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Joe Ferguson Mrs. Miller Career Tech Foundation 5/8/14 3 rd Hour.

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1 Joe Ferguson Mrs. Miller Career Tech Foundation 5/8/14 3 rd Hour

2  A lawyer advises and represents individuals, business, and government workers on legal issues and disputes that happen during the course of time.  Helping people and fighting for their individuals rights is what got me interested in this career field. Also, that I will make a lot of money per year also got me interested in being a lawyer.  In the next few slides I will be talking about lawyers working environment, what got me interested to be a lawyer, pay, how to become a lawyer, job outlook, and similar jobs that would compare to being a lawyer.

3  Helping people and fighting for their individuals rights.  Lawyers make a lot of money per year also got me interested in being a lawyer.  Lawyers will know the law inside and outside and will never ever not know a law as they will have to study hard in law school so they can really get to “know the law”.

4  Lawyers advise and represent people in court, before going to the supreme court, and in private legal matters.  Communicate with the people they represent so they can know what happened and know “every” detail of the incident that happened so they can know to stick up for the client in court.  Conduct research both about the client and legally and have the opportunity to really know about the case they are working on in court.  Describe laws, judges ruling, and the laws and regulations the client and for business.  Present the facts the client told them in court. Also, speak for their client on their clients behalf in court.  Develop and file legal documents of the case they have (lawsuits, wills, contracts, deeds).

5  Lawyers work mostly in offices.  Lawyers also travel a lot to consult with their clients on a private basis at home, prison, or hospitals.  Although lawyers travel some do in fact appear in court instead of traveling to meet their clients privately.  Lawyers also will have a lot of stress as their client and their self are faced with stressful questions by the judge and the defendants lawyer.  A lawyers job is mental as they have to think about their clients case and figure out how to represent their case in a court of law.  A lawyers job is mostly indoor as they are in court or at their office consulting with their client.  Lawyers typically work full time and work long hours.

6  To become a lawyer it typically takes seven years (four years of undergraduate study followed by three years of law school) after graduating high school.  A Juris Doctor degree from any law school.  A Bachelor’s degree  All law schools require students to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test).  Start by preparing yourself in high school by taking English, Public Speaking, Government, History, Economics, and Math.  In the future the colleges I plan on applying at are: University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and as a last resort University of Michigan to get the proper education to become an official lawyer.

7  Employment rate: About 11%  The employment rate is expected to increase 10% from 2012 to 2022.  Being a lawyer is very competitive as clients will choose another lawyer who will represent them from a better perspective then another lawyer will.  I want to find this career’s openings somewhere in the Southern Michigan or Florida area.  So far there is no business/ place I desired to work at.

8  My lifestyle goals are to buy a mansion off of the water, have enough money to never worry about paying the bills, and to become a lawyer.  The average lawyer makes 54.44 per hour with an annual earning of $113,530 per year.  The money I would earn is definitely more than I want to make for my lifestyle goal.  My first purchase with this money would be a mansion on the water.

9  Judge  Responsibilities: judges apply the law by overseeing cases in court. Judges also plan pretrial hearings, resolve administrative conflicts, promote negotiations between opposing parties, and issue legal decisions.  Working Conditions: judges are usually in courtrooms or in their office. Their jobs can be demanding because they have to sit in the same seat for the entire day and give their undivided attention to the defendant and the plaintiff.  Training: all states must have an orientation for newly elected or appointed judges. Most states also require judges to continue their education courses while being to the courtroom. Judges may also be required to travel around their state to different courtrooms and counties.  Outlook: the average judge employment rate is 11% and is projected to neither rise or decline from 2012 to 2020.  Earnings: the average judge makes $50 per hour with an annual earning of $115,760 per year.  I chose this as my backup career because I have a passion for the law whether it be a lawyer or a judge and I love fighting for the average citizens equal rights.

10  Pros: I will get to do my passion which is fighting for peoples rights. I will also get to make a lot of money per year to support much more than myself and my family. I will also get a great education in college as I will be going to a great college for law school.  Cons: I will feel bad if I loose a clients case but in the end I will have given it my all so their should be no reason to feel bad. I will also have to stay up for long hours at night to read the description of the client I am representing side of the story.  The one thing I look forward to the most being a lawyer is making a lot of money. The least thing I look forward to the most being a lawyer is staying up all night and reading my clients files.  The learning experience overall with being a lawyer I think is stressful. I think it’s stressful because I will have to stay up constantly and read cases from my clients, and I will have to continually battle with the law to win cases.

11  hour-lawyer.html hour-lawyer.html  much-does-a-judge-and-lawyer-get-paid-an- hour much-does-a-judge-and-lawyer-get-paid-an- hour 

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