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Qualifications Portal Guide

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1 Qualifications Portal Guide
Team Qualification

2 Step 1 – Logging In To obtain a login for the portal please contact us at and let us know your name, centre name, centre address and the programme (Team) that you are running.

3 Please contact the Qualifications team if you do not yet have a username and password
Centres already registered on ToT who have a new member of staff (not listed as a current supporter) should ask for the details to create an individual sign in Please DO NOT use this link unless you have contacted the qualifications team and they have confirmed you are a new centre (i.e. you have not be registered with The Prince’s Trust to run any programme)

4 Step 2 – Getting Started When you first log in you must complete the Fast Track form for your centre. Until this form has been submitted and approved by the Qualifications Team, you will not be able to make entries for your learners. Please do this as soon as possible when you get your login details as it may delay your entries.

5 You can see your centre details and individual details here
You can see your centre details and individual details here. You can edit certain parts but if you are unsure please contact the qualifications team. The Fast track should be completed when you first go into the portal. You will not be able to make entries until this is done. Once you have done this you will not be asked to repeat in future years, however you MUST advise the Trust if any of the details on the form change.

6 Step 3 – Making Entries Remember – you should only make entries once the work has been completed, internally verified (IV’d) by your centre and you are ready to have the work Externally Verified (EV’d) by The Prince’s Trust.

7 Click on “Make unit and Qualification Entries Team”.
NB – until your Fast Track form has been approved you will not have this option.

8 There may be more than one page of Teams registered
Teams registered with us are displayed in a table. Click on the Team you wish to enter to see a list of learners’ registered in that Team.

9 Hiding the left menu makes the screen wider
Registered Learners will appear but they may be on more than one page If a Learner does not appear in the table then we have not received their participant profile. You will need to send it off before you can enter them. You must first choose the Qualification that the learner is submitting work for.

10 Once a Qualification has been selected scroll to the right so you can choose the individual units that have been completed to make up the Qualification. You can check the amount you are spending here Once you are happy with your entries press submit and you will be taken to the payment option pages If a Qualification has not been selected you will not be able to enter units – the box will be dulled out Units already submitted for a learner will show and be blanked out – these cannot be changed You will need to scroll across to see all the units for each learner

11 Please Note If you wish to submit a learner for an Award qualification but they have completed more than 9 credits you must also select the “Purchase individual units” button before selecting the units.

12 Step 4 – Sample Requests Sample requests are made within 48 hours of the close of a window. It is the centres responsibility to check for their sample requests and ensure the work is sent to us for EV. You can also use the sample request option to check the entries you have made.

13 On the main Homepage click on “Sample requests and results”

14 No later than 2 days (48 hours) after the close of an assessment window the samples will be available on the portal. If it says no current results are available, then click on Advanced Search.

15 Ensure you select the right programme
Choose which Team you require the samples/results for

16 To make viewing easier you can export to excel
To make viewing easier you can export to excel. This is especially helpful when looking for the work which has been Sampled as the whole table will show and can be printed. The table will show all the entries you have made. The boxes which say “Entered” above may also say: “Sampled” – these are the portfolios to send in for EV “Not Passed” – the EV has confirmed the learner has not passed this unit. Green “Level and QAN code” - this means the learner has passed the unit

17 Remember: When submitting entries if you do not fully complete the payment process then your entries will not be made. You should check your entries once they are made by going through the “Sample Request and Results” part of the portal. Any errors must be highlighted to The Prince’s Trust Qualification team immediately. It is a centres responsibility to check the portal for sample requests which will be available no later than 48 hours after the close of a deadline. Failure to send samples to us by the deadline may lead to your entries being rejected. Deadline details can be found on our website and it is a centres responsibility to adhere to these.

18 For more information please visit our website:
Further Information For more information please visit our website:

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