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Introduction to the Global Programme Concept Susan Wingfield Consultant to SBC 13 th January, Dhaka.

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1 Introduction to the Global Programme Concept Susan Wingfield Consultant to SBC 13 th January, Dhaka

2 Outline Why the Global Programme concept? What does it entail? How is it implemented? Who is involved And....when?

3 Why the Global Programme concept? OSH and environmental standards Draft IMO Convention frames improvements to be made Means of donor input into technical cooperation activities Guiding principles

4 Guiding Principles 1.Life-cycle approach: Safe and environmentally sound ship recycling requires appropriate infrastructure not only within, but also beyond the yard. 2.Inclusion: Inclusion of ship recycling in national development, and poverty reduction, strategies is essential to the creation of sustainable ship recycling industries. 3.Collaboration: Collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, including representatives of governments, ship recycling associations, workers and NGOs of the ship recycling countries, donors. 4.Continuity: Building upon work already done, and putting in place processes and procedures for the long-term.

5 Priority Reduce/eliminate incidence of worker injury and fatality Reduce long term damage to the environment Ensure the contribution of the industry to the national economy is maintained

6 What the Programme entail?

7 Objectives Enhance application of internationally recognised standards Promote an integrated approach to the ship recycling industry Promote effective implementation of the future Convention

8 The Activities

9 Policy Development National action required in response to international drivers National policies which translate into regulation Guidance and information exchange suggested

10 Establishing Linkages Link in with development programmes and national poverty reduction strategies Areas of urban planning, waste management and health Other initiatives in the ship recycling industry

11 Training and Workshops Not an end in itself, but a means To supplement other activities Ensure access to and transfer of knowledge Effectively engage all stakeholders

12 Development of Model Facilities Operational and infrastructural improvements Phased Clearly defined Measurement upon completion Industry leader to provide a blueprint

13 Six phases of Ship Recycling 1.Pre-arrival 2.Arrival at port 3.Planning of demolition 4.Operations 5.Downstream activities 6.Assessment and review

14 Pre-arrival

15 Certification Signals completion of improvements Yardstick to assess facilitys adherence to internationally accepted standards Required by an independent body?

16 How is it implemented? International Steering Committee: All participant governments, IGOs, donor countries/organizations, representatives from industry; representatives of labour and civil society organizations. To provide guidance from the international perspective and maintain an overview of the Global Programme. National Steering Committees: Composed of relevant stakeholders at national level to monitor and provide guidance on implementation of activities. Programme management: One secretariat may take the lead in ensuring coordination between the three Secretariats for management of the Global Programme.

17 Who is involved? Governments Yard owners Workers NGOs Shipowners Technical experts Downstream facilities

18 And when? Subject to: –Government support –Stakeholder agreement –Funding As soon as possible

19 Thank you

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