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Status of the WIS VPN Pilot Project in Region II and V

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1 Status of the WIS VPN Pilot Project in Region II and V
Prepared for ET-WISC Geneva Oct 11-14, 2005 Akihiko Nakazono Toshikazu Nishio Japan Meteorological Agency

2 Background-1 In 2004, the FWIS VPN Pilot Project was launched as a collaborative project between Regions II and V and eleven volunteer NMHS in the Regions participated in the project. RA-II: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam RA-V: Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, New Zealand The Project successfully proved that it was feasible for relatively small centers to establish a VPN link through Internet as long as they would receive appropriate technical assistance from advanced centers.

3 Background-2 Outcomes of the Project were presented to the ITT-FWIS meeting held in September 2004, Geneva. The meeting highly appreciated the Project especially for promoting involvement of small centers in activities toward development of WIS, and it also requested to continue the Project extending to the WIS application level in cooperation with other pilot projects for WIS application components such as request/reply portal and metadata standards.

4 Concept of the Advanced Phase
To study how small Centres that have less expertise and/or less telecom infrastructures could get benefits from forthcoming advanced WIS environment to their operational purposes through Internet-VPN.

5 Major Challenges Comprehensive and continual tests from transport level to application level Simulation of NC operation with prototype applications supported by prototype GISC/DCPC servers. Prototype application of data input service driven by WMO metadata and schema, and support MTDCF Study of authorization and authentication methods for secure data reporting and providing Possible cooperation with other Pilot Projects Expansion of participants.

6 Outline Two years project from 2005 through 2006
13 Participants (as of 1st October 2005) RA-II: China, Hong Kong, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, Republic of Korea, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam RA-V: Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, New Zealand Internet bandwidth of the participants varies from 512Kbps to 440Mbps Beijing, Melbourne, and Tokyo act as provisional GISC/DCPC, and others act as provisional NC

7 VPN links among centers participating in the pilot project
Challenges of the VPN Establish Permanent Internet-VPN Establish VPN through dial-up, mobile or temporary Internet environment Use of private IP address in the VPN Use of IPv6 ( option) Internet Permanent VPN link VPN links among centers participating in the pilot project Beijing Tokyo Hong Kong Seoul Kuala Lumpur Darussalam Wellington Muscat Jeddah Tehran New Delhi Hanoi Melbourne Simulating GISC/DCPC

8 Prototype Application & Server
Use SATAID as the prototype user application for NCs Use PANDORA for the prototype data server NWP products Satellite data Updated Application software Prototype application NC (National Centre) Internet Application portal Data portal Reference information Data sources VPN Gathering data from different data sources Software updating

9 SATAID SATAID is an application program originally developed for meteorological training, especially for nephanalysis. SATAID could display most of meteorological data, e.g. GPV, radar, profiler as well as satellite images, has many useful image analyzing capabilities, e.g. superposition, animation, cross-section, drawing contour, annotation. SATAID has been registered on WMO VL resource library

10 An example of SATAID

11 PANDORA Server PANDORA Server is an http driven data and proxy server.
PANDORA works as one-stop data server, it forwards a request automatically if it can’t satisfy a request by itself and other PANDORA could. PANDORA has capability of data conversion and cut off to decrease the quantity of transfer data. PANDORA has been installed at BoM for training avtivities while inside JMA for operational purposes.

12 USER Application (SATAID)
Structure of PANDORA PANDORA SERVER Request Forwarding Apache Client Request Request Other PANDORA SERVER Proxy USER Application (SATAID) Reply Reply Pandora Script Converter Cache DATA Metadata

13 Collaboration with UNIDART
VPN-PP is collaborating with other Pilot Projects, especially UNIDART JMA already implemented a test Client, and going to build a server to provide data catalog which is compliant to WMO Metadata Std. Data sources UNIDART portal Data GRID VPN Data source Request/Reply with authentication Matadata Catalogue Internet Cooperation with UNIDART project in RA VI

14 Reporting Observed Data (Data Input Service)
Data in XML E1A10FE00112A0B0AA BUFR <xml> <xmlusers>country name</xmlusers> <code>47401</code> <date> </date> <time>0600</time> <winddeg>360</winddeg> <windspeed>10</windspeed> <view>20</view> <temp>12.4</temp> <dew_point>9.7</dew_point> <pressure>1002.5</pressure> </xml> Reporting observational data NC (National Centre) 47401 01 0600 360 10 20 12.4 9.7 1002.5 Station index Data creation Conversion to BUFR Secure connection (VPN or HTTPS) Internet Input data on Web SMJP01 RJTD AAXX 01064 / = Dew point Date/Time WIND_dir WIND_spd Visibility Air temp Pressure

15 Utilization of IPv6 Additional collaborative IPv6 test is planned among BoM, KMA, and JMA Test items are being discussed among technical contacts IPv6 Addresses BoM : 2001:8ffff:8001::/48 KMA : 2001: JMA : 2001:240:E5::/48

16 Progress of the Advanced Phase
Build basic system and opened the VPN-PP Web Site for VPN users (early July 2005 ) Established first VPN connection with HKO (21st July) Opened Discussion Web Page (12th Aug) Opened Traffic analysis Web Page (22nd Aug) Established IPv6 Access (26th Aug) Installed PPTP based VPN for mobile users (9th Sep) Opened Web site to non-VPN users (16th Sep) Opened MTSAT imagery page (22nd Sep)

17 Coming Soon-1 Complete Establishing VPN Connections with All Participating Centres Data service with PANDORA server for the prototype application - SATAID Cooperate UNIDART by providing catalog and data Monitoring throughput of Internet-VPN Coordinate IPv6 utilization with BoM and KMA

18 Coming Soon-2 Enrich Prototype Data ( add GPV, …)
Create & Provide Data Catalog in accordance with WMO Metadata std. Accept Reporting data through VPN and Convert it to TDCF Prototype schema driven input method, that could check major errors at input

19 WIS VPN-PP Homepage

20 What’s New Page

21 MTSAT Imagery List

22 Discussion Room

23 Traffic Monitoring

24 Continuous Monitoring of the Round Trip Time

25 Traffic Monitoring

26 Monitoring WEB Service

27 Thank You

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