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English Grammar The Preposition.

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1 English Grammar The Preposition

2 The Preposition A preposition introduces a noun or pronoun
into the sentence. (or a phrase or clause that is functioning as a noun) The word (noun) or word group that the preposition introduces is its object. They received a postcard from Bobby telling about his trip to Canada.

3 The preposition never stands alone!
noun object of preposition preposition pronoun object You can press those leaves under glass. preposition can have more than one object Her telegram to Nina and Ralph brought good news. object can have modifiers (descriptors) It happened during the last examination.

4 Some Common Prepositions
aboard about above across after against along among around at before behind below beneath beside between beyond by down during except for from in into like of off on over past since through throughout to toward under underneath until up upon with within without

5 More about Prepositional Phrases Later
That’s all for now. . . More about Prepositional Phrases Later

6 Prepositions: Assignment #1 -Write the Prepositional Phrases from the following paragraph & circle the prepositions. (1) A glider stays afloat by means of the aerodynamic forces acting upon it. (2) Glider wings, when compared to airplane wings, are longer and narrower. (3) Early experiments with gliders influenced the design of the first aircraft. (4) Starting in the 1870’s, successful gliders provided information about wings and controls for flying. (5) Otto Lilenthal discovered the advantages of curved surfaces on wings.

7 Prepositions: Assignment #2 -Write 12 sentences using the prepositions listed below. Underline the Prepositional Phrases and circle the prepositions. of about before at in off until through above among below during

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