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Alippe.TV Interactive education DTT network DTT based virtual school for equal access to education 1.

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1 Alippe.TV Interactive education DTT network DTT based virtual school for equal access to education 1

2 Project Title: Interactive Multimedia Digital Broadcasting (IMDB) Networks in the Kyrgyz Republic (area with mountainous terrain) Under the umbrella of the CIS Regional Initiatives projects, the ITU in collaboration with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic intends to establish an Interactive Multimedia Digital Broadcasting Networks as a pilot project to be replicated in other CIS countries. The main objective of this pilot project is to assess the impact of an IMDB services including digital television, internet and other information security services within an identified area in Kyrgyz Republic. International Telecommunication Union Ministry of Transport and Communicationof the Kyrgyz Republic DIMTV Ltd.,Digital Interactive Multimedia TV 2

3 Development of human potential and bridging the digital divide Using ICT innovative solutions for education in remote areas 3

4 Children with limited opportunities for education 4

5 Children in remote areas 5

6 Children in nomadic families 6

7 Children forced to work 7

8 Children needing special care 8

9 Children who have limitations due to religious, family or other circumstances 9

10 Alippe.TV mission To facilitate development of human potential via education using the achievements of modern telecommunication and IT.To create regional and global educational networks for children of all races, confessions and develop tolerance and humanity.To open new opportunities for children with disabilities. 10

11 Knowledge access: to each according to needs and to each according to ability Each person is unique. Alippe.TV make it possible to uncover the unique abilities and use them for the common weal 11

12 Alippe.TV - accessible knowledge Knowledge unlimited accessible every time, everywhere 12

13 Alippe.TV - social network for relation and knowledge exchange 13

14 Concept of education multiplex broadcasting Supplementing the standard school program. Assisting school teachers TV classes touching upon all subjects for grades 1 to 11 of the common secondary school Virtual classes for advanced study of particular subjects Extracurricular subjects Live interactive classes and up-to-date multimedia technologies in education Series of programs aimed at preparation for school, graduation final examinations and university entrance examinations Broadcasting in local language Absence of commercials and news 14

15 Alippe.TV Tolerant world in Kyrgyz - aлиппеin English - abecedaryin Russian - букварьin French - abécédairein Hebrew - אלפון in Arabian - كتاب الحروف الهجائيةin German - abc-Buchin Armenian - Այբբենարան :in Vietnam - ngòi súng đại bácin Hungary - ábécéskönyvin Swedish - nybörjarbokin Indonesian - buku yg pertamain Chinese - 15

16 Alippe.TV and talented children All the children are born talented. Is the society able to develop these talents? Alippe.TV will provide virtual classes to lecture specific subject in depth.Virtual classes eliminate age, cultural, language and other barriers; Special courses aimed at continuous education of adults;The number of virtual classes is unlimited;Children will have opportunities to attend the classes of the teachers with top qualification.Communications within Alippe.TV create society of talented people united by the common idea without wasting energy and time for distant journeys. 16

17 7 foreign languages The opportunities of Alippe.TV are wider compared to standard educational systems and open enormous opportunities for learning of foreign languages both for children and adults. EnglishGermanFranceChineseJapaneseA rabTurkish 17

18 Involvement of experts in the classes Let a wise man say a word… Let a stranger tell about the dust of the roads… Let a potter sculpt a bowl… Involvement of famous people as guest speakers who succeeded in their professional career could raise big interest among school children to a particular subject. Classes will be interesting and be based on practical experience of heroes.School pupils are able to communicate with TV hosts on-air. Later on, in case of hot interest to a topic, we can arrange special virtual class on specific topic. 18

19 Application of the latest technologies Internet Flash animation 3D modelling Education with application of modern IT means can open new horizons for school pupils in education, not boring and monotonous as today, but creative, appealing and interesting.Pupils, teachers and parents can find new opportunities and be motivated to develop on personal level.Based on the achievements of today children can confidently enter into the day of tomorrow. 19

20 Series: How its made… Dubbed programs from Discovery Channel or other content producers Series of programs about how various machines and devices are made, technologies behind the production processes, construction of huge buildings, bridges, communications and roads. How toothpaste or PC is made? How do planes fly and how do ships sail?How thermos is made? How bread is made or sugar is refined? Answers to all of these questions are provided in an interesting manner on How Its Made series of programs. Additional plots shot at the enterprises of our country and interview of people working for them. Programs targeted at enriching the knowledge in a popular manner, arouse interest to creativity, experimenting and contemplating. 20

21 Series: Parents meeting point Becoming a father is quite easy. However, being a father is difficult. (Wilhelm Busch) Virtual parents meeting with the participation of teachers, doctors, psychologists and parents. On-air live program, problematic issues and acute discussions. Issues concerning the upbringing of children, personal experience, hygiene, human values, traditions and biases. 21

22 Series: Talents country Alippe.TV open new opportunities for motivation. By broadening personal horizons a child not only gets good marks at school but also can win the dreamt prize, for instance, journey to distant countries, study abroad or PC. For example, trip to Angkor, city lost in jungles. Pupil who wins a quiz on ancient civilisations history would have a chance to visit Cambodia together with one of the parents and a cameraman.Winner would star in a video report telling about his journey in Cambodia. This video report will be shown on Alippe.TV.Being strong in academics is not enough - the winner must work hard to acquire skills of a TV reporter.The cost of the trip will be covered by Alippe.TV. 22

23 DVB-T broadcast, special STB, applications and WiMAX network for return channel and broadband access Alippe.TV technology 23

24 Alippe.TV head virtual studio Alippe.TV technology DTT for education 24

25 Online education by studios in remote regions. IT network for off air discussions. Alippe.TV network- 200 regional studios budget and standard configuration

26 Full interactive Full education multiplex broadcasting Computer keyboard, e-mail, chats, forums, educational programs and e-catalogs are available for children 26

27 27 Alippe.TV - communication technology to the future

28 Opportunities beyond the educational content Access to Internet for rural people; E-mail services; Online shopping; Targeted warning of population during emergency circumstances; Online program ratings; New interactive services such as online Karaoke; E-government services for residents of remote villages, for example, electronic declarations; Online access to Commodities Exchange quotes, for example prices for agricultural products; Opportunities in other spheres. 28

29 WSIS initiative ITU. Geneva Plan of action Alippe.TV 29 В.6.a) to connect villages with ICTs and establish community access points;В.6.b) to connect universities, colleges, secondary schools and primary schools with ICTs;В.6.d) to connect public libraries, cultural centres, museums, post offices and archives with ICTs;В.6.g) to adapt all primary and secondary school curricula to meet the challenges of the Information Society, taking into account national circumstances;В.6.h) to ensure that all of the worlds population have access to television and radio services. В. Objectives, Goals and Targets

30 WSIS initiative ITU. Geneva Plan of action 30 Alippe.TV C2.9. g) In order to alleviate the challenges of illiteracy, develop affordable technologies and non text-based computer interfaces to facilitate peoples access to ICTs;C2.9. h) Undertake international research and development efforts aimed at making available adequate and affordable ICT equipment for end users;C2.9. l) Encourage and promote joint use of traditional media and new technologies. С2. Information and communication infrastructure: An essential foundation for the information Society

31 WSIS initiative ITU. Geneva Plan of action 31 С4.11. а) Develop domestic policies to ensure that ICTs are fully integrated in education and training at all levels..;С4.11. b) Develop and promote programmes to eradicate illiteracy using ICTs at national, regional and international levels;С4.11. f) Develop pilot projects to demonstrate the impact of ICT-based alternative educational delivery systems, notably for achieving Education for All targets, including basic literacy targets;С4.11. g) Work on removing the gender barriers to ICT education and training and promoting equal training opportunities in ICT-related fields for women and girls. Alippe.TV С4. Capacity building

32 WSIS initiative ITU. Geneva Plan of action 32 Alippe.TV C7.19. a) Encourage the development of best practices for e-workers and e-employers built, at the national level, on principles of fairness and gender equality, respecting all relevant international norms;C7.19. с) Promote teleworking to allow citizens, particularly in the developing countries, LDCs, and small economies, to live in their societies and work anywhere, and to increase employment opportunities for women, and for those with disabilities;C7.19. d) Promote early intervention programmes in science and technology that should target young girls to increase the number of women in ICT carriers. С7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life

33 WSIS. Tunis Agenda for information Society 33 Alippe.TV 49. We reaffirm our commitment to turning the digital divide into digital opportunity, and we commit to ensuring harmonious and equitable development for all.... We encourage the realization of multilingualism in the Internet development environment, and we support the development of software that renders itself easily to localization, and enables users to choose appropriate solutions from different software models including open-source, free and proprietary software. С. Internet Governance

34 DIMTV Ltd. Digital Interactive Multimedia TV Alippe.TV Educational Channel for Pupils Almaz Abekov 177, Bokonbaevo Str., Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic т: +996 312 316 081 mail: 34

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