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A Lesson Pane Unit 10 Sports Lesson 37. Subject: English Name: Cao Weixing Class: Five Content: SBIA lesson 37 Period: One Teaching Aids: 1, a tape Records.

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1 A Lesson Pane Unit 10 Sports Lesson 37

2 Subject: English Name: Cao Weixing Class: Five Content: SBIA lesson 37 Period: One Teaching Aids: 1, a tape Records 2, the Pictures

3 Teaching Aims: A. Learning and mastering the followings: Words: sports, games, compete

4 Phrases: have sports, compete in, compete with, prefer to, be good at, be good for,

5 Sentence Patterns: Which do you prefer, ---or---? What are your favorite sports? Which do you prefer, ---or---?

6 Grammar: The Present Perfect Passive Voice have been done

7 Proverb One apple a day keeps doctors away.

8 B. Training the students’ speaking ability and reading ability

9 C. Learning how to talk about sports and express themselves

10 Teaching Important Points: Improving the students’ speaking and listening skills. Enlarging the students’ knowledge about sports from TV, Sports News, and newspapers or through some sport-stars Improving the students’ ability: how to express themselves

11 Teaching Difficult Points: How to improve the students’ oral English and their ability of expressing themselves Enlarge their sports knowledge as more as possible

12 Teaching Methods: Individual, pair or group work to train the students’ speaking ability Listening-and-answering activity to help the students to improve their listening ability

13 Teaching Procedures:

14 Step1 Greeting and Warming up T: Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone! S:Good morning/afternoon/evening, teacher! T: Today is ---, who is on duty today? S: I am. T: well, is everyone here today? S: Yes, Sir/ Madame T: Thank you! By the way, would you like to sing us a song? S: Yes, I would like to. T: Beautiful song and beautiful voice! Sit down, please! Thank you.

15 Step2 Revision Before the beginning of our class, let us review what we have learned last time together. Today we just review two points: First one is grammar, The Present Perfect Passive Voice. The construction is “have or has plus been pus done”. For example, Many computers have been bought by our school. Second one is a phrase: it is “make a decision”. Such similar structure phrases we learned are: make a plan for, make a study of, make a suggestion, make a mistake or make mistakes.

16 Step3 Free Talk and Leading in Well, after revision, now I am going to give you a proverb as usual. It is “One apple a day keeps doctors away.” How to translate it into Chinese? I will ask one student to do it.Ok, thank you. From this proverb, we know that the diet is very important to our health. In fact, not only the diet but also sports are very important to our health. Today, let us study our new unit, unit 10,sports.Now, learn the unit words first.OK, open the book and turn to page 164,listen to me carefully and pay attention to my pronunciation. If you find I made mistakes, just point them out.

17 Step 4 New Words and Phrases Now, the first word we learned is “compete”. It means try to win something by defeating others who are trying to do the same. We have phrases with this word, such as: compete in, compete with or against somebody for something. For example, Jim competed in basketball game yesterday. With the latter, we can make sentence, Jim competed with his classmates for basketball game yesterday. Now, I would like to ask someone to make sentences with compete in and compete with or against somebody for something.

18 Next, we will learn the phrase “have sports” together. It means to do sports, to do some activities to build our body. Here we have many similar phrases with “have”, such as follows: have breakfast, have lunch, have supper, also have a text, have a match, have cold, have a fever, have a cough.

19 OK, everyone, do you know the difference between the words “ sport ” and “ game ”, “ sports ” and “ games ” ? It does not matter. Let ’ s learn them altogether. A sport is an outside activity: there are no winners and losers. You just do it, enjoy your time, it is OK. But when we talk about game, there must to be winners.

20 Sports and games are also different. Sports are smaller games, and games are larger sports. So we can say: school sports, the Olympic Games, the Asian Games. OK, we just learn so much words and phrases. Read the unit words quickly, give you three minutes and then, we ’ ll listen to the tape. Please put you heart on it.

21 Step5 Listen to the text

22 Listen to the text, lesson 37, and please put your heart on it. After the listening, I will ask some students to point out the topic of this dialogue and express your understanding about it or the important points you think. Now listen to the tape carefully.

23 Step 6 Text

24 After listening, we begin to study our dialogue. In our dialogue, there are many useful and important phrases, such as: prefer to, be good at. Let ’ s learn them one by one. First one is “ refer ---to--- ”, it means “ like something better ”. Who can use it to make sentences, any volunteer?

25 Second one is “ be good at ”, it means “ can do something very well ”. It has two phrases, these are be good at something, be good at doing something. For example, Jim is good at basketball: we can also say “ Jim is good at playing basketball ”. They are different forms, but they have the same meaning. Such similar phrases with “ be good ” are “ be good for something ”, “ be good to somebody ”. For examples, sports are often good for our health; the teacher is good to us.

26 Step 7 Summaries and Homework

27 OK, everyone, look at the blackboard, what we have learned today are on it. The important points are be good at, be good to, the difference of sport and game, sports and games, the phrases with “ make ”, the verb “ compete ”.

28 Until now we have learned them by listening and speaking. I hope all of you have learned the words, the important phrases and the text. I also hope you have more exercises to speak, listen and read after class. OK, the class is over. Our homework is to write a composition about sports. You can just describe one sport thoroughly, or many sports briefly. I will check it next class.

29 Well, the class is over. Thanks for your listening and see you next time.

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