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EPCT Ann Bardini PCT Business Development Division.

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1 ePCT Ann Bardini PCT Business Development Division

2 PCT Communications before ePCT (an approximation) IB file store ISA file storeRO file store applicant record copies+ many forms (mainly) search copies reports and status updates e-filing subsequent correspondence reports and queries various correspondence

3 Single Common Web Interface (ePCT) Applicant RO ISA/IPEA Single Common Web Interface Electronic routing of documents and data between Offices (EDI,Trinet, web interfaces, etc)

4 ePCT Overview ePCT is WIPOs online portal that provides PCT services for both applicants and Offices May 2011: ePCT first used by small pilot group of applicants for private file inspection of IAs e-filed at RO/IB with WIPO certificates. 2012: additional features, such as interactive online Actions enabling applicants to interact with their applications 2013 Q2: Launch of ePCT-Filing in production for closed pilot group at RO/IB 2013 Q4: Extend ePCT-Filing to other ROs with existing e- filing servers 2014: Host e-filing for other ROs without e-filing servers.

5 ePCT – Basic Features Secure management of access rights (eOwner, eEditor, eViewer), including before publication View content (documents + most up-to-date bib data), processing status, publication front page preview Upload electronic documents File new international applications (IBs validation engine) Online Actions: interaction with your file, e.g. Rule 92bis requests, request to withdraw IA, prepare Chapter II Demand, etc. Timeline and reminder notifications History of actions at both IA and user level Advanced search/filter

6 ePCT – Advantages Reduction of mailing and processing delays (potentially more A1 publications) Data used directly without transcription reduces risk of errors (potentially less republications) Introduces entirely new information, eg. Third party observations Increasing exchange of more interactive machine- readable information instead of paper/images E-mail warnings for approaching deadlines, e.g., 30 month time limit expires in 1 month PCT timeline feature - visual aid to monitor important PCT time Real-time look-up in DAS

7 ePCT-Filing (currently in pilot phase) Reference data is always the latest – no updates to install Allows all data checks conducted by IB downstream to be made at time of preparation of the IA for filing Potential problems in PDF files are detected (such as color and greyscale drawings) - applicant offered a preview of how the documents will be rendered for processing Person creating a new international application can share access to it for viewing or editing by other users before it is filed

8 ePCT for Offices Initial functionality available for receiving Offices and International Authorities: Upload electronic documents directly into the IBs processing system Transmit Record Copies of international applications filed in PCT-EASY or paper mode Transmit Priority documents to the IB Online Actions - submit updates of bibliographic data relating to events in the life cycle of an international application, e.g., withdraw IA, withdraw priority claims

9 Other PCT updates Written opinion of the ISA will be made publicly available at time of international publication Translation into English available at 30 months when IPRP1 is issued Pending approval by the PCT Assembly Transitional arrangements under consultation (may apply for international applications filed on or after 1 July 2014)

10 Live ePCT Demo

11 ePCT Workbench

12 ePCT Action – 92bis request

13 ePCT Action – Chapter II Demand

14 ePCT - Upload Documents

15 ePCT - Preview Publication Front Page

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