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Module How to learn English Unit Language in use.

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2 Module How to learn English Unit Language in use

3 Teaching aims and demands: To summarise and consolidate grammar focus. why don ’ t you … How about doing … ? should/shouldn ’ t try not to do … ( 重点 ) To consolidate expressions and vocabulary. Affection: Develop the good habit of learning English.

4 Language practice: Giving advice You should always speak English in class. Why don ’ t you write down the correct words? It ’ s a good idea to check your vocabulary notebook. How about listening to the radio in English? But try not to translate every word. Everyone should have a pen friend.

5 Say what Jack usually does. go/ bed lateget up / late not/ listen / teacher speak/ Chinese /in classnot write/words/groups get/ bad marks

6 Give Jack some advice: Do you think Jack a good student? Tell him how to be a good student. You should go to bed before 9 o ’ clock, and get up at half past six. You should listen to the teacher carefully in the class. Try to speak English in class. I think it ’ s a good idea to write words in groups. … No, I don ’ t think so.

7 Listen and check the expressions of advice that you hear. Why don ’ t we … ? How about … ? … should … We can … Let ’ s try to … Can you … ? Remember to …

8 Listen and answer the questions: What ’ s Charlie ’ s problem? How will Mary help him? When does Charlie think they should meet? Why does Mary want to invite other students, too? When does Charlie think borrowing magazines might be a good idea?

9 Make phrases with the words. ask answer check correct listen look read translate write to at down up for a the your sentence answer question book meaning conversation grammar word spelling

10 Around the world: English around you You can learn English from: magazinesnewspapers the Internet radio TV CD film

11 Module task :Complete the table and writing your English study plan GoodNot goodWhat I should do Grammar New words Speaking Pronunciation Listening Reading writing

12 A test: complete the sentences with the words in the box _________the correct answers. ________your English by listening to the radio. ________the pictures in the order you hear them. ______the mistakes in these sentences. ______the pictures with the paragraphs. ______your spelling and punctuation. checkchoosecorrectimprovematchnumber

13 Homework: Finish the exercises in the WB.

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