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International Telecommunication Union Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2 September 2009 Overview of IPTV Standards of ITU Masahito Kawamori NTT IPTV-Global Standards.

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1 International Telecommunication Union Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2 September 2009 Overview of IPTV Standards of ITU Masahito Kawamori NTT IPTV-Global Standards Initiative TSR Coordinator Seminar on ITU-T hot topics for Standardization (Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2 September 2009)

2 International Telecommunication Union 2 Topics Introduction What is IPTV? - Definition of IPTV Why Standardize IPTV? ITU-Ts work on IPTV Characteristics of ITU-T IPTV Liaisons Recommendations H.700 Series for IPTV Services H.701 H.770 H.750 H.721 Conclusion

3 International Telecommunication Union ITU Definition of IPTV Multimedia services, such as Television; Video; Audio; Text; Graphics; Data, delivered over IP based networks managed to provide the required level of QoS/QoE, security, interactivity and reliability. o IPTV is NOT EXCLUSIVELY o Video streaming o Over the Internet o For PC

4 International Telecommunication Union Why standardize IPTV? Lower cost Wider Market Better Quality of Service and Experience More consorted security Open infrastructure Innovation and new services Standardized HTML gave us Web; Standardized IPTV will give a new Internet

5 International Telecommunication Union 5 Pros and Cons of Proprietary STB Solution Pros: More Versatility and Adaptability More Resources and Control on Terminal Easier differentiation Cons More expensive for the Service provider More limited in number (Potential market should be large enough to get volume discount) More control means more responsibility

6 International Telecommunication Union Standard IPTV as Market Driver Standardized IPTV will be as ubiquitous as present-day telephones and FAX machines Standardized IPTV will allow a wide range of selection and variety of terminals in retail market Standardized IPTV will allow low-priced terminals Consumers can choose as they want; Service Differentiation is promoted Standardized IPTV will create a big market not only for conventional content business but also for various related services: e.g. e-health and e- learning 6 It will be the infrastructure that gives a secure, accessible window for Next Gen ICT world

7 International Telecommunication Union ITUs Work on IPTV IPTV considered one of the most important service applications on NGN It is the most salient show case of NGN ITU-T has been spearheading the standardization in IPTV for NGN Focus Group on IPTV (2006-2007) Responding to market demands standard First set of draft on Architecture, QoS, Security, End- Systems and Multimedia Application IPTV Global Standardization Initiative (GSI) (2008-) Coordinating all ITU-Ts IPTV related activities Currently 15 Recommendations approved by 6 Study Groups, Every two to three months 7

8 International Telecommunication Union Characteristics of ITU-T IPTV End-to-End Solution Collaboration with CE and other Vendors Strong representation from Telcos and other Servicers Learning from Broadcasters and other Content Servicers –contributions from DVB Strong Liaisons with other SDOs – architecture and requirements harmonized with ATIS and ETSI Open and Interoperable 8

9 International Telecommunication Union IPTV Services discussed in ITU-T Linear (Channel Service) Broadcast TV Audio services Video On Demand (VOD) Karaoke Gaming E-publishing (e-Books, Newspaper) E-commerce (banking, etc.) E-Learning (distance learning) E-Health (telemedicine) Private and Community Broadcasting (sharing videos) Photo albums (sharing photos with your friends) TV yellow pages Public Services (billboards, disaster Alert, traffic news, etc) … and much more 9

10 International Telecommunication Union IPTV Value Chain ITU-T IPTV Standards cover all IPTV Value Chain Interac t with content Discover and acquire service Content Provisionin g Announce and advertise service Monitor and Manage service Deliver Content End to End Solution

11 International Telecommunication Union ITU-T Liaisons on IPTV 11 o With ATIS-IIF, DVB, ETSI on Service Discovery, Metadata, and other solutions o With W3C on HTML,CSS,DOM,SVG for IPTV o With IETF on Error Recovery and Signaling o With 3GPP on Mobile related matters o With IEC on Terminals, Rights Information Interoperability and Power Consumption o With MPEG on Advanced IPTV Terminal Working closely through Liaisons and joint meetings, To ensure interoperability and quality of standards

12 International Telecommunication Union ITU-T Recommendations for IPTV (Excerpts) 12 Y.1901 IPTV Service Requirements Y.1910 IPTV Functional Arch Y.sup5 IPTV Service use cases G.1080: IPTV QoE G.1081: Performance Monitoring Y.2012: Functional Req & Archi NGN X.1911 Req & arch for IPTV security H.622.1: Req & Arch for IPTV Home NW H.750: Metadata for IPTV Services H.701: Content Error-Recovery for IPTV H.770 : IPTV Service discovery Y.NGN-Cap2: NGN Capability Set 2 Architecture, Requirement, Network Security and Content Protection Quality of Experience Home Network Application and End System Y.sup7 NGN Release 2 Scope Middleware H.730-739 H.IPTV-WBTM Web-based MW H.721: IPTV-Terminal (Basic) IPTV Terminal H.720-729 H.IPTV-TDES.3: Embedded PC H.IPTV-TDES.4: Mobile Event handling H.740-749 H.IPTV-AEH AP Event handling H.IPTV-AM Audience Measurement H.IPTV-ProComp: Profiles and Compliance H.760: Multimedia App Framework for IPTV Multimedia App. Framework H.760-769 HTML, CSS,DOM SVG ECMAScript Lua

13 International Telecommunication Union H.700 Series: Multimedia for IPTV A new series of Recommendations for IPTV Multimedia Services and applications for IPTV Consists of the following subseries: H.700-H.719 (General aspects) H.720-H.729 (IPTV Terminal Devices) H.730-H.739 (IPTV Middleware) H.740-H.749 (IPTV Application Event Handling) H.750-H.759 (IPTV Metadata) [H.750] H.IPTV-MD Metadata for IPTV H.760-H.769 (IPTV Multimedia Application Framework) H.770 –H.779 (IPTV Service Discovery) Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2 September 2009 13

14 International Telecommunication Union H.701: Error Recovery A method to guarantee the quality of service Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Retransmission, two well-known methods, are covered. Retransmission is a way in which to request lost packets to be retransmitted when a packet-loss is detected at the receiving end. FEC is a way to send redundant data with the content so that the receiving side can retrieve information even when there is a packet loss. Harmonized with ETSI and IETF (COP3 and Raptor) Defining Syntax and Configuration Protocols for FEC

15 International Telecommunication Union H.770: IPTV Service Discovery General Framework for discovering and selecting service providers and services Allows user to enjoy various services and service providers easily Must-have for open, managed platform 15 Service description provider Service Provider A Service description provider Service Provider B Network Service A or B IPTV Service provider description provider After choosing SP, user can choose services offered by the SP, e.g. VOD, Channel service, Karaoke, etc. and then acquire specific content

16 International Telecommunication Union ITU-T H.750 - Metadata for IPTV Metadata: Structured, encoded data that describe characteristics of information-bearing entities to aid in the identification, discovery, assessment, and management of the described entities H.750 Covers Discovery, Transport and Delivery of Metadata IPTV Service and Content Metadata User metadata Metadata for Content Provisioning and Management Rights and Security related Metadata for IPTV Metadata for Public Interest Services Content Metadata based on TV-Anytime (ETSI TS 102 822-3) and is harmonized with ATIS-IIF and DVB Broadband Content Guide 16

17 International Telecommunication Union H.721: IPTV Basic Terminal Defines a Terminal supporting VoD and Linear TV, and interactive services. Targeted at resource limited, embedded terminal, like TV sets, as well as STB Managed network model (agnostic as to IMS) – SIP-aware Home Gateway friendly Network attachment and Service Discovery compliant with ITU-T H.770. FEC for Error Recovery, compliant with ITU-T H.701 Many inputs from ARIB, ATIS, and DVB. Implementation already done Interoperability Event expected in 2009 17

18 International Telecommunication Union Conclusion ITU-T IPTV End-to-End Solution Consorted efforts of CE and ICT vendors, and Service Providers such as Telcos and Broadcasters Open and Interoperable H.700 series is the standard for IPTV Multimedia Application in ITU A wide range of work on-going Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2 September 2009 18

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