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7 th Grade Social Studies – Harold E. Winkler Middle School.

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2 7 th Grade Social Studies – Harold E. Winkler Middle School

3 Review of World War I Treaty of Versailles The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany: Sign the War Guilt Clause Pay $33 billion in reparations Give land back to France Reduce military Leads to anger for the German people… And to the rise of Adolf Hitler!

4 A Weak League of Nations League of Nations  The League of Nations was organized to prevent future conflicts, but… did not include the United States. did not have a military force.

5 Chinese/Japanese Conflict

6 Failure of The League of Nations 1931: Japan quits the League of Nations and invades Manchuria (China) 1935: Italy invades Ethiopia 1936: Germany invades the Rhineland The League of Nations does nothing…

7 Spineless Leaders of Democracy If you give a dictator an inch, he will take a MILE!

8 Appeasement: The Munich Agreement, 1938 Now we have “peace in our time!” Herr Hitler is a man we can do business with. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain Appeasement Appeasement – a policy of giving into the demands of an enemy in order to avoid conflict.

9 World Wide Depression The depression ruined economies around the world. Some countries turned to radical leaders that made promises of greatness! nationalism. These leaders used propaganda to inspire nationalism. scapegoats They also crushed their opposition or placed blame on innocent people (scapegoats).

10 The Great Depression

11 Rise of Dictators Totalitarianism Communism Soviet Union Fascism Germany & Italy Militarism Japan

12 Rome-Berlin Axis, 1936 The “Pact of Steel”

13 Nationalism

14 Sept. 1, 1939 Invasion of Poland Non-Aggression Pact 1939: Germany signs Non-Aggression Pact with Soviet Union (Hitler-Stalin) not to attack They promised not to attack one another (Hitler breaks promise!) Germany invades Poland … Great Britain & France declare war on Germany!

15 WWII World Depression Rise Of Extremists Failure of Appeasement Invasion of Poland U.S.- Pearl Harbor

16 U. S. Neutrality

17 Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis, 1940 The Tripartite Pact

18 U.S.: Pearl Harbor Cause of U.S. entry in WWII. December 7, 1941 December 7, 1941 More in this tomorrow…


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