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An OIF Overview ITU All Star Network Access workshop June 2004, Geneva John McDonough V.P. OIF.

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1 An OIF Overview ITU All Star Network Access workshop June 2004, Geneva John McDonough V.P. OIF

2 Launched in April of 1998 with an objective to foster development of low-cost and scaleable internet using optical technologies The only industry group bringing together professionals from the data and optical worlds Open forum: 170+ member companies International Carriers Component and systems vendors Testing and software companies Our Mission To foster the development and deployment of interoperable products and services for data switching and routing using optical networking technologies OIF Overview

3 OIF Focus Low-cost Scaleable Optical Internetworking IP-Over-Switched Optical Network Architecture Physical layer Low-cost optical interfaces between networking elements Standard device level electrical interfaces for low-cost systems Control layer interoperability between data and optical layers Dynamic configuration using IP signaling and control mechanisms Accommodate legacy network under the new physical and control layer mechanisms

4 Output from OIF Develop implementation agreements using Carrier groups requirements as input Existing standards and specifications when available Developing new when necessary Develop interoperability testing procedure to ensure compliance and ultimately interoperable products and networks Provide input into other standards bodies

5 OIF Directors & Officers Directors Joe Berthold, Ciena President John McDonough, Cisco Vice President Tom Afferton, AT&T Treasurer/ Secretary Marco Carugi, Nortel Board Member Tom Palkert, Xilinx Board Member Vishnu Shukla, Verizon Board Member Doug Zuckerman, Telcordia Board Member MA&E Committee John DAmbrosia, Tyco Chair Technical Committee Steve Joiner, Bookham Technologies Chair

6 OIF and Standards Bodies Established Liaisons With: American National Standards Institute - ANSI T1 International Telecommunications Union - ITU-T Internet Engineering Task Force - IETF ATM Forum IEEE 802.3ae 10 Gb Ethernet Network Processing Forum - NPF Metro Ethernet Forum – MEF Rapid I/O Tele Management Forum – TMF XFP MSA Group

7 Technical Committee Six Working Groups Architecture & Signaling Services, network requirements and architectures Protocols for automatic setup of lightpaths Carrier Requirements and applications OAM&P (Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning) Network management Interoperability Interoperability testing Physical and Link Layer Equipment and subsystem module interfaces PLUG (Physical Layer User Group ) Guidelines for components, modules, subsystems and communication links

8 Implementation Agreements Electrical Interfaces OIF-SPI3-01.0 - SPI-3 Packet Interface for Physical and Link Layers for OC-48. OIF-SFI4-01.0 - Proposal for a common electrical interface between SONET framer and serializer/deserializer parts for OC-192 interfaces. OIF-SFI4-02.0 - SERDES Framer Interface Level 4 (SFI-4) Phase 2: Implementation Agreement for 10Gb/s Interface for Physical Layer Devices. OIF-SPI4-01.0 - System Physical Interface Level 4 (SPI-4) Phase 1: A System Interface for Interconnection Between Physical and Link Layer, or Peer-to-Peer Entities Operating at an OC-192 Rate (10 Gb/s). OIF-SPI4-02.01 - System Packet Interface Level 4 (SPI-4) Phase 2: OC-192 System Interface for Physical and Link Layer Devices. OIF-SPI5-01.1 - System Packet Interface Level 5 (SPI-5) : OC-768 System Interface for Physical and Link Layer Devices. OIF-SFI5-01.0 - Serdes Framer Interface Level 5 (SFI-5): 40Gb/s Interface for Physical Layer Devices. OIF-SxI5-01.0 - System Interface Level 5 (SxI-5): Common Electrical Characteristics for 2.488 - 3.125Gbps Parallel Interfaces. OIF-TFI5-01.0 - TDM Fabric to Framer Interface (TFI5)

9 Implementation Agreements Tunable Lasers OIF-TL-01.1 - Implementation Agreement for Common Software Protocol, Control Syntax, and Physical (Electrical and Mechanical) Interfaces for Tunable Laser Modules. OIF-TLMSA-01.0 - Multi-Source Agreement for CW Tunable Lasers. Very Short Reach Interface OIF-VSR4-01.0 - Very Short Reach (VSR) OC-192 Interface for Parallel Optics. VSR4-02 (OC-192 Very Short Reach Interface, 1 fiber 1310nm) Note: VSR4-02 has been included as the 4dB link option in VSR4-05 below OIF-VSR4-03.0 - Very Short Reach (VSR) OC-192 Four Fiber Interface Based on Parallel Optics. OIF-VSR4-04.0 - Serial Shortwave Very Short Reach (VSR) OC-192 Interface for Multimode Fiber. OIF-VSR4-05.0 - Very Short Reach (VSR) OC-192 Interface Using 1310 Wavelength and 4 and 11 dB Link Budgets. OIF-VSR5-01.0 - Very Short Reach Interface Level 5 (VSR-5): SONET/SDH OC- 768 Interface for Very Short Reach (VSR) Applications.

10 Implementation Agreements UNI – NNI OIF-UNI-01.0 - User Network Interface (UNI) 1.0 Signaling Specification. OIF-UNI-01.0-R2 - User Network Interface (UNI) 1.0 Signaling Specification, Release 2: Common Part OIF-CDR-01.0 - Call Detail Records for OIF UNI 1.0 Billing. OIF-SEP-01.1 - Security Extension for UNI and NNI OIF-SMI-01.0 - Security Management Interfaces to Network Elements OIF-E-NNI-Sig-01.0 - Intra-Carrier E-NNI Signaling Specification

11 7 participating carrier labs around the world: China, Germany, Italy, Japan and USA 15 participating vendors Testing based on OIF UNI 1.0 release 2 and ENNI Implementation Agreements, both control and data plane These implementation agreements are based on the ITUs requirements for automatically switched optical networks G.8080, G.807 Based on ITU-T standards for Ethernet service adaptation, Ethernet over SONET/SDH services testing includes: Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) G.7041 Virtual Concatenation (VCAT) Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) G.7042 World Interoperability Demonstration public observation: SUPERCOMM 2004 (June 22-24, Chicago) OIF Booth #20334, Hall A ITU representation at OIF Supercomm booth through Power Point slides and posters OIF World Interoperability Demo

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