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Interactive HISTORY notebook We will now call it our IHN.

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1 Interactive HISTORY notebook We will now call it our IHN

2 Have you ever said… I left it at home I can’t find my notes! I’m sure its in… my desk my backpack my room Not any more!!!

3 Supplies : 100 page spiral bound notebook Colored pencils (at least 5) LIQUID glue OR tape Scissors NO MARKERS

4 Questions… Why not stick glue? – Because it dries out faster than liquid glue and your pages can fall out! Can I use markers? - No; markers can bleed through the paper and cause your notebook to look sloppy. How often will I need these supplies? – EVERYDAY!

5 General Notebook Rules  No RIPPED OUT pages  No DOODLEING that doesn’t relate to history  Notebook should be used for HISTORY CLASS ONLY  All entries must go into the Table Of Contents  Be COLORFL & LOVE your notebook!

6 What you should see in class…  Notebook always out and open, whether working in textbook or on a activity  Writing on EVERY page  Lots of color, highlighting, graphics underlining and headings

7 Cover  Must contain at least 3 school appropriate graphics- 1 must be history related  Name  Class Block  Title

8 Inside Pocket  This will be know as…”Works in Progress”  Any work (foldables, worksheets, activities etc.) not finished will go here.  ONLY “works in progress” go there. Anything that is completed is pasted into your notebook

9 “Framing Your Paper”  So everything will fit nicely and neatly on your paper “frame” the edges.  Take your scissors and trim the a little of the white edges off

10 Inside Front Cover Frame your paper… Using 4 pieces of TAPE, attach the Notebook Rubric to the inside of the front over. Why: -Use it to help keep you on track -Lets you know exactly what my expectations are

11 Open up your notebook… Starting on the very first loose leaf page, number your pages from 1 -50, in the top right corner. ODD on the right EVEN on the left You have 3 MINTUES ….GO!

12 Time’s UP!

13 Spot Check Page 1 Frame your paper… Place 1 SMALL DOT of glue on each of the 4 corners Push it onto your paper. I will check your notebook twice a week for the first 2-3 weeks. After that, I will check your notebook every 3 classes I see you.

14 Page 2 Author’s Page This page is for YOU to tell ME a little bit about yourself. You can … Write a poem Make a crest Make it like your culture quilt THIS IS HOMEWORK

15 Page 3 Table of Contents Everything, everything, EVERYTHING will be logged in your Table of Contents. Pay attention to page numbers and “output and input” pages

16 Page 4 Left Side- What can it include?  Drawings  Personal Connections  Raps  Graphic organizers  Cartoons  Maps  Charts and graphs  Letters Why?? Its fun! Rehearsing information Active involvement ORGANIZATION

17 Page 5 Right Side- What does it include?  Teacher guided notes  Hand outs  Foldables

18 Unit Pages  At the beginning of each unit

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