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Welcome Parents ! 7 th Grade Honors World History & 8 th Grade Honors United States with Mrs. Jalajas (pronounced Yelleeyus)

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1 Welcome Parents ! 7 th Grade Honors World History & 8 th Grade Honors United States with Mrs. Jalajas (pronounced Yelleeyus)

2 Areas of Focus: 1. Students need to develop good study habits. (Studying for tests, reviewing notes, completing homework) 2. Behavior is imperative so that nobody else loses out by distractions in class. 3. Reading is important-if your child says he/she doesn’t have any homework-have them read for 30 minutes a night..

3 Interdisciplinary planing with Language Arts. ***We will periodically meet throughout the year and plan how we can better support one another and help the kids transfer knowledge more effectively

4 Mrs. Jalajas: 7 th Grade Honors World History & 8 th Grade Honors U.S. History Materials, Rules & Expectations

5 Materials Needed: 3 Ring Binder with dividers to keep classes organized OR a separate notebook for History. Pen & Pencil every day & lined paper. –Please DON’T beg your classmates for these. ***For in-class projects, I will provide materials.

6 Suggested items to have at home: Pens, Pencils & Paper (of course) Colored pencils, markers, or crayons –At least one of them Scissors Glue Memory Stick ***This will be used to transport documents, projects, etc. done on the computer from school to home or vice versa.

7 Student Responsibilities Follow directions. Show courtesy & respect towards others. Be here (mentally & physically) and actively participate in class. (Work cooperatively in groups is applicable.) Bring required materials to class. Write your homework in the student planner. Complete your own work neatly & on time. ***BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF!

8 Teacher Responsibilities Teach the California State History Standards & prepare students for the CST in Social Sciences (in their 8 th grade year). Clearly explain assignments & projects. Give a variety of assignments to address the different learning styles of students. Be available for extra help before school, after school, or at lunch when requested.

9 Keep grades updated. Provide a classroom environment conducive to learning. Assign a fair amount of homework. –Average 2 times/week

10 Suggestions for Parents Provide a quiet place for your child to complete homework. Check the Student Planner or snapgrades for daily assignments. Contact the teacher immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

11 GRADING A point system with weighted categories will be used to determine all grades. –Tests/Quizzes/Formal Assessments: 40% –Classwork: 40% –Homework: 20% Grades can be checked on-line at any time.

12 Standard grade scale is as follows: A90-100% B80-89% C70-79% D60-69% F0-59%

13 Rewards & Incentives Bravo Cards Good Calls or Notes Home Homework Coupons If you earn an A on a Benchmark Exam or other 100 point Test, you will receive a homework coupon. End of the Semester Awards & Certificates

14 Late Work The History department has a standard policy regarding late work: –If a student does not complete a homework assignment, he/she will be assigned a Study Hall & the assignment will be accepted the next day for ½ credit. –On projects, students will be docked 10% per day up to one week after the due date. –***If a student is absent, he/she has as long as he/she was absent to complete the work for full credit.

15 Ways to find out about homework: --Access snapgrades. -Contact a classmate from your class period. -Ask me the day you return to school. -If out for more than 3 days, call front office to complete a homework request.

16 No Names Assignments turned in with no name will automatically be docked 5 points. Any work which is sloppy will be docked points or returned to be redone neatly. Quality counts so please do your BEST work.

17 DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS: -Verbal warning, brief student/teacher discussion after class, Parent/Guardian contact -After School Detention -Office Referral, In-School Suspension, Thursday/Saturday School ***Repeated disruptive behavior or extremely inappropriate behavior will result in more severe consequences assigned by an administrator

18 CHEATING/PLAGIARISM/ FORGERY: ***It is important for students to do their own work and be prepared for class. It is equally important for them to be honest. If a student is caught doing any of the three above listed offenses, the consequences will be BOTH of the following: A zero on the assignment with no chance to make it up. An after school detention. ***If this problem reoccurs, an Office Referral will result at which time the Administration will determine the appropriate punishment.

19 Quiz 1.Your grade in this class is based on a _____ system with _____ categories.

20 Answer: Point, weighted

21 2.How can you check your grade in the class?

22 Answer: on-line at any time

23 3.What three things do you need with you every day in class?

24 Answer: Binder, pen, pencil.

25 4.True/False: Late work is acceptable as long as it is turned in that week.

26 Answer: False.

27 5.List 3 ways you can find out about missed homework.

28 Answer: 1.School website 2.Ask a classmate 3.Ask teacher when you return

29 6.What happens to assignments with No Names?

30 Answer: Docked 5 points

31 6.If you cheat, plagiarize, or forge- what will your punishment be?

32 Answer: 1.Zero on assignment, no make- up 2.After school Detention

33 7. What are some materials you should have at home?

34 Answer: Colored pencils, markers or crayons, glue, scissors, memory stick

35 8. What is more important to me than your grades?

36 That you are honest, trustworthy & have integrity.

37 Take out a piece of paper. Title it “Back to School with History” Put your name, period, date in top right hand corner. Please respond to the following question in 3-5 well-written and complete sentences. WHY DO WE STUDY HISTORY? ***We will discuss this in a few minutes after you have time to respond.

38 Skip a few lines from your previous response and tell me…. What are 3 types of activities you most like to do in class or for homework? –1. –2. –3. What are some things you are really good at in school? What do you need to work on at school?

39 On the back of the paper complete the following: 1. What are 3 goals you have for yourself this year? (can be academic, personal, sports related, etc.) What must you do in order to accomplish them. 1. (goal 1 & how to accomplish it) 2. (goal 2 & how to accomplish it) 3. (goal 3 & how to accomplish it) 2. What are some things you like to do in your free time? Hobbies? 3. What are some responsibilities you have?

40 4. What are the 3 most important qualities you admire in a person & why? 1. (and why?) 2. (and why?) 3. (and why?) Do you try to display these qualities yourself? Explain. 5.Who is your hero? (You can name up to three of them & explain why.) ***These can be famous people or unknowns to most of us.

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