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1.1Why did you use a computer? What other systems / resources could you have used? I used a computer because my handwriting isn’t that neat it also looks.

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1 1.1Why did you use a computer? What other systems / resources could you have used? I used a computer because my handwriting isn’t that neat it also looks messy and big but with the computer I can choose what style of writing and how big I want it and also the colour, the computer also helps me with my spelling because it tells me if I have spelt anything wrong, if its close to the spelling it will auto-correct if not I can right click on the mouse whilst the arrow hovers over it and it will come up with a list or a few options that I might be but sometimes it will come up with other options.

2 1.2What skills did you need to learn in order to use PowerPoint? You need skills to use PowerPoint because you have to know how to use the buttons if you hover over the icon you want to use it tells you what it can do and how to use it, you can search it up on a search engine or you can ask a teacher what the button is and how the button works whilst applying it to a document or any other files that you have used power point for it helps because when you learn more about it the better you can make your presentation and it will look more suitable for what ever the power point is about.

3 1.2What resources did you need to make the presentation successful? You need the internet for information and pictures or you can use the school books or the school website, you can also use the tools on power point such as word art, text box, colour your words and use hyperlinks to create your own buttons to go to a different slide from clicking the button. The hyperlinks are a good thing to use because it saves time from scrolling all the way down the page when you can just click the button on the first page to get you to another one by reading the name of the button then clicking it.

4 1.4What factors might have affected how well you completed the presentation? (e.g. time / attendance / knowledge of software) It was the time and attendance that affected me because I have missed most lesson due to illness and me being taken out of lessons for a test or another reason that a teacher wants to speak to me about something that has happened or the work that I need doing in another lesson, my attendance was the worst thing that held me back from doing my work because I was unable to make it to school because I was ill or I was injured due to some sort of accident. My knowledge of the software is good that’s how I knew how to use the tools and how to apply it to my presentation at a good standared.

5 1.6Why did you use PowerPoint to make your presentation? What other software was available? Why did you choose not to use them? I chose PowerPoint because it has all the tools on it to help create a presentation at its best with the right stuff I need to use and best for the design all the other software's were not as efficient or compatible with what I had to do for my work or anything else that was need to make it. It was the best one to use because I could edit anything I needed to or chance the colour or the font of my text or the background to add a bit of colour to my presentation, all the other software's were not as good as power point. The tools you can use are things such as text box, table and word art, the table helped me because I used it to show the timetable of how every school day goes. It is also the best because you don’t have to keep scrolling up and down the page you can just click on the slide you want, it breaks up all the information so its not compressed in to a massive jumble of words.

6 2.2Which tools within PowerPoint made it appropriate for your presentation? Most of the tools on PowerPoint were needed to make my presentation at the best I can make it, here are some of the tools I used word art, text box, table and hyperlinks. Hyperlinks made it better because you didn’t have to scroll all the way down you could just click the button. Hyperlinks are the easiest and quickest way to use on your power point because it saves time and its only takes a few steps to learn how to add them to your power point or any other slide that is needed.

7 2.4What improvements do you think you could do to your presentation? To make my presentation better I could have used more information about the school and what the rules are and how they are applied in the college and explained my sentences in more detail with why it got put in place and what happens if you don’t obey the rules that are set in place by the government and by the schools head teachers, I could have also used more slides and more buttons to add more detail and more information on what the school is about and the targets they have set for the students.

8 3.2What improvements do you think you could have done to improve your work rate? (keyboard shortcuts, file names & locations, backups, work after school, templates, planning) To make my work rate faster I could have used more shortcuts to make copy and pasting pictures more quicker, any other shortcuts that could of helped to make it faster. I also could have come after school to help me get my work done quicker and make it better than it was when I had finished, I could have planned my work quicker and not took as much time planning and got straight on with my work with out worrying about having a good plan, I'm a slow worker so that is another thing that slowed me down with getting my work done in time.

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