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Punctuating Titles Review Mrs. Fennig 7 th grade English.

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1 Punctuating Titles Review Mrs. Fennig 7 th grade English

2 Underlining (Italics)  Use underlining or italics for titles and subtitles of books, plays, periodicals, films, television series, works of art, and long musical works.

3 Quotations  Use quotation marks to enclose the titles of short works such as short stories, poems, songs, episodes of television series, essays, articles, and chapters and other parts of books.

4 You practice on your own.  1. Many Walt Disney films, such as Bambi and The Jungle Book, are back again.  2. Sometimes I listen to Ravel’s famous Bolero when I study.  3. Aunt Fran sent our family a subscription to the magazine Birds and Blooms.  4. Dad suggested that I read the article called Best Buys in Bicycle Helmets.

5  5. Byron’s long poem titled Don Juan fills an entire book.  6. Here’s my copy of Anne of Green Gables.  7. USA Today covers the news of all fifty states.  8. Did Columbus sail on the Santa Maria or on the other ship?  9. Everybody Loves Raymond is Uncle Emil’s favorite television series.

6  10. That hockey game was the one we saw on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  11. Listen to this recording of The Rite of Spring.  12. When I was a child, the U.S. flag had forty- eight stars.  13. The episode showing tonight is Crisis in Central City.  14. his article, How to Excel in Soccer, will be published soon.  15. One third of my cousin’s shelf is filled with Seventeen magazines.

7  16. Poems such as Edward Lear’s The Owl and the Snowflake are nonsense poems.  17. When I return The Yearling, I’ll owe the library about twenty-five cents.  18. Do you like reading the Mobile Press every morning?  19. I love the Christmas movie Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer.  20. My favorite Christmas carol is O Holy Night.

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