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You Are Special By: Max Lucado.

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1 You Are Special By: Max Lucado

2 “You’re special just because. No qualifications necessary.”

3 Other’s Reactions To Me
Self - Concept Circle The person I think I am. The person others think I am. The person others think I think I am. As I See Myself Other’s Reactions To Me My Actions As Others See Me

4 Positive Self-Concept
I can do anything I really want to do. I have definite strengths and abilities. I am an okay person. I see myself as being as good as my friends. There are many ways to solve a problem.

5 Characteristic of Negative Self-Concept
I am not nearly as good as my friends. Why try? I could never do it anyway. I am a jerk. I cannot do anything right. I knew my plans would not work.

6 Building Self Esteem Associate with people who build.
Build others, sincere compliments. Set and achieve goals. Eat correctly, look your best. Observe self-confident people. Ask for help. Improve yourself, learn something new. Do not say negative things about yourself. Think positively.

7 “Rest in Peace: The I Can’t Funeral”
List your “I can’t” characteristics on a sheet of paper. Add things your parents say you do wrong. Add things others say you do wrong. How do you feel? Shred your paper (RIP) Treat yourself in honor of the occasion. (I’m glad I’m me!) “The decision you make to love yourself is the most important decision you will ever make.”

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