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RSMC Nadi Activity Report

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1 RSMC Nadi Activity Report
RSMC Technical Coordination Meeting 26th – 29th November 2002, Nadi Fiji

2 SW Pacific


4 Vision To be a regional leader in meteorological science and expertise, and in the provision of quality weather and climate services.

5 Mission To provide meteorological expertise and professional services in support of Fiji’s economic development, and for the safety and benefit of the community. To deliver quality forecast, warning and advisory services to the South Pacific Island Nations and Territories falling within FMS’s area of responsibility.

6 Objectives to satisfy Fiji’s need for supply of weather and climatological data, archive and analyse this data, and based on this, issue forecasts, warnings and other information as required; to function as a RSMC for tropical cyclones in the Southwest Pacific under the WWW Programme of WMO. to monitor the climate of Fiji and advise on any changes due to global warming and other factors; to provide public/marine forecast and warning services for other South Pacific Island States as agreed; to provide marine and aviation forecast and warning services as per international agreement; and

7 Organisation & Resources
FMS has 2 main output Divisions : Forecast Services and Climate Services. There are 6 support Divisions : Computing and Information Systems Technical Systems Reporting & Facilities Services Development Finance and Administration.

8 Weather Forecasting Centre
Incorporates…. National Weather Forecasting and Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre. Regional Forecast Centre. Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre Nadi – Tropical Cyclone Centre.

9 Public and Marine Services
Public and Marine for Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Kiribati, Nauru and Wallis & Futuna. Special Advisory Services for Vanuatu and Samoa. TD Summaries to all NMSs in the region and beyond (RSMC function). International marine forecasts and warnings for area from Eqtr to 25ºS between 160 º E to 120 º W.

10 Aviation Services Forecasts and warnings within Nadi FIR (TAFs, ARFORs, ROFORs and SIGMETs). In addition, TAFs and ARFORs for , Samoa, Tonga, Niue and Cooks (Auckland Oceanic) plus TAFs only for Christmas island (US-controlled). TC Advisories for International Air Navigation in area Eqtr to 40ºS bet 160ºE and 120ºW.

11 Tropical Cyclone Services
Forecasts, Warnings and Advisory Services for Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Kiribati, Nauru and Wallis & Futuna. Special Advisory Services for Vanuatu and Samoa. TD Advisories/Summaries to all NMSs in the region and beyond. International marine warnings for area from Eqtr to 25ºS between 160 º E to 120 º W. CREX to NWP Centres

12 RSMC Nadi AOR Geostationary Satellite Coverage
GOES-10 135ºW GMS-5 140ºE

13 Fleet Numerical Meteorology & Oceanography Center, Monterey Website

14 CIMSS Website

15 MOST Website - Quikscat

16 BoM – Darwin RSMC Website

17 SW Pac TC Forecasting Page

18 Strike Probability Website

19 SH Satellite Page

20 ADDS & Aviation Pages

21 AOR TC activity since 1990

22 RSMC Nadi Forecast Errors

23 Plans AIFS TC Module to be integrated into FIMS Storm Surge Model
Collaboration with Climate Services on seasonal TC activity predictions Partnership with Hydrology Division on comprehensive flood warning system for Fiji

24 HRD WMO SH TC Course and PWS Workshops – 2000 & 2002
TC Simulation Exercise/Workshop Mentor Training – 2001 2-month Internships – Honolulu FO Locally conducted courses for Classes 3 and 4 Mets – in collaboration with WMO and JICA Exchange/attachments with other RSMCs/TCWCs

25 Challenges Professional staff retention. Automation.
Government policies. Un-interrupted geostationary satellite coverage. Commercial services. Research.

26 Future Plans Access and utilise data from new platforms
- in collaboration with the international research community (eg NRL, CIMSS, NOAA) on data retrieval and use. Exchange with RSMCs and TCWCs on expertise, tools and techniques

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