe to Africa/Asia, North America to Asia, and North America to South America. Some polar routes are also seen on this map as well. As more aircraft equip with HFDL avionics, one can expect to see more growth on all routes shown.

7 GLOBALink/HFDL Equipage and Traffic
HFDL-equipped aircraft exceeds 300 Usage Traffic currently exceeding 450,000 messages per month 2003 running +62% over 2002 Uplink message success rate % % June % Availability % % June % Over 300 aircraft operational today from 21 customers Usage has been growing dramatically over the previous years primarily due to three factors: 1) more ground stations operational providing better coverage around the globe 2) more aircraft equipping with avionics, and 3) ground system availability Traffic currently exceeding 450,000 messages per month Uplink success rate and availability has been improving over the last 3 years due to more ground stations operational Boeing/Airbus have HFDL as an option

8 GLOBALink/HFDL Summary
Site and system upgrades continue to improve HFDL performance and enhance end-to-end reliability Continued growth Improved coverage through the addition of ground stations and HF frequencies ATC validation efforts ongoing For questions or additional information please contact: Pete Grogan Program Manager In Summary HFDL was developed and deployed to meet the aviation industry’s requirement for a cost-efficient, truly world wide data link service. HFDL’s operational performance is excellent and it continues to grow as a valued service to the industry ARINC has committed to the full constellation of HFDL ground stations, which will be completed in the next few months when Las Palmas, Canary Islands is activated. We also recognize the effect that changing Solar conditions will have on the HF frequencies we use, and are licensing new ones around the world on a continuing basis. Obtaining approval from the Air Traffic Control authorities has been a challenging endeavor, but, with the help of involved industry organizations and our valued customers, we are closing in on that goal. This is the end of my presentation. I will be around for a while to answer any questions that you may have regarding this presentation or HFDL in general. Thanks for your time and interest.

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