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Parent Notification for New and Continuing ESL Program Students ---------- School 2013-2014.

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1 Parent Notification for New and Continuing ESL Program Students ---------- School 2013-2014

2 AGENDA Welcome & Introductions Reasons for ESL identification & need for placement in ESL. Student’s level of English proficiency Student’s academic achievement Methods of ESL instruction How ESL will meet educational strengths and needs of student How ESL program will help child learn English and meet academic standards Exit ESL Program requirements Expected rate of transition out of ESL classes Expected rate of graduation Parental rights regarding enrollment in ESL

3 ESL at __________ School  ESL Teachers:  ESL Instructor:  ESL Resource Teacher:  Principal:  Assistant Principal:  School Counselor:

4 Why were my child’s English skills tested? The law requires that language minority students be identified and their English proficiency assessed. Students are identified by the Home Language Survey on the Enrollment Form

5 Who is Limited English Proficient? Placement test [W-APT] is administered at ESL Intake If your child scores less than fully English proficient in any of the four domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing he or she qualifies for ESL services Parent notification takes place. The parent decides if your child will participate in the ESL program.

6 What is my child’s level of English proficiency? Each year in January the ACCESS test to determine your child’s progress and proficiency in English. ACCESS tests students in the four language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing Students are also tested in the language of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

7 WIDA ACCESS ACCESS is given to students according to their English language development ACCESS is given in three TIERS [levels] Students are placed into three different Tiers according to their language development: Tier A Tier B Tier C Students that took the ACCESS test in January receive their results in the mail at your home. Goal is fluency.


9 How does my child learn English? ESL students may have instruction in an ESL classroom with a specially trained teacher. Students are expected to learn same content and meet same standards as native English speakers. Some native language support may be provided. ESL students spend most of the day in the regular classroom. ESL teacher may teach the ESL students in their classroom.

10 How does the ESL program help my child? Specially trained teachers Some native language support Small groups Curriculum Maps correlated to KCAS Textbooks and support resources. Support in your child’s classroom

11 How does my child exit ESL? When your child obtains a 5.0 or higher on the overall score and a 4.0 or higher in literacy on the ACCESS test then he/she is no longer considered Limited English Proficient and you will be notified.

12 How fast will my child learn English? Attendance in school Previous schooling Native language Support from home Child’s motivation Read and write at home, at school – everywhere!

13 Academic Grades Middle School and High School Grading Grade Point Average

14 Promotion Requirements


16 Graduation Requirements

17 How can parents help? Talk to your child about his day and what he or she is learning Read and write daily. Call us with questions. Check Agenda weekly. Visit school. Parent Conferences Know your child’s friends! Sleep, exercise, healthy food. Make sure your child comes to school.

18 THANK YOU! We are honored to be the teachers of your children. Thank you for being here. Being a parent is the biggest challenge you have in life with the biggest reward. We are here to work with you. Parent Conferences are ________________________ _____

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