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Chair, Inter-Programme Expert Team on Metadata Implementation

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1 Chair, Inter-Programme Expert Team on Metadata Implementation
WMO Core Metadata Dr Steve Foreman Chair, Inter-Programme Expert Team on Metadata Implementation

2 Contents Data challenges facing meteorology What is “metadata”?
WMO approach to metadata Implementation of the standards

3 Regional Associations
Challenges facing WMO Regional Associations R.A. I Africa (56 Members) R.A.III South America (13 Members) R.A. V South-West Pacific (22 Members) R.A. VI Europe (49 Members) R.A. IV North America, Central America And the Caribbean (25 Members) R.A. II Asia (35 Members)

4 Technical Commissions
Challenges for WMO Technical Commissions Basic Commissions Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observations (CIMO) Commission for Hydrology (CHy) Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) Applications Commissions Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM) Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) Joint WMO/IOC technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) Commission for Climatology (CCl)

5 Challenges for WMO Weather forecast 23 400 000 Surface temperature
Climate change Hurricane warning

6 What is metadata? “Data about data” describes data what are the data?
where are they for? who is responsible? what are the units? ………..

7 What is metadata? In this context it is not although
the conditions at an observing site although these can be described by metadata

8 What is metadata? Observing site name: Aviemore
Location (deg lat, deg long): 57N, 3W Elevation: 226m Parameter observed: temperature Operator: Met Office Started: 11:50 01/01/01 Ended: 12:00 01/01/01 Value: 4 Units: Celsius Instrument instrument number: instrument inspection date: 01/01/01 instrument type: Magic mercury 1234 Data Metadata

9 What is metadata? Need to agree So that what needs to be described
how they will be organised what they will be called So that non-specialists can find data applications can handle data

10 WMO approach to metadata
Build on existing standards WMO GRIB and BUFR definitions ISO 191xx series Geographic metadata (19115)  XML representation (19139) ? Open Geospatial Consortium Catalog service ?

11 WMO Core metadata Use ISO 19115 Complex international standard
evolving lessons from other users Complex select subset expand where essential but can cause problems for others

12 WMO Core Metadata Core metadata: Contents of Core:
subset of full standard most appropriate elements for field some extensions to cover specific needs Contents of Core: Mandatory: required either by ISO standard or by Core Optional: elements expected to be included, but not always applicable

13 WMO Core metadata - overview
About metadata Metadata standard Language Maintenance Dataset details Title of dataset Description (abstract), topics covered Where data are, format Time and space Representative: Area/volume covered by data Time span for data IPR issues Owner and contact Restrictions on use Data types Physical quantities, units, specific qualities Quality control and processing information

14 WMO Core metadata WMO specifics
Topic ISO standard: climatology, meteorology, atmosphere, environment, oceans add: list of more specific topics Keywords add: define list of standard physical quantities

15 WMO Core Metadata WMO specifics
Space add: Irregular point set Time add: 360 day calendar

16 WMO Core metadata Status
Draft standard presented to CBS XIII available for testing does it cover needs of Programmes? are all the extensions needed? is it too biased to World Weather Watch?

17 WMO Core metadata Status
XML practical method of exchanging information schemas written and tested but now ISO standard agreed

18 WMO Core metadata Status
Temperature in Sweden? Discover Stockholm, please Select Retrieve

19 WMO Core Metadata Status
Features describe actual data 211620Z EGLL EGLL Z 19007KT 170V FEW038 BKN060 20/11 Q1020 NOSIG

20 WMO Core metadata Status
Tests: Russian climatology SIMDAT data supply ACSYS polar information

21 Implementation Technical define features review standard
ISO changes extensions needed? what in “metadata”, what in “features”? apply new standards XML representation Open Geospatial Consortium catalogues

22 Implementation Testing Processes needs of other Programmes
interoperability Processes maintenance Core Profile Catalogues Lexicons etc….

23 Summary Metadata WMO Core Implementation increase usefulness of data
description available to all Implementation test for non-World Weather Watch XmL representation feature definition tools

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