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TD-SCDMA Standard Evolution and Industry Development

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1 TD-SCDMA Standard Evolution and Industry Development
DOCUMENT #: GSC13-PLEN-42 FOR: Presentation or Information SOURCE: CCSA AGENDA ITEM: Plenary; 6.1 CONTACT(S): TD-SCDMA Standard Evolution and Industry Development CCSA GSC#13 July14-17 Boston US Submission Date: July 1, 2008

2 Highlight of Current Activities (1)
Continue standard evolution in 3GPP The first version of Long Term Evolution (LTE) has been published by 3GPP in Rel8 at the end of 2007, TD-LTE is a part of 3GPP LTE(LTE TDD Mode). In parallel, work on LCR TDD HSPA+ is also an ongoing work item in 3GPP Rel8 and will be finished soon. CPC, CELL_FACH enhancement, HOM, MIMO are included in this study. Working closely with globe partners in 3GPP. Continue standard evolution in CCSA The TD-SCDMA Industry Standard Phase 3 is working in CCSA TC5 WG9 from the end of HSUPA and MBSFN will be included in this version. TD-MBMS has been finished at early 2008.

3 Highlight of Current Activities (2)
In 2007, the expanded large-scale TD-SCDMA trial was kicked off in 10 cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. (See slide 11-12) Currently, network building as been finished and enter network optimized phase. On Apr 1, 2008, TD-SCDMA socialization traffic trial and pre-commercial was formal started up by China Mobile. International Cooperation was made between China and Korea. (See slide 13-15).

4 Strategic Direction TD-SCDMA Standard evolution Phase 1 Phase 2
Base on CDMA Base on OFDM Basic Version Enhanced version LTE Version 4G version 3GPP(R5/6/7) TD-HSPA TD-MBMS TD-HSPA+ 3GPP(R4) TD-SCDMA 3GPP(R8/9) TD-LTE 3GPP(R10/R11?) LTE-Adv 2011-?

5 Challenges An expanded large-scale TD-SCDMA network is expected.
TD-SCDMA terminal development falls behind network development. Much more international cooperation in marketing is expected.

6 Next Steps/Actions Complete CCSA TD-SCDMA industry standard Phase 3(HSUPA & MBSFN) . Continue HSPA+ work in 3GPP and CCSA. Complete TD-LTE work in 3GPP R8. Initiation of TD-LTE work in 3GPP R9. Initiation of LTE-Adv study in 3GPP and prepare for ITU-R IMT-Adv. TD-SCDMA service will be provided at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Continue to work cooperatively with external organizations.

7 Proposed Resolution [optional]

8 Supplemental Slides

9 TD-SCDMA Industry Development in China
NEW MOBILE LIFE expanded large-scale TD-SCDMA trial in 2007 large-scale TD-SCDMA trial in 2006 Industry chain formed in 2004 Technical certification programs in 2002 Established standards and improved it in 2000

10 TD-SCDMA Industry Development in China
Terminal TD/GSM (Manual) N-carrier HSDPA SC Data Card HSDPA Handset MBMS TD/GSM(AR) TD/GSM(HO) HSUPA HSPA+ 2006 2H 2007 1H 2007 2H 2008 2009 2010 2011 RRU N -carrier HSDPA SC HSDPA MC HSUPA HSPA+ TD-LTE Network

11 10-City Large-scale TD-SCDMA Trial in China
In 2007, the expanded large-scale TD-SCDMA trial was kicked off in 10 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. China Mobile, the major operator of the trial is deploying 14,000 base stations (BS) in 8 cities. China Telecom and China Netcom are expanding the trial in Baoding (240 BS) and Qingdao (413 BS). Shenyang Beijing Qinhuangdao Baoding Tianjin Qingdao Shanghai Guangzhou Xiamen Shenzhen

12 TD-SCDMA Trial – Shanghai Mobile
1,366 units of outdoor macro BS, 1,100 units of indoor distributed system and 15,599 carriers Subscriber scale: 1 million phone users and 660,000 data card users Coverage: 1,153 km² Red area (dense urban and urban area) uses DTMobile solution for coverage. Blue area (suburban area and traffic lines) uses Fiberhome solution for coverage. Cell sites in suburbs of Shanghai

13 International Cooperation
DTMobile provides Trial in ROK TD-SCDMA end-to-end total solution Engineering services such as network planning, optimization, training and technical consulting Equipment: RNC, OMC-R, BS with remote BBU, BS with RRS and micro BS Services supported Local voice Long-distance voice Local VP Long-distance VP Mobile VOD Mobile Live TV Datacard VOD Datacard Live TV On Feb. 25, 2007, the first TD call in Korea was completed successfully via the trial network . On Apr. 5, the trial network was fully completed.

14 International Cooperation
DTM8110 During the journey of Chinese President Wenjiabo in Korea in Apr 2007, he visited the TD-SCDMA cooperation project of Korea and China in SK telecom. The first TD-SCDMA international video call was made in the world by president wenjiabo and Minister Wang of MII.

15 International Cooperation
During the journey of Korean President Lee Myung Bak in China in May 2008, he visited the TD-SCDMA cooperation project of SK and Datangmobile. The first inter-system of TD-SCDMA and CDMA2000 international video call was made in the world.

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