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Essential Question How do I achieve optimal health and wellness ?

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1 Essential Question How do I achieve optimal health and wellness ?

2 Health is the combination of physical, mental, and social well-being.

3 To achieve optimal health, one must pay attention and balance all 3 sides of the triangle. Too much attention or neglect on one side will result in a triangle that is unbalanced. All 3 sides are interconnected.

4 A balance health triangle not only leads to optimal health but also an enhanced quality of life. Quality of Life - The degree of overall satisfaction that a person gets from life

5 Unbalance Health Triangle Health is dynamic and travels on a continuum, which fluctuates from day to day and year to year, depending on different factors, many of which are your choices. ◦(Each decision leads you in a direction)

6 How do I change my health? Health professionals have studied the process of behavior change and have come to the conclusion that there are four important steps: ◦· Awareness (recognizing the problem) ◦· Knowledge (reliable fact based information) ◦· Decision Making ◦· Apply the skill

7 Physical Health How well the body functions Having enough energy to perform daily activities, deal with stress, and avoid injury.

8 Components of Physical Health 8 hours of sleep Eat nutritious meals Drink 8 cups of water daily Engage in 60 minutes of physical activity each day Maintain a healthy body weight Bathe, brush and floss teeth daily Regular doctor and dentist visits Avoid the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol

9 Statement # 1 I get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

10 Statement # 2 I eat a well balanced diet; trying to include all food groups.

11 Statement # 3 I keep my body, teeth, and hair clean.

12 Statement # 4 I do at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity each day.

13 Statement # 5 I avoid using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

14 Statement # 6 I see a doctor and dentist for regular check ups.

15 Mental Health How you think and feel about yourself and others. How you cope with daily life. How well you cope with STRESS. Are you free from depression or other forms of mental illness?

16 Mental Health Self-esteem Self motivation Self confidence Education Intelligence

17 Statement # 1 I generally feel good about myself and accept who I am.

18 Statement # 2 I express my feelings clearly and calmly, even if I am upset or angry.

19 Statement # 3 I accept helpful criticism.

20 Statement # 4 I have at least one activity that I enjoy.

21 Statement # 5 I feel as though people like me and accept me.

22 Statement # 6 I like to learn new information and develop new skills.

23 Social Health How well you get along with others How well do you interact with society and your community How well you maintain healthy and supportive relationships Do you communicate effectively? Do you follow social morals?

24 Statement # 1 I have at least one close friend.

25 Statement # 2 I respect and care for my family.

26 Statement # 3 I know how to disagree with others without getting angry.

27 Statement # 4 I am a good listener.

28 Statement # 5 I get support from others when I need it.

29 Statement # 6 I say “no” when people ask me to do something that is harmful or wrong.

30 Graphing Your Results Add up the number of “yes” answers for each of the three categories.

31 Graphing Your Results Use the Health Triangle and your paper and represent your scores. Label each side.

32 Mental (5) Social (5) Physical (3) Graphing Your Results

33 Analyzing Your Results 1.) Does your Health Triangle have equal sides? 2.) In which area(s) are strong? 3.) In which area(s) do you need improvement?

34 Summarizing Your Results Summarizing Your Results What can you do to improve your Health, and balance your triangle? How exactly will you be able to accomplish this? ** TWO sentences for each. **

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