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1 DOCUMENT #:GSC15-PLEN-32 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:ETSI AGENDA ITEM:PLEN 6.5 CONTACT(S): Rainer Münch, TC TISPAN Lieven Vermaele, JTC BROADCAST Franklin Selgert, TC MCD IPTV in ETSI Presenter: Richard Brennan, Vice-chair TC TISPAN Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15 1

2 Introduction (1) TC TISPAN works as a traditional ETSI Technical Body. The goal of TISPAN for IPTV is to provide solutions for fixed lines operators, and for mobility of the user and switch to different access technologies. ETSI via a specific agreement signed with DVB Project publishes DVB deliverables following approval by JTC Broadcast The goal of the DVB IPTV deliverables is to specify technologies on the interface between a managed IP network and retail receivers, enabling the end user to buy a DVB-IPTV receiver in any shop, take it home, connect it to a broadband network, choose and consume DVB services available over the IP network. DVBs interactive middleware specifications, DVB-MHP and GEM, also include IPTV profiles. 2

3 Introduction (2) TC-Media Content Distribution (MCD) is the ETSI technical body in charge of guiding and coordinating standardization work aiming the successful overall development of multimedia systems (television and communication) responding to the present and future market requests on media content distribution. TC MCD is addressing the domain of interoperability of content distribution and the related services in a converged environment supporting IPTV, Mobile TV and broadcast TV. 3

4 Current Activities - TC TISPAN Content Distribution Network architecture specification IPTV Security study Evolution of protocols for R3 IPTV features to allow attractive, differentiated IPTV services (e.g. Bookmarks, PPV, Playlist features...) 4

5 Current Activities - JTC Broadcast ETSI TS 102 034: DVB; Transport of MPEG 2 TS Based DVB Services over IP Based Networks revised as commercial requirements evolved. New Functionalities in rev. 1.4.1: Support for Remote Management and Firmware Update Services (RMS-FUS) ETSI TS 102 824 Support for Content Download Services for user (pull download) or service provider (push download) initiated download of content items to the Home Network End Device (HNED) Optional retransmission mechanism to provide for protection against packet loss of RTP streams Regionalization metadata to enable a Home Network End Device to acquire the region in which it is located (CellID assignment) ETSI TS 102 905: Technical Specification for DVB Services in the Home Network Phase 1 5

6 Current Activities - TC MCD The following activities are on-going: Standardization work outside ETSI 3D gaming graphics delivery Content Delivery Network EPG distribution Subtitles distribution 6

7 Strategic Directions - TISPAN Evolve IPTV services. Offer solutions for IPTV and CDN for NGN as network choice. Improve Resilience, Scalability and Flexibility of IPTV solutions. 7

8 DVB-CM-IPTV Commercial Roadmap 8 2007 2010 20112009 2008 IPTV Content Security Fast Channel Change Flexible Service Composition Personalized Content Content Delivery & Codecs Personalized Content Commercial work plannedCommercial Requirements Complete Commercial Requirements In Progress Technical Specification In Progress Technical Specification Complete Internet-TV Content Security … Managed IPTV Track Internet-TV Track Hybrid Broadcast Internet Commercial Case CC Internet-TV reuse where possible Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Metadata & Signalling CC Personalized Content Hybrid Broadcast Internet …

9 Strategic Directions - MCD Complement other ETSI activities in the field also from the Content Providers prospective. TC MCD is in contact with other relevant bodies within and outside ETSI, and try to foster a modular and harmonized standardization environment aiming to coordinate efforts and prevent duplication of activities. 9

10 Challenges - TISPAN Is targeted advertising for Broadcast services feasible? IPTV roaming/Interconnection? Remote Access IPTV quality sufficient? How to integrate IPTV "Over-the-top" services? Successful business model? Flexible and Secure IPTV DRM. 10

11 Challenges - JTC Broadcast Industry shift from pure broadcast and pure IPTV systems to hybrid (broadcast/broadband/Internet) systems and pure Internet TV distribution DVB-IPTV solution developed for managed IP networks No commercial deployment fully compliant to DVB-IPTV But many building blocks deployed and referenced by other SDOs e.g.: SD&S and BCG referenced by ETSI-TISPAN, Open IPTV Forum AL-FEC referenced by ITU-T, ATIS-IIF, ETSI-TISPAN, Open IPTV Forum NGN dedicated IPTV subsystem reuses all applicable DVB-IPTV technologies 11

12 Challenges - MCD The changing business model from traditional broadcast to internet/IPTV based distribution The income for the content generators to be secured also in the future Gathering inputs from all parties involved in the new value chain 12

13 Next Steps & Actions - TISPAN Finalisation of TISPAN Release 3 issues. Define the protocols of a CDN Handle urgent challenges impacting business case(s) for IPTV. Studies around NGN as network choice for IPTV, CDN. 13

14 Next Steps & Actions - JTC Broadcast Functionalities completed or under development for a new revision of ETSI TS 102 034 in 2010/2011: Fast Channel Change System Renewability Messages Revision of published specifications, e.g. DVB-IPTV profiles and guidelines documents DVB looking at unmanaged IP networks and hybrid (broadcast/broadband/internet) systems which may lead to new ETSI deliverables. Investigate technology options to deliver DVB type content over the Internet to a large number of CE devices (includes game consoles), PCs or mobile devices Application and services delivered over a hybrid infrastructure. DVB has started to look into a new version of the MHP/GEM for hybrid. 14

15 Next Steps & Actions - MCD Going from the start up to full steam mode. Involve more participation from non traditional standard contributors. MCDs ambition is to consolidate its positioning as an active forum where all players in the value chain can come and contribute. 15

16 Supplemental Slides 16

17 ETSI DVB IPTV Publications (1) ETSI TR 102 033: DVB; Architectural framework for the delivery of DVB-services over IP-based networks v1.1.1 published in April 2002 ETSI TR 102 033 ETSI TS 102 034: DVB; Transport of MPEG-2 TS Based DVB Services over IP Based Networks v1.4.1 published in August 2009 ETSI TS 102 034 ETSI TR 102 542: DVB; Guidelines for the implementation of DVB-IP Phase 1 specifications v1.3.1 published in January 2010 ETSI TR 102 542 ETSI TS 102 539: DVB; Carriage of Broadband Content Guide (BCG) information over Internet Protocol (IP) v1.3.1 published in April 2010 ETSI TS 102 539 17

18 ETSI DVB IPTV Publications (2) ETSI TS 102 826: DVB-IPTV Profiles for TS 102 034 v1.2.1 published in November 2009 ETSI TS 102 826 ETSI TS 102 824: DVB; Remote Management and Firmware Update System for DVB IP Services v1.2.1 published in February 2010 ETSI TS 102 824 ETSI TS 102 905: Technical Specification for DVB Services in the Home Network Phase 1 v1.1.1 published in May 2010 ETSI TS 102 905 18

19 Revision of published DVB specifications in 2010-2011 ETSI TS 102 542: Guidelines for DVB IP Phase 1 Handbook ETSI TS 102 542 ETSI TS 102 826: DVB-IPTV Profiles for TS 102 034 ETSI TS 102 826 ETSI TS 102 034: Transport of MPEG-2 TS Based DVB Services over IP Based Networks ETSI TS 102 034 19

20 ETSI TC MCD publications TC MCD started in January 2009 and have produced 3 deliverables: ETSI TR 102 688-1: Analysis & Requirement areasETSI TR 102 688-1 ETSI TR 102 688-2: Views and needs of Content ProvidersETSI TR 102 688-2 ETSI TR 102 688-3: Regulatory issues, social needs and policy mattersETSI TR 102 688-3 20

21 TISPAN IPTV specifications 21 TS 182 027: IPTV architecture: IPTV functions supported by the IMS subsystem TS 182 028: IPTV architecture: Integrated subsystem for IPTV functions in NGN TS 183 063: IMS-based IPTV stage 3 specification TS 183 064: Integrated IPTV stage 3 specification TS 181 016 : Service Layer Requirements to integrate NGN services and IPTV TS 181 014: Requirements for network transport capabilities to support IPTV services TS 185 009: Architecture and ref. points of a Customer Network Device for IMS based IPTV services TS 184 009: TV URI Guidelines for the identification of TV channels IMS Based IPTV Integrated IPTV TS 185 011: Protocols for Customer Network Devices enabling IPTV IMS based service usage TR 182 010: Peer-to-peer for content delivery for IPTV services: analysis of mechanisms and NGN impacts TS 182 019 Content Delivery Network TR 187 013: Feasibility study on IPTV security architecture TR 182 030: Mapping and interworking with other IPTV systems

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