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1 PATENTSCOPE What’s new?
Sandrine Ammann Marketing & Communications Officer

2 To the PATENTSCOPE what’s new? webinar


4 Questions/concerns

5 The coverage

6 The Interface Here you see the list of collection available, last added EPO. Currently working on Russia and Japan and an agreement has been signed with the USPTO. For detailed data coverage, go to the HELP menu, you will see a table this this which is updated ervy Thursday on publicationd ay

7 Bibliographic data: From 3
Bibliographic data: From 3.6 million patent applications to almost 8 million Full text (description and claims): From 1.7 million to almost 4 million Notably: PCT backfile OCR in Japanese and Chinese (300’000) Spanish old applications OCR (500’000) Complete European Patent Office backfile (1’000’000)

8 Future plans

9 Patent applications top 20 offices 2009
Source: WIPO IP Facts and Figures 2011

10 What’s new ?

11 PATENTSCOPE Mobile We are happy to present you our least development which is a search interface for mobile phone

12 Simplified version of the classic interface and it is FAST


14 Mobile vs classic

15 Why would users create an account?
1 2 3 Here at the bottom you see the Did you know question referring to CLIR this leans me to our main focus in 2011 which is

16 Signing up

17 Once logged-in

18 Saved queries

19 Saving a query & downloading the results

20 Downloaded result list

21 Account customization


23 In practice Search interface is available in 9 languages:
Better integration of Integration of 2 translation tools CLIR PATENTSCOPE Translate

24 To go back briefly to Google translate
It is available in the search results list as well as




28 Translation tools I mention 2 tools: we’ll start with CLIR

29 CLIR 1. Enter query in this query box 2. Define language of query
3. Select the expansion mode Stands for 4. Set the bar

30 Precision - recall

31 CHIP Shaving : wood metal chocolate



34 CLIR – Supervised mode

35 Next step: domain selection

36 Next step: synonyms selection

37 Editing step

38 Results – supervised mode

39 PATENTSCOPE Translate

40 Language pairs

41 Domains [ADMN] Admin, Business, Management & Soc Sci
[AERO] Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering [AGRI] Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry [AUDV] Audio, Audiovisual, Image & Video Tech [AUTO] Automotive & Road Vehicle Engineering [BLDG] Civil Engineering & Building Construction [CHEM] Chemical & Materials Technology [DATA] Computer Sci, Telecom & Broadcasting [ELEC] Electrical Engineering & Electronics [ENGY] Energy, Fuels & Heat Transfer Eng [ENVR] Environmental & Safety Engineering [FOOD] Foods & Food Technology [GENR] Generalities, Language, Media & Info Sci [HOME] Home Contents & Household Maintenance [HORO] Precision Mechanics, Jewelry & Horology [MANU] Manufacturing & Materials Handling Tech [MARI] Marine Engineering [MEAS] Standards, Units, Metrology & Testing [MECH] Mechanical Engineering [MEDI] Medical Technology [METL] Metallurgy [MILI] Military Technology [MINE] Mining, Oil & Gas Extraction & Minerals [NANO] Nano Technology [PACK] Packaging & Distribution of Goods [PRNT] Printing & Paper [RAIL] Railway Engineering [SCIE] Optical Engineering [SPRT] Sports, Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality [TEXT] Textile & Clothing Industries [TRAN] Transportation

42 Translation


44 Translation segments

45 Post-editing – exporting



48 About graphs Tips & tricks

49 Search results – what can be displayed

50 Results – image display


52 500 results per page

53 Graphs – copy and paste in your doc

54 “Translator” interface


56 2 windows option

57 IPC - description

58 IPC

59 Patent Landscapes

60 Slides and recording +


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