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Wipo Regional Workshop on Patent Analytics

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1 Wipo Regional Workshop on Patent Analytics
WIPO & INPI Rio de Janeiro, August 26 a 28, 2013 Samples of Patent Analytics Observatory of Tecnologies - INPI/ Brazil Prof. Adelaide Antunes

2 Observatory of Technologies
OBTEC / INPI Observatory of Technologies Strategic utilization of IP System in favor of the economic development. Created in 2010, the Observatory stimulates the interaction between Brazilian Office and the several stakeholders of the Brazilian National Innovation System (Universities, Research Institutes, Finance Organizations, Government Agencies)

3 Wipo Regional Workshop on Patent Analytics
Observatory of Tecnologies - INPI/ Brazil It´s necessary to identify the needs To develop a Strategy To search for information To analyse To disseminate University (papers) INPI (Government) Industries Innovation Economic Development Reports (patents)

4 Observatory in the Health Sector
COOPERATION AGREEMENT Partnership INPI – OBTEC / FINEP (Funding Authority for Studies and Projects) Observatory in the Health Sector FINEP –goal: Introduce IP Culture Brands / Patents

5 EX.: EMS Patents Trademarks Major Generic Drug Company (80% incoming)
Priority Country Patent Documents Brazil 7 Great Britain 3 Major Generic Drug Company (80% incoming) Trademarks Company Sector Trademarks (applications) Pending applications Registered trademarks Dead trademarks Frist Application Latest Application E M S Drugs 938 237 453 248 Nov., 1963 June, 2012

6 STUDIES - DRUGS- FINEP Grupo I - Tipo i Capítulo da NCM
 Medicamentos a base dos fármacos 1 Atazanavir 2 Ganciclovir 3 Gosserelina 4 Hidroxiuréia 5 Indinavir Sulfato 6 Insulina 7 Isoniazida/Rifampicina/Pirazinamida/Etambutol 8 Levotiroxina 9 Mitoxantrona 10 Talidomida Regra de origem: salto de posição tarifária, exceto do capítulo 30

7 Ganciclovir RN: IUPAC: 2-amino-1,9-dihydro-9-[[2-hydroxy-1- (hydroxymethyl)ethoxy]methyl]-6H-Purin-6-one Therapeutic class: antiviral Names and brands 2-Amino-1,9-[[2-hydroxy-1-(hydroxymethyl)ethoxy]methyl]6H-purin-6-one Biolf 62 BN-B759V Gansikloviiri Gansiklovir Gancyclovir Gancyklovir Ganecicilovir HSDB 6512

8 N º Priority documents / Country
Ganciclovir Producers(DWCP) – 38 China - 24 Índia - 4 Alemanha - 3 Estados Unidos - 2 Argentina, Brasil, Canadá, França, Itália – 1 Labs Brasil (DEF) Roche Halex Istar Blausiegel Lafepe Eurofarma N º Priority documents / Country China - 18 EUA - 5 Índia - 5 Escritório Europeu de Patentes - 2 (Itália e França) Espanha e a Itália - 1 depósito cada.

9 Observatory in the Health Sector
COOPERATION AGREEMENT Partnership INPI – OBTEC / FIOCRUZ Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Science at Service of Life Observatory in the Health Sector

10 Partnership INPI (OBTEC) / FIOCRUZ
to identify global trends in cancer subsidize decision-making processes in the Brazilian healthcare sector Definition of (Brazilian) priorities Important to know the Patent landscape on cancer drugs not-patented technologies patents that have expired

11 Partnership INPI (OBTEC) / FIOCRUZ
Derwent Innovations Index patent documents related to cancer drugs (worldwide)


13 Case Study Scientific journal
call for papers: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2013) Trends in Nanopharmaceutical Patents Case Study Adelaide Antunes1, Iolanda Fierro1, Rafaela Guerrante1, Flavia Mendes2 and Maria Simone de M. Alencar3 1INPI; 2UFRJ ; 3FIOCRUZ

14 Methodology Data Base Derwent Innovations Index Main Advantages
The summaries are full of keywords The possibility of exporting the patent documents recovered in the search using software (Vantage Point) The availability of Manual Code related to nanotechnology (classification attributed in the database to all patent documents indexed in it) Selection of documents that were indexed between 2002 and in the Derwent database

15 Manual Codes related to nanotechnology applied to the pharmaceutical sector, and the number of patent documents Derwent manual code Description Number of patent documents B12-M11Q Nanoparticles 2,306 B12-M10A7 Nanotechnology devices 160 B11-C12 Nanotechnology (general) 5,028 B05-U05A Nanotubes, nanorods or nanohorns 100 B05-U05B nanofilms B05-U05C Nanostructures, other than those covered by B05-U05A and B05-U05B B05-U05 Other carbon containing 3-D structures 44 B05-U04 Carbon plus heteroatom nanotubes 40 B05-U03 Carbon-only nanotubes 615 Focus on Special Issue “Bioactive Nanoparticle 2012” toxicity and nanoparticle nano-imaging agent nanoparticle for drug delivery cancer-targeting nanoparticle Removing the patent document that were in more than one of the nine series

16 Results

17 The main patent applicant by area
Total of patents Entity applying for patents Toxicity of nanoparticle Nano-imaging agent Nanoparticle for drug delivery Cancer-targeting nanoparticle 23 Univ. of California 7 9 21 Massachusetts Inst. Technology 8 5 11 20 General Electric Co 10 16 Univ. Nat. Tsing Hua 12 15 GP Medical Inc. Univ. Texas System 6 Univ. Northwestern Elan Pharma Int. Ltd Konink Philips Electronics NV Centre National de La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) Abraxis Bioscience LLC Fuji Film Co Ltd Brigham & Women’s Hospital Inc. Univ. Kyushu

18 Universities and Hospitals
MIT Partnerships MIT nanoparticles for use in encapsulating a biologically active agent (e.g., polynucleotide) Advantage is in effectively providing low immunogenicity and toxicity Universities and Hospitals

19 Rethinking The Conceptual Base For New Practical Applications In The Information Value And Quality (IGI Global 2014 USA) Chapter 5 - The Contribution of Information Science through Intellectual Property to Innovation in the Brazilian Health Sector Adelaide Maria de Souza Antunes, Flavia Maria Lins Mendes, Suzanne de Oliveira Rodrigues Schumacher, Luc Quoniam, Jorge Lima de Magalhães

20 Brazil Health System (SUS)
Section 1: Pharmaceuticals industry, made up of six groups Group 1 – Antivirals (including antiretrovirals) Group 2 – Neglected Diseases Group 3 – Chronic non-communicable diseases Group 4 – Biological pathways Group 5 – Vaccines and Hemoderivatives Group 6 – Medications and inputs for the treatment of medical issues resulting from nuclear accidents. Section 2: Medical devices and healthcare devices in general

21 Methodology Database used to access the patent documents: SciFinder Scholar Search for each drug, using the CAS Registry Number Informations patents relating to processes (synthesis and/or formulation); main Applicants (assignees) top countries information about the first patent for the drug, date and respective assignee patents filed in Brazil trends over time of patenting

22 Atorvastatin Atorvastatin (CAS RN: 134523-00-5) 114 process patents
84 are for its synthesis 26 for its formulation 4 for its synthesis and formulation Companies with the most patents (eight each) Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Warner-Lambert Company First patent Warner-Lambert Company Brazil (17 deposits) Warner Lambert Company (five for synthesis and one for formulation) Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries (one for formulation and one for synthesis) Pfizer (synthesis)

23 Calcitonin Calcitonin (CAS RN: 9007-12-9) 204 process patents
169 are for its synthesis 28 for its formulation 7 for its synthesis and formulation Companies with the most patents Armour Pharmaceutical (USA) - 9 First patent Ciba Ltd (Switzerland) Brazil (10 patents) 2 for synthesis by Institut Gustave Roussy (France),

24 Scientific journal III Academic Intelectual Property and Innovation Development Meeting ( III ENAPID - INPI 2010) Key Structures on Synthesis of HIV drugs Adelaide Maria de Souza Antunes1, Rodrigo José Ávila Cartaxo2, Flavia Maria Lins Mendes2 1INPI; 2UFRJ 24

25 19 HIV / SciFinder (CAS/ACS)
Busca: RN Top Applicants: Merck & Co - 15 patentes Bristol-Myers Squibb Co patentes Technology domination: EUA – 40% China, Índia e Japan – 41% 54% em PCT

26 Methodology – 19 HIV

27 KEY Chemical Substances Analysis for HIVs
5-Methyluridine Zidovudine Estavudine 2 routes 4 routes Bristol-Myers (US) and Ajinomoto (JP) Bristol-Myers, Ajinomoto, Japan Tobacco and China Pharmacy Univ 24 producers : 16 China, 2 Canada, 2 USA, 1 Italy, 1 Korea, 1 Slovakia and 1 Rússia

28 Mapping technological knowlodge of ethanol 2º Generation
Thesis Luiz André Felizardo S. Schlittler (EQ/UFRJ) Advisers: Prof. Nei Pereira Jr./ Profa. Adelaide Antunes(INPI) 28

29 Genetic modification micro-organims Others compounds production
Technological focus Produção de etanol 2G Genetic modification micro-organims Enzymatic hydrolysis Midwest R. Inst. Univ. Florida Enzyme production Others compounds production

30 Technological Foresight applied nanotechnology
Thesis Maria Simone de Menezes Alencar (EQ/UFRJ) Adviser: Adelaide Maria de Souza Antunes (INPI) 30

31 THERMS (strategy) Base de dados: Derwent Innovation Index

32 Results Top countries China 6X mais no ultimo periodo
EUA, Japão e Coréia dobram o volume no último periodo Alemanha volume constante 32

33 Analysis

34 Patenting in The US CLUSTER 1
NANOPRODUCTUS: radiografia industrial, sistemas óticos e de imagem NANOPRODUCTUS : com aplicações em computadores, filmes e automóveis NANOINTERMEDIATES: biosensores, dispositivos fotovoltaicos e para armazenamento de memória CLUSTER 1 NANOPRODUCTUS dentais, adesivos e revestimentos dentais e equipamentos ortodônticos.

35 Estratégia de Inovação e Tecnologia em Sementes.
Agriculture Innovation Strategy and Technology in Seeds Estratégia de Inovação e Tecnologia em Sementes. Thesis Rafaela Guerrante (EQ/UFRJ) advisers: Prof. Nei Pereira Jr. e Profa. Adelaide Maria de Souza Antunes

36 There are not specific keywords/IPCs to describe GURT technology
Case Study – Monsanto’s patents on GURT (genetic use restriction technology) GURT technology colloquially known as terminator/traitor technology causes second generation seeds to be sterile  Terminator the use of an external chemical inducer which turns "on or off" a plant's genetic traits (ex. sterility)  Traitor There are not specific keywords/IPCs to describe GURT technology 1224 Monsanto’s patent documents were retrieved, possibly related to GURT In order to validate the results and analyze the technologies described in the patents retrieved, a methodology was developed.

37 Methodology 1st step Reading of TITLE and/or ABSTRACT
Reading of CLAIMS and/or DESCRIPTION Reading of CLAIMS and/or DESCRIPTION

38 Methodology 2st step + Terminator 779 documents 9 documents related to
Reading of CLAIMS and DESCRIPTION DISCARD “herbicide tolerance” Filter using AND/OR “pest resistance” “tolerance to” and DESCRIPTION - (“sterility” OR male Terminator 779 documents 9 documents related to LE STERILITY 1 doc. NOT RELATED 8 documents 765 documents 14 documents NOT RELATED DO NOT CONTAIN “sterile”) AND + “resistance to” “increased grain yield” “increased growth rate” Filt er “sterile”) AND 756 documents 764 docs. MA

39 Thesis Priscila Rohem-Santos (IE/UFRJ) Advisor: Claudia Inês Chamas
Patent and Publications Networks related to Dengue and HPV vaccines: its implications for policy of innovation in health Thesis Priscila Rohem-Santos (IE/UFRJ) Advisor: Claudia Inês Chamas

40 Survey design and data sources / Analysis
The methodology of analysis involves: The search strategy encompasses definition of : I – Identification of Dengue and HPV vaccine patent applications and articles; II – Creation of clusters according to various indicators such as applicant, priority number, validity (legal status); III – Claims' analysis of the applications filed in Brazil. IV – Social Network analysis (coauthorsip/ corinventorship) keywords IPC and Derwent Manual codes database

41 Survey design and data sources / Analysis
(3 databases for articles) (3 databases for patents) Merge results of diferent databases Harmonization of names – Thesaurus Ex.: merges/acquisition of pharamautical industries considering the vaccine sector (Aventis Pasteur + Pasteur Meriex Connaugth = Aventis Pasteur (Sanofi) + Panacea + Shanta = Sanofi Pasteur (Homma et al, 2011) Removal of duplicates Adjacency matrices – correlation of data Social Network Analysis (SNA) to visualize the configuration of R&D networks - for the provision of technical inputs to decision making and also as an instrument of policy evaluation. Additionally: evaluation of the scope of protection sought and described in the claims of the patent filed in Brazil. Units of analysis: co-authorship (articles) / co-inventorship/cotitularity (patents)

42 RESULTS: HPV articles and patents networks
R&D networks (vaccines X dengue and HPV) similarities: when evaluated networks of patents they are sparse; when evaluated networks of articles they are super dense and connected. This is consistent with the dynamics of production and appropriation of knowledge. The diffusion of knowledge in science is made through the publication of articles (papirocentric). On the other hand, in the case of technology (papirophobic), the appropriation of knowledge can be maintained by trade secrets (know how) or be protected by patents. We propose the Social Network Analysis as a auxiliary tool to public policy evaluation It makes possible the scenario diagnosis through visualization We also propose the monitoring activity (patents and articles) as a routine to help the decision making processes (both public and private) and also for technology transfer purposes this should include the claims analysis Future: To study and monitor the seeking for braod scope claims in patents and their implication BR

43 RESULTS: Dengue articles and patents networks
Fragility of brazilian researchers’ conection BR

44 Thanks. Adelaide Antunes aantunes@inpi. gov
Thanks!!! Adelaide Antunes Elaine Vianna BernanrdoNunes Cristina D’Urso Priscila Rohem Rafaela Guerrante

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