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2 WAM/MLAT Algorithm WAM algorithm  is  a hyperbolic positioning algorithm, the basic equation shown at right. If the number of base stations over four, the basic equation for thesuper-set equation to convert non-overdetermined equation by the least squares method.

3 WAM/MLAT Algorithm Theoretical derivation can be drawn, multi-point positioning precision and accuracy of time difference relationship for the approximate linear relation, matrix G directly influences the positioning precision, while the matrix G by the site location and positioning point position is decided jointly. According to GPS positioning theory, can introduce HDOP / VDOP factor to describe the MLAT/WAM error distribution. According to statistics, ultimately need to get 95% confidence level error, can be expressed as: EPU = 1.96HDOP δ

4 TEDC WAM/MLAT TEDC ADSB-2000A provides two types of Multilateration model: WAM mode used for time synchronization methods, through the GPS ( the future use of the COMPASS) time, by base stations (time synchronization accuracy needs to be controlled within 100ns ). Surface monitoring Multilateration using independent transmitter with high precision timing, the TEDC ADSB-2000A device can provide the highest 1ns timing precision (theoretical value of up to 0.3 meters), taking into account the crystal temperature drift, base station position measurement error, baseband pulse measurement and other reasons, the system in the best condition base station layout, the design accuracy requirements for RMS 10 metres.


6 TEDC WAM TEDC WAM based on TEDC ADSB-2000A receiver equipment R & D, consists of the following components: The ADSB-2000A receiver (3 above ) 10W 1090ES transmitter Central processing computer Data output interface device The optional 1030MHz rotary inquiry machine

7 TEDC WAM TEDC has carried on many times the multilateration test, the car station in Beijing Daxing District, Hebei Xiongxian, Hebei Cangzhou, Hebei Dingzhou built four remote multilateration station. Test contains the 1090MHz ModeS, Mode A / C and ADS-B ( out ) frame .




11 ADS-B Security ADS-B data security is the basic problem:
Air Ground transmission reliability ( transmission delay, crosstalk, interweaves wait for a problem ) False target and electronic jamming. GNSS system integrity loss / failure and ADS-B Out alternative surveillance technology.

12 ADS-B Security 遮挡,交织或者串扰引起的ADS-B掉点现象

13 ADS-B Security 正常ADS-B位置外推及延迟 位置外推异常或延迟不规范

14 ADS-B Security 正常的ADS-B雷达联合航迹 误差较大的ADS-B雷达联合航迹

15 ADS-B Security 某些飞行器(红色),NUCp值恒小于4 飞行器的NUCp值从大于7过度到小于7,但临近飞行器保持在7以上

16 ADS-B Security ADS-B data security problems: ADS-B data reliability.
ATC system’s fusion model. ADS-B data transmission and usability problems.

17 ADS-B Security ADS-B data reliability problems
Airborne ADS-B apparatus is provided to position the confidence degree ( NUCp ) may not be entirely reliable, different aircraft in the same region of the same moment may have a different location confidence value. As a result of airborne equipment and firing pattern of inconsistency, leading to ADS-B position data is not accurate

18 ADS-B Security From the statistics, NUCp value mainly concentrated in the5,6,7, but a large proportion of the data NUCp 0, NUCp 0means that the ADS-B position data is invalid.

19 ADS-B Security ATC system security issues (for processing ADS-B data)
Unproven ADS-B track directly into the automated system position accuracy and transmission delay of dual risk. Position risk is airborne equipment NUCp inconsistency, may lead to some lost tracks, or to produce incorrect track. Transmission delay will lead to automatic velocity tracking system instability condition, serious cases will affect the tracking accuracy.

20 ADS-B Security Extended ADS-B ground station, through the regional centralized processing can solve the ADS-B security problems. ADS-B ground station should provide precise timing function, the use of precision timing, without changing the construction scale of the circumstances, can greatly improve the security questions of ADS-B data. Regional centralized processing is the current ADS-B construction is necessary and urgent problem, through the regional centralized treatment, can improve the ADS-B ground station network capacity, and provides additional functionality.

21 ADS-B Security ADS-B Corroboration :

22 ADS-B Security ADS-B Security in H15

23 ADS-B Security ADS-B Security in H15

24 ADS-B Thanks! Li Gang CAAC TEDC

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