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Aid for Trade in light of Intellectual Property WIPO Conference on Building Partnerships for Mobilizing Resources for Development, November 2009 Ministry.

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1 Aid for Trade in light of Intellectual Property WIPO Conference on Building Partnerships for Mobilizing Resources for Development, November 2009 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director for Intellectual Property Affairs Koji YONETANI

2 1. Development Initiative for Trade 2009 2. Intellectual Property for developing countries 3. Cooperation for local industry 4. Cooperation in the field of Intellectual property 5. Future direction

3 1. Development Initiative for Trade 2009

4 Development Initiative for Trade 2009 (announced in the Second Global Review Meeting on Aid for Trade, Geneva, 6 th July 2009) Japans contribution toward Aid for Trade Through Tailor-made approach & Respect for the ownership of development country To provide 12 billion US dollars through bilateral assistance for trade-related projects and technical assistance for 40 thousand persons in total in the field of trade-related activities from 2009 to 2011. To initiate an overall review of the GSP, the Generalized System of Preference To implement our commitment in trade finance as promised at the G20 London Summit meeting and on other occasions

5 2.Intellectual Property for Developing countries

6 Protection (Acquisition of rights) Utilization (Licensing, recovery of costs) Profit IP Rights Invention / Creation Creation (Research & development) Intellectual Creation Cycle

7 Importance of Establishment of Intellectual Creation Cycle in Developing Countries Effective tool and infrastructure -for promotion of their self-sustaining economic development -for direct investment and technology transfer

8 Intellectual Creation Cycle Local Products Linkage Incorporation of local products into Intellectual Creation Cycle

9 Local Products Trademark Enhancement of competitiveness by exploitation of distinctiveness of Trademark can achieve high profit through export Example of incorporation of local products into Intellectual Creation Cycle Linkage

10 Cooperation in the field of Intellectual Property Cooperation for local Industry Cooperation for self-sustaining development of developing countries Synergy Sustainable development of developing countries

11 3. Cooperation for local industry

12 Japans effort for technical cooperation Japan provides various technical cooperation on the following priority issues which amounts to 2630 million US$(2007); Sustainable growth: Socio-economic infrastructure, facilitating trade and investment etc. Support for social development: Agricultural and rural support/fisheries etc. Addressing global issues: Environmental issues, Infectious disease, Resources and Energy etc. Organizations providing technical cooperation: JICA, JETRO, AOTS, JODC, NEDO

13 One Village One Product (OVOP) Objective: Combine community capacity building with income generation in order to link them to sustained economic growth based on community Assistance to LDCs and other developing countries to enhance their ability to identify, improve and export their products to Japanese market

14 Malawi Positioned as a national project for reducing poverty through economic development One Village One Product Office established within the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development JICA has provided technical cooperation for the Malawi Government since 2005 to support establishment of a system to promote OVOP movement (Pictures: provided by JICA)

15 Products in Malawi Honey : Training(Processing, Business), Marketing(Sales outlet) 397 %(increase of net profit in 2008 comparing with that before OVOP) Baobab jam: OVOP rice : Procurement (Equipment), Training (Processing, Business), Marketing (Package, Sales Outlet) 191% Training (Business), Procurement (equipment), Marketing (Package, Sales Outlet) 238% (Pictures: provided by JICA)

16 A project to give a support, including a financial one, to Japanese companies having the purpose of developing industries and contributing to economic activities in a developing country, preferably in a least developed country, in order to give them an incentive to take a risk. Seek to locate promising products in developing countries, develop products in accordance with the needs in the Japanese market, and import them to Japan. Development and Import Schemes (JETRO )

17 A Japanese company to commercialize mixed spice products for local production in Tanzania. Developed mixed spice in Tanzania and instructed milling, packaging and transportation process at the local cite. At the point of March 2009, upstream process including milling process is conducted in Tanzania and a plan is under discussion that downstream process including packaging will be also conducted in Tanzania in the future, which will achieve complete local production. Started export to Japanese market in 2009 Tanzania: Development of mix spice

18 Malawi: Production of fermented tea material of high quality Puerh tea JETRO cooperated to find partner companies at local cite. A Japanese company contracts partnership with local company. Succeed in making high quality Puerh tea after repetition of production of fermented tea material and fermentation experiment. High value added product using tea leaves for low-priced tea Started export to Japanese market in 2009.

19 Uganda, Ethiopia, Madagascar: Development of spice and food material Support for development of food material for Japanese market and establishment of know-how at the actual location Uganda: Organic cacao and organic vanilla beans Organic vanilla beans: Started export to Japanese market in 2009 Ethiopia: mustard seeds Madagascar: Organic vanilla beans and Pink pepper

20 4. Cooperation in the field of Intellectual property

21 Three Japanese Trust Fund to WIPO Trust Fund for Asia and the Pacific region (Industrial Property):1.8 million CHF Trust Fund for Africa and the least developed countries(Industrial Property):1.1million CHF Trust Fund in the field of Copyright and related rights:0.6million CHF

22 Promotion of the awareness of the importance of the IP system Assistance to the target countries in establishing or strengthening their industrial property IP laws and institutions Development of human resources Main Objectives of the FIT activity

23 Seminar on successful experiences linking IP and Business(South Africa, May 2009): Forum for dialogue on the role of IP for economic, social and cultural development where officials, International organizations, IP policy makers and senior representative of the business community meet Regional workshop on technology transfer based on the strategic use of patent system(Morocco, fourth quarter of 2009) Activities under FIT for Africa and LDCs

24 Provide additional assistance to WIPO through donor funding, and establish Trust-Funds or the other voluntary funds within WIPO specifically for developing countries, while continuing to accord high priority to finance activities in Africa through budgetary and extra-budgetary resources, to promote, inter alia, the legal, commercial, cultural, and economic exploitation of IP in these countries. The WIPO Japan Funds-in-trust (FIT) for Africa Relevance of the WIPO Development Agenda

25 Effective Exploitation of intellectual property Competitiveness domestic market and export Both aspects are essential for Development; Establishing or strengthening intellectual property infrastructure Direct investment and technology transfer

26 5. Future direction

27 Future direction Enhancement of synergy between cooperation for local industry and cooperation in the filed of intellectual property Competitive products for export Self-sustaining development Expansion of domestic market Enhancement of Export Increase of investment from overseas

28 Thank you!

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