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-1- 1 Paolo Gemma / Yong-Woon KIM Green data centers.

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1 -1- 1 Paolo Gemma / Yong-Woon KIM Green data centers

2 -2- 2 Contents Best practices for green data centers Problem statements WP3/5 related activities III

3 -3- 3 Problem statements I I

4 -4- Broadband IPTV Smart Grid Network … … … Data center works as a Hub and information resources are being concentrated on the data center. Servers Storage Infra Security … …... Energy Internet Portal GameTelecom DC Roles of data centers e-Government public service banking

5 -5- Ventilation Server farms Batteries UPS KT Views of data center

6 -6- 2 times per 5 years Power consumption: CAGR 45% 73 data centers (36 providers) Expansion of data centers in KoreaWorld data center power consumption Equal to energy consumption of all households of 1.1 million population of a city (1,260 GWh) 2% of world power consumption, equal to energy consumption of world air flights 100 billion KWh estimated in 2011 (equal to that of Paris for 16 years) Data centers and power consumption 530 GWh 730 GWh 1,120 GWh

7 -7- 2,500 in 74 countries 73 data centers in Korea Status of data centers in the world and Korea Public sector (9) Economy sector (9) Private sector (25) Service providers (30)

8 -8- 8 Critical issues in DC: cooling and power consumption Space shortage in DC estimated due to fast increasing servers and storages Cost of power and cooling will be increased in 4 years by 47%. It will take 71% of installation cost of new servers. Space shortage in DC estimated due to fast increasing servers and storages Cost of power and cooling will be increased in 4 years by 47%. It will take 71% of installation cost of new servers. $0 $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 1997 1998 1999 20002001 2002 2003 20042005 2006 2007200820092010 Installed Base (M Units) Spending (US$B) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 1996 Power and cooling costs x8 Server mgmt and admin costs x4 New server spending SOURCE: IDC, Worldwide Server Power and Cooling Expense 2006-2010, Document #203598, Sept. 2006 Heat load per space for H/W American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air conditioning Engineers committee

9 -9- 9 Energy efficiency improvement in data centers Source: IBM Estimates for $50M data center Case study : 1,851 m 2 data center in US Cumulative cost of data center operations 75% of operation cost related to power consumption Green data center: 35% of cost savings compared to existing and non-green data center Cumulative Cost of Operations ($Millions) Energy Cost Staffing Bldg. Maint. & Mgmt. R E Tax Green DC (PUE=1.5)

10 -10- 10 Energy efficiency is a critical issue at data centers * Source: IBM engineering estimates, 2008 Ventilation facilities, 20% Contingency 9% General Contractor Fee 8% Architect / Engineer 5% Commissioning 2% Fit-Up Costs 9% Building maintenance 4% Cost of ventilation-relevant facilities Cooling Plant 72% Raised Floor Cooling 28% Cost of power-relevant facilities Generator 45% UPS 27% Power Distribution 28% Power facilities, 36% Shell 7% Total cost of data center establishment 60% of total establishment cost of data center is caused by energy- relevant facilities.

11 -11- 11 What are future issues which will be raised in 2 years? Source: Bathwick Energy Efficiency Benchmark Tool Survey result for data center experts

12 -12- 12 Best practices for green data centers II

13 -13- 13 Keywords of Green Data center Energy efficiency Modularity & Scalability Ecology and Sustainability

14 -14- 14 How to make Green Data Center Source: HP Green Datacenter service/solution 1. Downsize, Reuse and Recycle 2. Avoid over-specification for equipment 3. Minimize energy consumption 4. Consider energy efficiency in building design 5. Use integration and virtualization

15 -15- 15 Green Datacenter Transformation Source: HP Green Datacenter service/solution Storage Pool Network Pool Compute Pool Virtualisation/ Utility Standardisation/ Automation Application Rationalization Consolidation

16 -16- 16 Best practices for green data centers Sharing of physical resources via virtualization Downsize of installation space Virtualization Integration of storages into a pool via virtualization and improvement of its utilization Storage integration Management of hot spots via analysis of power consumption and usage patterns Hot spot management Avoidance of energy leakage by radiation protection Installation of no windows in certain areas Building Energy diagnosis and estimation High efficient UPS Design of scalable UPS load Space savings by use of DC Use of high efficient lightings Power Individual control of lightings Management of peak power Real-time PUE management Management Relocation of equipment by fluid dynamics Inducement of cold air in winter season Cooling

17 -17- 17 Energy savings effect Best practicesSavingsDescription Virtualize servers10 - 40% Consolidation of applications onto fewer servers, typically blade servers Right-size NCPI10 - 30% Using a modular, scalable power and cooling architecture More efficient air conditioner architecture 7 – 15%Row-oriented cooling and shorter air paths Economizer modes of air conditioners 4 – 15% Choosing economizer options-offered air conditioners More efficient floor layout5 – 12% hot-aisle / cold-aisle arrangement with suitable air conditioner locations More efficient power equipment4 – 10% Best-in-class UPS, & light load efficiency rather than full load efficiency Coordinate air conditioners0 – 10% One air conditioner may actually heat while another cools; and One may dehumidify while another humidifies. (1)APC White paper #114 Implementing Energy Efficient Data Centers, 2006 NCPI: network-critical physical infrastructure

18 -18- 18 Energy efficiency improvement for ICT equipment Prospective elements of ICT equipment to improve energy efficiency are CPU, power supply, cooling fan, storage, etc. ElementsGuidance CPU Ÿ Use High performance CPU Ÿ Minimize power consumption during idle time (AMDs PowerNoW!, Intels SpeedStep, and IBMs EnergyScale) Ÿ Change cooling method (use water cooling, and use copper plate rather than steel plate) Ÿ Use multi-core CPU Power supply Ÿ Use energy efficient power supply Cooling fan Ÿ Use variable-speed cooling fan according to heat of server Ÿ Use small number of big cooling fan rather than large number of small cooling fan Ÿ Change internal configuration to improve cooling effects Storage Ÿ Use external disks rather than internal disks Ÿ Use SSD-like memory disks Ÿ Use high capacity and low power disks like SATA

19 -19- 19 WP3/5 related activities III

20 -20- 20 ITU-T SG5 Activities on data center WP3/5 planned a series of recommendations to cover data centers impact. –L.DC Data Center best practices –L.metrinfra Metrics for infrastructure and data cen ter –L.measinfra Measurement method for infrastructur e and Data Center

21 -21- 21 This Recomendation will contains requirements for data center realization as selection of equipment, cooling, powering, and some suggetion to relaize and conduct a data center with reduced impact. L.DC Data Center best practices

22 -22- 22 L.metrinfra Metrics for infrastructure an d data center Recomendation that will contains definition of metrics for data center and telecom infrastructure

23 -23- 23 L.measinfra Measurement method for in frastructure and Data Center Recomendation that will establish measurement methods for the power/energy consumption of Data center and telelecom Infrastructure


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