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Chapter 4 Section 3.

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1 Chapter 4 Section 3

2 Political Geography For your notes today, please fold your paper in half and then half again You should have four boxes on the front, and four on the back

3 Kansas- technically a “state?”
South Korea Japan Definition: Independent unit that occupies a certain territory, has full control of its internal and external affairs. Examples (often the term “country” is used to mean state) Not examples: Kansas- technically a “state?”

4 Nation Definition: Group of people with common culture living in a territory and having unity, don’t have to have territory!! Examples of landless nations: Palestinians, Kurds Examples?

5 Palestinians- Stateless nation

6 Natural Boundaries Definition: Country boundaries based on physical features of land (rivers, lakes, chains of mountains. Examples?

7 Artificial Boundaries
Definition: a fixed line generally following latitude or longitude lines Examples

8 Practice Turn to page A20 in your textbook
Find one natural boundary that we have not spoken about Find one artificial boundary that we have not spoken about Be prepared to be called on!

9 Types of Governments Democracy: Citizens hold political power, either directly or through elected representatives Examples? Switzerland

10 Types of Governments Examples?
Monarchy: A ruling family headed by a king or queen holds political power. (They don’t always share power with citizens!) Examples? Vatican City Saudi Arabia

11 Types of Government Dictatorship: individual or group hold complete political power Examples? North Korea

12 Types of Government Communism: nearly all political power and means of production are held by the government in the name of all the people. Examples? China Cuba

13 Important things to remember
1) The physical size of a country has nothing to do with its wealth and power

14 Important things to remember…
2) Location of a country matters Landlocked nations have a disadvantage. Why? Hostile neighbors are also never good…

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