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CIS countries activities in preparation for RRC-04/05.

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2 CIS countries activities in preparation for RRC-04/05

3 RRC 04/05 preparation activities in CIS countries -Regional DVB-T planning in channels 61- 69 (multilateral agreement Nida-2002) -Preparation of existing and planned broadcasting stations data for extended planning area -DVB-T planning criteria investigations and test trials

4 In CIS countries RRC 04/05 preparation activity leaded by Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications (RCC) Main RCC function: to improve cooperation between Member States in field of broadcasting and communication services implementation Activities (broadcasting area): developing common planning principles and agreements

5 Main Principles: - Allotment areas 100 km x 100 km (approximate average size). Coordinates of the allotment border points were presented by administrations. - Procedure for conversion of allotments into assignments for television broadcasting services developed basing on the principles of Chester-97 Agreement. - Single coverage. Participating administrations: Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine

6 Areas of CIS countries to east from 40 o of eastern latitude not covered by multilateral agreements. This means that no frequency assignment plan for these areas exists and concluded under the ITU auspices. -Circular letter ITU-R CR/196 -Multiaddress letter 01(DIR) O.1547/03 to the Administrations of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Master RegisterCoordinated assignments List of existing stations List of planned stations Proposed procedure

7 Ukraine: Kyiv, 51channel, 1 kVt. More then 1 year of continued broadcasting between adjacent analogue channels. CIS countries, develops trial/commercial DVB-T projects: Russia, Ukraine

8 Vladivostok Nizhni Novgorod Kaliningrad More than 21 million people can actually receive DVB-T programs Moscow1000 Vt, 500 VtCommercial, trial St-Petersburg1000 VtCommercial Nizhni Novgorod1000 VtTrial Vladivostok1000 VtTrial

9 Channel 34, fixed reception (95%), taking into account interference

10 -3 different propagation paths measured -Results show non-linear relation between BER and useful signal field strength differs depending on type of propagation path -Additional studies needed

11 32 channel (1 kVt) – investigation of portable/mobile reception (now in commercial phase) 34 channel (500 Vt) – investigation of fixed reception in complex interference environment Ostankino tower (32 channel) D. Bednogo str. (34 channel) Moscow

12 Commercial conception: new service – the high- quality reception of TV programs in moving cars

13 Mobile coverage over the city and neighborhoods reached by using one DVB-T transmitter receiving antenna


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