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DOCUMENT #:GSC15-XXXX-67 FOR:Information SOURCE:HGI (Home Gateway Initiative) AGENDA ITEM: Overview of HGI work to.

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1 DOCUMENT #:GSC15-XXXX-67 FOR:Information SOURCE:HGI (Home Gateway Initiative) AGENDA ITEM: CONTACT(S) Overview of HGI work to connect homes & enable services Bernard Dugerdil HGI Board of Director Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

2 Summary Brief review of HGIs work in 2010, focussed on our Release 3 work program HGI relationships with other industry bodies Information regarding our upcoming meetings and events 2

3 2/23/20143 NEC SAMSUNG Broadband Service Providers Digital Home ecosystem vendors HGI Connecting Homes, Enabling Services

4 HGIs Mission The HGIs core mission is to translate Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) near and mid-term service plans into published requirements for home network equipment and technologies We accomplish this by Leadership by the service providers in setting out service requirements Strong collaboration by the vendor members in developing specifications that support the service requirements 4

5 Isnt HGI just about Home Gateways? No, the scope of HGI has been extended to cover digital home building blocks HGI ecosystem Centred around the home gateway Includes many elements of the digital home from the access networks to home networking technologies The membership base includes suppliers from around the globe, and a service provider base concentrated in Europe and Asia. HGI invites all companies from around the globe to join and contribute to this ecosystem 5

6 Scope of HGI work Building the End-end Picture Services requirements & use cases Diagnostics and management requirements Requirements Documents used by Telcos during procurement Home Gateway Residential Profile Network Termination device Home Network infrastructure device Common power supply Software execution environment Outreach of agreed requirements to industry bodies EU Code of Conduct, Wifi Alliance, DECT Forum, BBF.... Testing the Home Gateway Test plan development Organisation of test event 6

7 Major Issues for HGI - 2010 Next Gen Home Gateway Requirements Testing the Next Generation Home Gateway Small Business Gateway Requirements Next Gen Access, NT-HG functionality Enabling the home network infrastructure Delivering IPTV in the home network, e.g. WiFi NG Voice: POTS, DECT CatIQ, RCS, MMTEL, SIP Energy efficiency for gateways, power supply Home energy management and control Dealing with unmanaged traffic Improved diagnostics IPv6 Services application platform Convergence at services/ software 7

8 Home Gateway Evolution 2/23/20148 DSL Modem 3 play capable Home Gateway Next Generation Home Gateway xDSL integration Wifi QoS (Full routed) Management IPTV support FXS port + DECT base option... Downloadable applications Higher speeds & feeds Energy Efficiency Full routing CAT-iq 2.0 base or USB support Enhanced diagnostics Increased media flows Storage IMS gateway as an option IPv6 ADSL/ethernet bridge HGI Release 1 + 2 2006 - 2008 HGI Release 3 2010 + Small Business Gateway Release

9 Green outreach Cooperation among SDO is key in making a real impact HGI provided detailed input into the models and power targets for EU Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment (including V4 during 2010) HGI has liaised RWD009 on requirements for Energy Efficient HG to BBF. HGI and BBF are working closely on all matters of energy efficiency. HGI has liaised RD015 on Common Power Supply to ETSI and will encourage standardisation within ITU HGI has liaised energy measurement procedures from RD011 to ETSI 9

10 Green Outreach continued Broadband Service Providers have a role to play in home energy management. Home gateway as services and interconnect platform Use of broadband infrastructure HGI is bringing together stakeholders in the development of RD017: Home Energy management and control service. Building from Beywatch and Energy at Home Consolidating requirements among the service providers Input from Energy industr y is very important 10

11 HGI QoS is key 11

12 HG Performance Testing The HGI has set out performance requirements for HGs in its test plan (HGI-GWD011-R3) QoS, multisession and routing performance Energy consumption HGI first test Event in Lannion, France September 2009 Second HG test event in November 2010 The performance requirements of NGA capable HG will increase dramatically Routing, QoS and services with up to Gigabit interfaces Software execution environment IPv6 Full energy efficiency test HGI membership required to take part 2/23/201412

13 Service Diagnostics End-end architecture for capture of home-network information and helpdesk intervention Home-network trouble Before it happens: monitor, log, gather topology After it happens: active troubleshooting Aspects of solution User context Event context Network QoS and Topology Downloadable diagnostics probes to HG NGA adds new pieces to the puzzle 2/23/201413

14 Wrap-Up HGI thanks the CCSA for the opportunity to discuss our work The long-standing relationships among HGI, ITU. ETSI and other SDO is key to our work Those interested in learning more may wish to observe an HGI meeting September 28 – October 1, Vancouver Canada December 14-17, Madrid, Spain 14

15 Supplementary Slides 15

16 Publication plan (Release 3) HGI-RD001-R3 – updated HG residential profilein progress HGI-RD008-R3 – software execution environmentliaised to partners HGI-RD009-R3 –Requirements for Energy Efficiency HGfinal review HG-RD010-R3 – Home Gateway Multiple Session Supportpublished HGI-GD011-R3 – 2009 test planpublished HGI-RD012-R3 – HNID devices requirementsin progress HGI-GD014-R3 – Remote Management System Guidelinesin progress HG-RD015-R3 – Common Power Supply for Home Networking Equipmentpublished HGI-RD016-R3 – Diagnostics requirementsin progress HGI-RD017-R3 – Home Energy management in progress HGI-RD018-R3 – CAT-IQ profile for Home Gateway in progress HGI-GD019-R3- 2010 Test Specification in progress HGI-RD021-R3 – Requirements for IMS Support in progress HGI-RD022-R3 – Requirements for Parental Control Feature in progress HGI-GD023-R3 – Release 3 Use Cases in progress HGI-RD024-R3 – Requirements for NGA capable NTinitiation phase 16

17 Earlier HGI published results HGI-RD001-R2.01 – Residential Profile HGI-GD002-R2.01 – Remote Access Guidelines HGI-GD003-R2 – Parental Control HGI-GD004-R2 – Performance metrics HGI-RD005-R2 – Requirements for Small Business Gateway (in progress) HGI-GD006-R2 – IMS Enabled HG HGI-RD007-R2 – HG interworking with External NT HGI-GD013-R2 – QoS Whitepaper 17

18 HGI Relationships ITU (SG-15, SG- 16, SG-5) ETSI (ATTM, TISPAN, DECT, EE, M2M ) DECT Forum Broadband Forum Open IPTV Forum DLNA UPNP OSGi Alliance WIFI Alliance …and others 2/23/201418 In many cases, HGI is in dialogue with other groups from a system point of view, and partner organisations are providing specialist expertise. A key role for HGI is to develop a system view – for example in testing, diagnostics, and energy efficiency. HGI work has initiated work in many other groups HGI relies on expertise in these other fora and does not try to replicate what they do

19 Liaison relationships for home networking HGI has developed a QoS architecture that represents real solutions to real problems. The architecture is being updated to include extension beyond classification based techniques to identify services. We rely upon our partners for comment and collaboration. DLNA UPNP BBF Home ITU SG 15 ETSI TISPAN WIFI Alliance 19

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