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Smart Village Egypt, November 2010 Ministry Of Communications and Information Technology Egypts Green ICT Strategy; The Experience of an Emerging Knowledge.

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1 Smart Village Egypt, November 2010 Ministry Of Communications and Information Technology Egypts Green ICT Strategy; The Experience of an Emerging Knowledge Economy

2 Egypts Green ICT Strategy Objectives Setting agreed upon transparent national policies for Green ICT. Linking ICT, the Environment, policy makers/ experts and stakeholders. Engaging the public and raising consumers awareness about ICT & Environment, threats and opportunities. Building capacities and cadres in the Green ICT field. Maximizing the diffusion of Green ICT solutions among promising sectors and using Green ICT for mitigating climate change.

3 Egypts Green ICT action plan Pillars Adopting a multi-stakeholder approach to address various green ICT challenges, Green ICT working group. Leveraging existing capabilities, working for and with the community to raise awareness and form cadres in the area of Green ICT, comprehensive campaigns. Life Cycle management of ICT Resources, Special focus on e-waste. Seeking ICT solutions for a sustainable future, The transport sector and the Smart Villages.

4 1- Egypt Green-ICT Strategy : A Multi-stakeholder Approach

5 2.Leveraging Existing Efforts and Working with the Community on Awareness Raising Establishing a Virtual Green ICT Community of Expertise (CoE) in Arabic. Organizing tailored workshops/sessions/and forums targeting Government bodies, Business community, the Public and the NGOs. Generating Green ICT content; Publishing Guide books, pamphlets and studies. Organizing summer camps.

6 2.1 Workshops, Sessions, and Forums on Green ICT The 5 th ITU Symposium on ICT& Climate Change 2010 – Egypt

7 2.2 Connect Green Day In partnership with Microsoft In celebration of the World Environment Day on June 7th, 2010 The Event targeted NGOs to raise the awareness about the energy efficiency and environment friendly ICT solutions.

8 2.3 The Academias Awareness Campaign in Partnership with Oracle Establishing the students Environment working group in 5 Universities. Organizing workshops and seminars on Green ICT and e- waste management. Directing students to the right channels of different Green ICT partners/NGOs in order to help them accomplish their different environmental objectives. Annual evaluation of the 5 universities environmental performance.

9 2.4 Guide booklets Green IT in daily life

10 2.5 The One Million Acts of Green in Partnership with Cisco The One Million Acts of Green is a nationwide initiative that asks individuals to form a community, record their acts of green, and share their ideas to encourage others. It shows the power of people coming together and working toward meaningful goalsthe power of ICT.

11 2.6 Developing Green ICT skills & Forming Local Cadres Availing e-learning training courses on Green ICT & e- waste management. Developing Green ICT training programs in different universities. Developing a Green ICT academic program in partnership with Nile University; including a Masters Degree (interdisciplinary).

12 2.7 E-Learning Courses in Partnership with CEDARE

13 3. Life Cycle Sustainable Management of ICT Resources Setting up Green conditions and specifications in the public procurement of ICT goods, in line with global trends. Compiling instruction booklets on ICT and ECO- Friendly usage. Encouraging R&D in design and manufacturing of Green ICT products and in using Green ICT as catalyst for mitigation in other sectors. Creating an E-waste Sustainable Management Program.

14 3.1 Regional Cloud Computing Innovation Center In partnership with Microsoft & CoE in Water Management with IBM Remove entry barriers for leading edge technology solutions. Provide the infrastructure for building and testing cloud applications Provide a community of experts and training for sustainable innovation. Facilitate cooperation with industry experts from around the world to drive innovative thinking and solutions

15 3.2 e-waste Sustainable Management Program Conducting e-Waste assessment report that covers Greater Cairo. Implementing a program for raising community awareness about e-Waste threats and opportunities. Supporting the participation of IT companies and institutions to start the implementation of pilot projects for e-Waste Management in the 6th of October city. Participating in proposing legislations and regulations to support the national management of e-Waste.

16 3.3 Awareness and Training Program in partnership with Mobinil Raising the level of awareness and addressing different categories and age brackets through various channels: 1. e-Waste learning center for garbage collectors community 2. Educational articles and school activities.

17 3.4 Alexandrias Schools Battery Collection Project in Partnership with Mobinil School awareness session Trading batteries for tree shrubs El Nasseria hazardous waste dump Project Objectives - Raise awareness on hazardous waste and safe dumping methods. - Establish collaboration between community, government and businesses. Statistics - Number of participating schools: 63 in 5 city districts. - Collected 1800 KG of dry cells and mobile batteries.

18 3.5 Sustained Consumption in Partnership with Mobinil Egyptian e-waste company

19 3.6 REVIVE Program in Partnership with Microsoft

20 3.7 E-Market for E-waste in partnership with CEDARE - UNEP

21 4. ICT solutions For a Sustainable Future Program Adopting Environment-friendly & smart energy efficient ICT solutions, starting with the transport sector. Applying Green Architecture foundations and requirement in the Maadi technological Area. Turning the MCIT premises to be LEED Certified. Establishing pilot projects for Green and smart ICT applications in the Smart Villages. Supporting the Ministry of State for Environment Affairs (MSEA) in establishing a Climate Change database Center.

22 Smart Village Egypt

23 Smart Villages Company Proudly Serves

24 Smart Village Egypt The Green Business Park Sustainable Business Development where Economy, Environment and Social Responsibility work in Harmony with Engagement of SV Business Community

25 Smart Village Egypt Green Business Park Activities 1 Energy Conservation Outdoor & Indoor Lighting (LED) Program Renewable Energy (Solar Systems for Street Lighting and Solar Panels Roofing for Car-Parking Lots), and Future Prospect in Wind Energy Cooperation with Renewable Energy Authority Utilization of ICT systems inside buildings (detection, control & BMS) 2 Air Quality (Outdoor & Indoor) SVC / EEAA testing & assessment of outdoor air quality study Indoor air quality assessment & improvement investigations 3 Water & Wastewater Management Water Conservation Assessment Program Wastewater Recovery & Utilization Assessment Irrigation with raw water & Use of Automated systems for water conservation

26 4 Solid Waste Management Waste Source-Segregation Program Waste Paper Recycling Coordinated with NGOs Printing Cartridges recycling assessment 5 Green Buildings & Green Park Qualification SVC / HBRC Cooperation Protocol / Green Certification Program SVC Support for establishing the Egyptian Green Buildings Council 6 Landscape Development & Maintenance SVC vision on Buildings / green areas Ration (10% / 90%) Irrigation with raw water using automated systems for water conservation Maximize Daylight Penetration Less Population = Less Pollution = Less harmful emissions Smart Village Egypt Green Business Park Activities

27 Smart Village Egypt Air Quality, the Well-Being Advantage

28 Challenges Setting up and validating indicators, collecting data for measuring, reporting and verification of results to positively mitigate climate change. Boosting R&D in Green ICT; especially at the production level and encouraging Green ICT entrepreneurs. Training Green ICT professionals to be catalysts for other sectors. Inducing sectors demand for professionals in promising Green ICT/smart applications. Creating Green ICT solutions that are cost effective. Identifying eligible ICT projects for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Expanding existing efforts in Green ICT.


30 4.1 Energy Efficiency Solutions in Partnership with Microsoft Energy Efficiency improvement in the operating system. Providing energy saving tools to customers. Best practices, technical guidance and providing Emissions Accounting and Management Tools IT can help measure carbon footprint, track progress against carbon reduction goals. Information enables consumers to consider carbon footprint when choosing products and services.

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