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Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future… - page 1 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future…

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1 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future… - page 1 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future…

2 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future… - page 2 What is the Frame Relay Forum? Our Mission: The Frame Relay Forum is an association of vendors, carriers, users and consultants committed to the education, promotion, and implementation of Frame Relay in accordance with international standards. Our Membership 50 member companies across 15 countries Our Leadership (Board of Directors) –Edwin Chikhani, VP of Industry Implementation (Bell Nexxia) –Larry Denayer, VP of Marketing (Sprint) –Rob Downing, VP of Marketing (Larscom) –Tim Halpin, Treasurer (AT&T) –Fred Kaudel, VP of Technology (Fluke) –Frits van Dissel, VP of International Frame Relay (Infonet) –Mike Walsh, President, Chairman of the Board of Directors (Nortel)

3 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future… - page 3 FR Forum: Our Objectives Getting the message out: We continue to educate the consumer on the advantages and applications of frame relay through Web education, white papers, press articles, business cases and presentations at trade shows and conferences. Closing the feedback loop: We have increased the participation of service providers in the Forum and are actively soliciting their field experiences to refine and improve our Implementation Agreements. Additionally, we have reintroduced interop testing to help users in real-world implementations. Strengthening relationships with other bodies: Effective networks today mean interworking different technologies. To this end, we have strengthened relationships with the ITU, MPLS Forum, ATM Forum, IETF, and T1S1 on standards work. Going abroad: The international marketplace brings both new opportunities and new requirements. Through active work throughout the world, we will address both.

4 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future… - page 4 Is Frame Relay still relevant? Absolutely.. Newer, replacement technologies are losing their shine and hype as reality sets in: IP-VPNs: QOS, scalability, and security are still outstanding concerns, and IP-VPN market size is only a fraction of FRs. Overheard at VPNcon: Ive spent two days in sessions covering all the stuff I need to worry about when using IP-VPNs, and in the end it still doesnt do what my frame relay network does for me today! Gig Ethernet: Maybe compelling, but still in the super-hype stage. –Ethernet is cheap today because it is simple. Will it still be cheap after they build in all the carrier grade features needed to be a real-world solution? –Fiber access? Interactive week says Even a decade from now, about 60 percent of the mostly suburban enterprise customers in the US wont have Gig-E as an option, … Both have their application, but do they replace FR? Not for now

5 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future… - page 5 Is Frame Relay still relevant? Absolutely.. FR today and in the future: Frame relay as a service – reasserting itself today –$12B market today and continuing to grow with a CAGR in the range of 20% - strong continuing revenues for at least next 3-5 years with MPLS-backbone L2 VPNs probably extending this. –Latest research and experience indicates that Layer 2 VPNs are still the best solution for all but the smallest enterprises due to scalability, security and reliability reasons. Frame relay as an access technology –Frame relay as the UNI into new backbone technologies (ie. ATM today, MPLS tomorrow) –Frame relay access to the Internet –#1 choice for access technology to network-based IP-VPNs In both cases, we are well specified for bandwidths from DS0 through NxDS1 (MFR) to optical, meeting the customers need for speed in todays growing networks!

6 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future… - page 6 Frame Relay Challenges Going Forward Continue evolution as an access method: Speed increases, and the desire to reduce costs will be two dominant themes. MFR (FRF.15, 16) for cost effective NxDS1service, and FRF.1.2 which provides for automatic router configuration are previous examples of this type of our standards work. Interface with new backbone technologies: Just as interworking with ATM drove much of the FR growth of the 90s, interworking with MPLS and other backbones will be the base for FRs future. Continue to help end users make the right decision: In the world of hype we work in, its often difficult for a customer to know what is best for him. Well continue our tradition of giving pragmatic, frank advice to help customers understand if and when frame is a good solution for their needs.

7 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future… - page 7 Frame Relay Forum and the ITU FRF and ITU SG 17 are kicking off off a series of new initiatives We believe there is great strength in bringing together the experience, talents and insights of our respective organizations. Planned work items: Question 2/17 (Network Performance and quality of service in data communication networks) X.14FRMM: on Frame Relay Measurement Methods (links closely with FRF.19 on OA&M) X.14FRIP: performance of IP on FR and FR interworked with IP Question 5/17 (Interfaces and signalling for DTEs and public networks using or providing frame relay services), this includes X.36, X.76 and Q.933 enhancements Potential revisions to I.620 Interest in harmonization of Frame Relay Forum IAs and ITU-T Recommendations

8 Frame Relay, the Forum, and the future… - page 8 The Future of the Frame Relay Forum Key message: Continuing strong commitment to the industry and its customers Three main thrusts: Major future development needs will be between technologies, not within technologies. With this in mind, we will continue to strengthen our relationship with other forums and standards bodies to insure effective interoperation between protocols and technologies. Our members and industry values the educational and marketing mission of the Forum, and we will enhance these efforts through work with industry-leading experts and writers. We will enhance the strategic value of membership in the FRF through not only our formal technical and marketing committees, but also through more opportunities for company networking and visibility. For More Information Contact: Frame Relay Forum 39355 California Street, Ste 307 Fremont, CA 94538 +1.510.608.5920

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