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2 TThe Law of Attraction WWhat do people see, when they meet you? WWould you sponsor you? WWhat’s your self-talk? SShad Helmstetter’s What to Say When you Talk to Yourself WWhat’s your belief? AAbout the industry, Arbonne and YOU WWHAT IS YOUR INTENTION??? AAs a matter of fact….


4  People who you know and would like to work with…  People who would be GREAT at our business..  People who don’t need our business, but would benefit from our business…

5 TThere are TWO forces motivating your prospects’ decisions: LOGIC and EMOTION TThe most common mistake Consultants make when sponsoring is trying to motivate or “sell” people based solely on LOGIC. Remember that people most often join your business for EMOTIONAL reasons and then justify that action with LOGIC.

6  1) RELATING, or warming your prospect up  2) DISCOVERY, or asking questions and finding out more about your prospect  3) ADVOCATING, or helping your prospect see all the great benefits available through Arbonne.  4) SUPPORTING THEIR DECISION from a place of integrity.  5) TAKING ACTION to lead them to a meeting, a website, etc.

7  Relating 5 %  Discovery 80 %  Advocating 5%  Supporting their decision 5%  Taking Action5%

8  RELATING is all about making prospects hungry to hear more. It’s more than chit- chatting- you are creating an honest connection so that your prospects LIKE and TRUST you.  RAPPORT…. how do you build rapport?? What do you say, What do you do?? LEARN TO TRUST YOURSELF!

9  For a corporate women (or man) who wants to leave her (or his) job… “I have a business that helps women in the corporate world to take control of their lives, to fire their bosses and to make even more money than they did before. Many of the women I’ve helped now work part time from home and are very happy because they have no limitations and can set up their work hours any way they want. I’m not sure if this opportunity is for you, but it’s made a real difference for other women. I would at least like to tell you about it… Could I treat you to a quick coffee and tell you more?”

10 For a new mom who wants to earn money and be at home with her children…  “ In my business,one of the things I do is coach moms who want to contribute to the household finances, but don’t want to have to put their children in daycare in order to go back to work. They love being able to work part time and still make great money. Most of all, they feel proud to know they’re able to be there for their kids during the most important years. I’m not sure if this opportunity is for you, but it’s made such a difference for other women... I would at least like to tell you about it. Would you be willing to meet me so I could tell you more?”

11 “I am a __________ who works with __________ who wants to __________ in order to __________.”  1) Be direct and upfront. Be proud of Arbonne and the opportunity it represents.  2) Ask for permission from your prospect to ask them questions.  3) Take pressure off! Let them know you are there to serve them. For example: You could say, “Just know in advance if this business opportunity is not a fit for you, you don’t have to be afraid to tell me. You won’t hurt my feelings. I’ve seen that it works for many people so I wanted to share it with you and explore it to see if it might be a good fit. Would that be OK?”

12  We have two ears and one mouth!! Remember that when you find yourself talking too much!!  Questions:  If you had more time and more money, how do you see that making a difference for your family?  Many people feel stressed out and don’t have time to do things they enjoy – is that true for you?  If you could design the perfect career, what would that look like?  Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

13 Name 5 character strengths that will helP you succeed? What have you always wanted to do, but never had the time or money to do? What is it that you love about your current job? What do you not like about your current job? How many hours can you devote to your Arbonne business? So there are no unforeseen obstacles, are there any challenges that you can identify in starting an Arbonne business?

14  This is where your sponsoring conversations all come together. What is Advocating really about? It’s about being able to take a stand and build a case for the value of something. You are an advocate for your own business opportunity!  Your goal is to find out your prospect’s needs. In ADVOCATING you want to reflect back exactly what you hear- the things that are important to that individual person. You want to help them see how they can achieve their goals through Arbonne.  THIS IS A SKILL THAT CAN BE LEARNED !

15  Bob works in the corporate world. You could say to him, “Bob, I can hear there are two things that are really important to you… It sounds like you want to have more control over your life and an opportunity to make more money. Am I hearing you correctly? Because based on my experience, this opportunity could help you achieve both of those goals! Do you mind if I share some more examples?”  This is where you jump in and build a case or tell your own story. Give evidence to help Bob see he indeed can make more money and have more flexibility.

16  Has this happened to you? You go through your whole sponsoring routine and you hear those five words that we dread, “Let me think about it!” We all hate to hear that…  What has it cost you in the past when you haven’t gotten your prospect to make a firm decision? How much additional time and energy do you waste hunting people down, only to hear them say “No” anyway? How frustrating is that?  The most important skill in sponsoring is to help people make a firm decision about Arbonne!

17 “Pam, I’m curious… On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “No thanks, I’m just not interested” and 10 is “YES, I can’t wait to get started!” What is your interest level?”  If Pam says 7 or above, she is interested. What happens if she is a 5, or a 4 or lower? This may not be a fit, or maybe she needs more information and this gives you a chance to ask! Is there anymore information that I can share with you to help you move from a 6 to a 9?

18 If you’ve done your job in the last 4 steps, it is really your responsibility now to take the lead. Your prospects are likely to look to you for guidance and recommendations, so lead them forward and don’t be shy. At this stage of the conversation we would all like to hear our prospects say “Yes!” and join our Arbonne business. But if they’re not ready for that there are a series of smaller commitments that could help move them in the right direction.


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