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Improving Satellite Regulation for Access to ICTs In Africa Geoff Daniell GDC cc. SSA Correspondent Global VSAT Forum July 2004.

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1 Improving Satellite Regulation for Access to ICTs In Africa Geoff Daniell GDC cc. SSA Correspondent Global VSAT Forum July 2004

2 Agenda Who is the GVF What does the GVF do African Telecom (VSAT) Market What is happening to VSAT costs What can VSATs do? VSAT licence costs in Africa What do Investors and Operators want? The IDRC sponsored GVF/CATIA Satellite Regulation Project Project Objectives Project Strategies Project Implementation Way Forward Contact details

3 GVF: Global VSAT Forum Non-Profit, Non-Partisan Unified Voice. 165 Members in 70+ Countries. Advocating Satellite Regulatory Reform: –Government-by-Government Lobbying –Regional-Level Initiatives –Global Programmes (VSAT Training)

4 Increasing QoS: VSAT Training Programme

5 African Telecom Market Fragmented into small national markets. Low income levels, limited economy for scale, unattractive for investment. Cost of access to ICT generally high especially beyond urban centres.

6 Falling Prices of Technology Low cost satellite systems to facilitate improved access. Ku-band VSAT systems costing about US$2K and monthly charges < US$200. Licence fees for VSAT systems in Africa generally high.

7 VSAT Terminal Pricing Trend Source :

8 Distribution of Installed Base (%) Source: MegaTech Resources

9 Rural Annual Market Potential Source: ITU, 2003

10 VSAT Tariffs: an example ApplicationInitialAmount Corporate use $5.5k$6k$4k/site Public use$6k $4k/site

11 US/African Universities Bandwidth Cost Comparison CountryInstitutionCurrent Bandwidth (Down/uplink) Cost/mo nth Cost per kbps per month USA1.5Mbps$399$0,266 GhanaUniversity of Ghana 1024Kbps/512 Kbps $10,400$6,77 UgandaMakerere University 1500/786 Kbps$22,500$9,84 NigeriaObafemi Awolowo University 512Kbps/128K bps $12,800$20,00

12 Investor Preferences Common licensing procedures instead of country-by-country. Blanket acceptance (mutual recognition) for VSAT terminals. ( esp. Ku-Band terminals) Creation of Internet-based African One- Sto-Shop (OSS) for licence applications and dissemination of regulatory information.

13 What is CATIA ? A three year programme of DFID & other donors A partnership of a range of stakeholders A practical response to demands from Africa and the G8 DOT Force recommendations 9 small scale but strategic activities that seek to improve access to ICTs in Africa – from the Internet to community radio A regional programme working across southern, eastern, central and western Africa

14 What are the aims of CATIA? to enable poor people in Africa to gain maximum benefit from the opportunities offered by ICT to act as a strong catalyst for reform to improve affordable access to the full range of ICTs to address the need for ICTs to address social and economic development issues to build capacity across Africa to achieve sustainable change

15 GVF/CATIA Satellite Regulation Project in Africa CATIA: Catalysing Access to ICTs in Africa. CATIA: British (DiFD) 3 year assistance programme for developing countries. Satellite regulation research project funded by IDRC of Canada.

16 Project 1a Objective Assist African administrations in developing regulations to –Improve access to low-cost, VSAT-based Internet services by capacity building within the ICT policy-makers and regulators

17 Project 1a Strategies Minimized, appropriate satellite regulatory fees. Implementation of blanket and class-licensing. Improved type-approval alternatives. Enabling the private use of satellite services. Eliminating other barriers e.g. import duties. Creating on-line OSS for satellite service providers re licensing requirements and applications.

18 Project Implementation Survey of satellite regulations in Africa using GVF questionnaire circulated to all African regulators. Survey based on ITU-D Study Group 1 Question 17/1 ( Satellite Regulation in Developing Countries). 66% responses to survey. Case studies of VSAT-based Internet use in Algeria, Nigeria, Tanzania by University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.

19 VSAT Licensing in Traffic Light Colours. Data for licensing status and and regulators loaded.

20 Clicking a country launches web browser, and is deeplinked to the full profile which is published on the GVF, IDRC, CATIA websites.

21 Regulatory status. Clicking a country launches web browser and the regulators homepage.

22 Satellites in their orbital slots. By clicking the spreadsheet button, open high resolution PDF files of composite footprints each carrier, clicking on footprint opens carriers website homepage.

23 Ku-band footprint view: Showing dBW Contours. Clicking the footprint opens the carriers website

24 This selectable layer shows mean annual precipitation for rain fade.

25 Ku-band footprint view: Showing dBW Contours, zoomed to any scale – here showing capitals and main cities

26 C-band footprint view: Showing dBW Contours and satellite detail

27 Way Forward –Public access to Survey and Report. –Interactive access to Survey and Report for the public:,, –Workshops for policy makers and regulators. –Online forum and website for regulators to share information on VSAT regulatory strategies. –Development of regional satellite policy and regulatory guidelines. –Creation of OSS –Links on the OSS website to country regulator websites.

28 Contact David Hartshorn Secretary General GVF Tel:+44 1 72 788 4739 Geoff Daniell GVF SSA Correspondent Tel:+27 (0) 12 807 0482 m:+27 (0) 82 783 9184 Gilbert Adanusa GVF West Africa Correspondent Tel:+233 424 432 6464 Claire Sibthorpe CATIA Project Tel:+27 (0) 11 607 8296 Lishan Adam Facilitator Catia Project 1a Tel:+25 11 40 6136 m:+25 11 19 40 0510

29 Thank you

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