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Exam 2 Thursday, March 24 8 problems on the test

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1 Exam 2 Thursday, March 24 8 problems on the test
Problems will be taken from the 30 problems posted on the class schedule website Values will be changed. Same grading strategy as before Take exam Get grade for effort Corrections with solutions Regrade for correctness and need for correction General Physics 2 Induction

2 More practice What is the direction of the induced current in the circular loop due to the current in the wire? General Physics 2 Induction



5 Electric Generators General Physics 2 Induction

6 Plug & Chug A simple generator is used to generate a peak output voltage of 24.0 V. The square armature consists of windings that are 6.0 cm on a side and rotates in a field of T at a rates of 60.0 rev/s. How many loops of wire should be wound on the square armature? General Physics 2 Induction

7 Transformers t in primary induces VS in secondary coil
Works for AC only DC voltages don’t have changing B field General Physics 2 Induction

8 Transformers Step-Up Transformer Step-Down Transformer
Vs  VP Step-Down Transformer Vs  VP Conservation of energy requires PP = Ps IP VP = IS VS General Physics 2 Induction

9 Plug & Chug A transformer has 320 turns in the primary coil and 120 in the secondary coil. What kind of transformer is this, and by what factor does it change the voltage? By what factor does it change the current? General Physics 2 Induction

10 Self-Inductance changing current passes through a coil
produces changing B flux which induces an emf Induced emf opposes change in flux inductance (H) General Physics 2 Induction

11 Think-Pair-Share If the current in a 180-mH coil changes steadily from 25.0 A to 10.0 A in 350 ms, what is the magnitude of the induced emf? General Physics 2 Induction



14 The current in an LC circuit
The current in an LC circuit where the initial charge on the capacitor is Q0 is The oscillation frequency is given by

15 Applications

16 More Practice Problems
Magnetism: Worksheets 5 Exploration in Physics • In application folder • Select E&M tab at the top • Answer the questions under the Hints tab for each of the following • Lenz’s Law • Cathode Ray Tube • Trajectory in E and B fields General Physics 2 Induction

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