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Monitoring during major events – Case studies

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1 Monitoring during major events – Case studies
6th International Seminar on Spectrum Monitoring Kyiv, July 2013 Ralf Trautmann Name des Referenten

2 What types of special/major events are there?
Introduction What types of special/major events are there? What is different compared to usual business? What has to be done before the event? Which resources are required? What has to de done during the event? What problems can we expect? © Bundesnetzagentur

3 Small events, no need of any attendance
Introduction Types of events Small events, no need of any attendance Events requiring merely spectrum monitoring Events requiring frequency management and monitoring Big events requiring enormous preparations © Bundesnetzagentur

4 What is different compared to usual business?
Introduction What is different compared to usual business? Generally: same tasks as usual, but often incomplete information available short response time no possibility to ask the office, decisions have to be made on site requiring quick decisions at a lower level © Bundesnetzagentur

5 World rowing championship 2007 Formula 1 race Nürburgring 2007
Case studies Case studies will provide some experiences! G8 summit 2007 World rowing championship 2007 Formula 1 race Nürburgring 2007 © Bundesnetzagentur

6 G8 summit The G8 summit, attended by 33 heads of governments, took place in Heiligendamm, Germany, 6 – 8 June 2007. In a meeting with other authorities two months before the summit the technical possibilities were discussed and the responsibilities were defined. © Bundesnetzagentur

7 G8 summit A fixed direction finder mounted on a 40 m mast and 5 mobile direction finders of different polices and of the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) were launched. Training: A mobile, non-permanent pulsed test emission had to be localised a week before the summit by all mobile direction finding teams. Hundreds of mobile and hand-held radios were in use during the summit by the safety and emergency forces. © Bundesnetzagentur

8 The opponents used PMR to communicate.
G8 summit An FM broadcast pirate transmitter was operated in an opponents’ camp. The emissions ceased firstly after a phone call. In the evening, however, they continued to transmit again. For safety reasons the police decided not to confiscate the transmitter. The opponents used PMR to communicate. On June 2nd there was a major demonstration of G8 opponents in the old harbour of Rostock. The city center of Rostock was cordoned off people were injured. © Bundesnetzagentur

9 G8 summit Most interference of the some 70 interference problems could be solved by the users, e.g. police. The radio monitoring staff could temporarily not access their hotel because it was blocked by opponents and media people. © Bundesnetzagentur

10 G8 summit © Bundesnetzagentur

11 World Rowing Championship
© Bundesnetzagentur

12 World Rowing Championship
© Bundesnetzagentur

13 World Rowing Championship
Agenda Saturday Test starts, rowing training (since Friday) Presentation of music and costumes Salutation by athletes Parade of teams, speeches and anthems Dance shows, fashion show Fireworks (no need for spectrum monitoring) © Bundesnetzagentur

14 World Rowing Championship
Agenda Sunday- Wednesday Lower level rowing contests Relative low interest of mass media The host broadcaster and the radio monitoring service started their on-site activities on Monday Thursday, Friday Finales and semi finales © Bundesnetzagentur

15 World Rowing Championship
Agenda Saturday Finales Sunday Final ceremony © Bundesnetzagentur

16 World Rowing Championship
Figures 300 accredited sports reporters were expected A restaurant and a hall were used as the media centre hosting 50 % of the workplaces. The other 50 % were established on the tribune with a view to the finishing line and to a 70 m2 video screen. The workplaces were equipped with ISDN and analogue telephone connections, 3 Gbit/s DSL broadband Internet connections and RLAN. © Bundesnetzagentur

17 World Rowing Championship 2007
Figures spectators visited the rowing championship 2007 ( including the free of charge opening ceremony) visitors came on the last day; on the tribune and in the meadows 26 pieces of radio equipment of 19 networks were inspected © Bundesnetzagentur

18 World Rowing Championship 2007
Monitoring results Spectrum supervision revealed several unlicensed emissions. Search of these emissions using EB 100 and EB 200 handheld equipment from R&S One company had used frequencies without license already at earlier events; they received a fine. Some teams had not at all applied for a radio license. © Bundesnetzagentur

19 World Rowing Championship 2007
Monitoring results A voice link from the tower to the mixer used intentionally a frequency in the middle of 2 assigned microphone channels; they will receive a fine. The organiser used partly radio amateur frequencies. The host broadcaster is the frequency manager for foreign broadcasters. He was not present all the time. As a consequence, the organiser made frequency agreements with TV service providers. © Bundesnetzagentur

20 World Rowing Championship 2007
© Bundesnetzagentur

21 Formula 1 race Nürburgring 2007
Arrival and accreditation on Wednesday Meeting of 6 technicians with the person in charge for short-term licensing The same area as last year next to the TV compound was assigned to park 1 GHz van, 1 direction finder vehicle and 2 standard measurement vehicles Access authorisation No problems, 7 photo badges were issued granting access to paddock and TV compound and 3 tabards for the course © Bundesnetzagentur

22 Formula 1 race Nürburgring 2007
Communication ISDN connection for telephone, fax,and Internet GSM terminals Short-term frequency assignments Due to the large number of interference there was a need for short-term licenses again and again Thorough arrangements with the police allowed to find numerous solutions for wireless cameras at GHz © Bundesnetzagentur

23 Bibliography Report ITU-R SM.2257 provides a lot of information regarding the preparation and enforcement of major events. Annexes contain interesting examples from China, Brazil, Korea, Germany and UAE © Bundesnetzagentur

24 Questions Questions? Remarks? © Bundesnetzagentur

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