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ITU Workshop on E-health services in low-resource settings: Requirements and ITU role (Tokyo, Japan, 4-5 February 2013) Isao Nakajima, M.D., Ph.D., Ph.D.

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1 ITU Workshop on E-health services in low-resource settings: Requirements and ITU role (Tokyo, Japan, 4-5 February 2013) Isao Nakajima, M.D., Ph.D., Ph.D. Vice Rapporteur for eHealth Professor, EMS Tokai University School of Medicine Tokyo, Japan, 4-5 February 2013 The Final Decision Call after the Accident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

2 Agenda 1. Who we are. 2. The last eHealth Rappoteurs Meeting Tokyo 10-11 March 2011. 3. What does NBC mean. 4. Classification of disaster 5. Damage of the mobile communication networks after Great East Japan Earthquake 6. What Happened, Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant No.1 7. Conclusion and Recommendations

3 10 Years of ITU e-Health Expert Training Courses at Tokai University Tokai University, Japan. Document RGQ14-3/2/INF/22-E Tokai University Shonan Campus Hiratsuka Kanagawa Japan Tokai University Hospital Isehara Kanagawa Japan

4 Novel Mobile Telemedicine System for Real-time Transmission of 12-lead ECG Data and Live Video from Moving Ambulance to Hospital by Dr. Nagata, Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co.,Ltd., Japan. Document RGQ14-3/2/INF/16-E

5 Mobile Telemedicine Package IEEE802.11b and 802.11g are usable

6 Telemetry for Wild Birds and Future Technical Expectations to Prevent Avian Influenza by Isao Nakajima, Tokai Univ. Japan. Document RGQ14-3/2/INF/17-E Required C/No for navigation ARGOS system

7 Field Experiments with 2.4GHz Packet Wireless Communications Pheasant from Japan Relations of an electromagnetic induction Generated by the coil and 3 axis acceleration

8 the ITU-MIC Regional Meeting on ICT for e-Health Tokyo Japan,10-11 March 2011 Rapporteur and Vice Rapporteurs for Q14

9 the East-Japan Earthquake stroke on March 11, 2011

10 What does NBC mean? Nuclear disaster NBC stands for nuclear, biological, chemical. It is a term used in the armed forces and in health and safety, mostly in the context of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

11 Nuclear explosion out of the atmosphere EMP occurs with the physical destructive power by strong bomb blast, heat rays and the evil caused by the radiation, and the thing which a scale has a big gives you a physical obstacle more than 1,600km to the away distant place. The electronic equipment (communication, medical care) suffers crushing damage in a wide area EMP 100~200 m Gamma beam 3000km 20 40 m 3000 Nuclear explosion

12 EMP Bomb The EMP bomb destroys an weak input and/or output element of the electronic equipment with the high electric charge of the high frequency using electromotive force to occur with the coil which accelerated with gunpowder. U.S.A. used it in the Iraqi War for the first time in the world in March, 2003.

13 Study on Communication Equipments after Nuclear Disaster and EMPB(Elecrtomagnetic Pulses Bump) VHF/UHF upto 6GHz

14 NVIS Near Vertical Incidence Skywave HF Packet radio Agus Subekti, Koredianto Usman, Futoshi Ohyama, Hiroshi Juzoji, Isao Nakajima. A Study of NVIS for Communication in Emergency and Disaster Medicine, APAMI 2003

15 Data of Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995

16 Great East Japan Earthquake

17 Cycle of Disaster Warning Impact Acute Post-impact Recovery Mitigation Planning

18 Final Decision Call & First Aid Who decide the order evacuation and send the last call to staffs of rescue team and inhabitants. What kind of communications line expected after a major disaster? EMS Ts Triage Transportation Telecommunication( ) early Treatment

19 NTT DoCoMos website rnal/bn/vol13_4/vol13_4_096en.pd Great East Japan Earthquake service area restoration status

20 Relationship between Cut-off Electric Power and Disfunction stations of NTT DoCoMo


22 Loss of functionality at the Off-site Center The Off-site Center of the Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS was located about 5km from the Fukushima Dai-ichi site but it could not function as intended. The Act on Special Measures Concerning Nuclear Emergency Preparedness (Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Act) and the Nuclear Emergency Response Manual of the Government stipulate that once a nuclear accident occurs, a local nuclear emergency response headquarters (local NERHQ) shall be established close to the accident site, as the center of the emergency response coordination. A local NERHQ is to be located at a local standing facility for emergency responses and measures (Off-site Center).

23 Before construction, it was the hill of the altitude of 35m. As the ability of the seawater suction pump of GE was low, so sharpened it to an altitude of 10m expressly and built a power station. The height of the breakwater was 5.7m.

24 Tokyo Electric employee reports to an academic society before the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident the Probability of Expectance during 50 Years Tsunami over the water wall of 5.7m by 4% !!!

25 Non-common use DC 115V power supply battery

26 Trouble of the circuit of the SPEEDI SPEEDI :Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information The Network System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information (SPEEDI) is expected to play an important role in protecting local population from radiation exposure and the planning of evacuation. However, the system was not utilized when evacuation was instructed. The communication links were disrupted for 2 months and inoperative due to the earthquakes, and the SPEEDI could not receive the basic source term information of released radioactivity. It was therefore not possible for the SPEEDI to estimate atmospheric dispersion of radioactive materials on the basis of the basic source term information.

27 Trend of the radiation exposure dose from the web

28 How nuclear accidents damage human health DNA and RNA will be broken Exposure to any radioactive material is bad: assumes that exposure to anything higher than normal background levels increases health risks. assumes that exposure to anything higher than normal background levels increases health risks When damaged DNA and/or RNA arent restored precisely, or have errors in the DNA replication process, some cells mutate to a cancer cell.

29 opened AO valve for decompression with a nitrogen gas cylinder

30 Mark I : Core fusion and Hydrogen explosion by the countercurrent to the vent gas Unit Mark I lost its all power supplies shortly after the arrival of the tsunami. The isolation condensers (IC) seemed to have lost its functionality as its isolation valves were fully or almost fully closed by the fail-safe circuits. But at the initial stage of the accident, appropriate corrective actions were not taken, nor were instructions given. By the operators mistake, IC was switched off. As a result, within early stage of 24 hours, MarkI caused core fusion.

31 Because a blowout panel dropped naturally, the II unit didnt explode The hydrogen vent gas flowed backward from an opened valve into the I unit building and exploded several hours later.

32 Confirmation of a blowout panel

33 DISASTER PREVENTION, DISASTER CAUTION COMMUNICATION SYSTEM IN JAPAN 1. Cities, towns and villages disaster prevention administration radio 2. LASCOM :Local Authorities Satellite Communications Organization 3. Nuclear Power Plant Satellite Networks Inmarsat after March, 2010, such as JAEA, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, a nuclear power plant, a nuclear power plant 4. J-ALERT National second warning system transmits emergency information to the people in case of critical situation Tokyo, Japan, 4-5 February 2013 33

34 Tokyo, Japan, 4-5 February 2013 34

35 Conclusions and Recommendations Due to the physical damage caused by an earthquake and the tsunami, electricity stopped. The gateway stations for Mobile phone were unable to function. Even the mayor of the district concerned knew the evacuation advisory to hear via only police radio for the first time. Many residents of Fukushima were intellect and ignorant of the order of " the Final Decision :evading Therefore the exposure doses of many inhabitants increased. It is a problem how you find a emergency channel to transmit the Final Decision Call for all residents after a nuclear accident.

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