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2/22/2014 1 Number to Name Authentication Illuminet SGA Ad-Hoc ENUM Meeting.

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1 2/22/2014 1 Number to Name Authentication Illuminet SGA Ad-Hoc ENUM Meeting

2 2/22/2014 2 PROBLEM How does a TIER II provider know that the End User has rights to a given phone number? How is fraud prevented? How is number hijacking deterred?

3 2/22/2014 3 About Illuminet Who is Illuminet? äNational SS7 provider for: –Line Information Database (LIDB) management & administration –Calling Card Services –Message distribution and settlements – Calling Name Delivery –800 Database Service –AMAT7/CDR7 (SS7 billing and measurement solution) –ISUP & TCAP messaging –Cellular seamless roaming

4 2/22/2014 4 The Illuminet Solution After researching the data sources and possible protocols of all the databases Illuminet has access to, LIDB is a clear solution for number to name authentication. LIDB (Line Information Database) äPositive database –Contains only working numbers äAlmost all working numbers are stored in LIDB äLIDB data sets are: –Telephone Number –Class of Service –Generic Name –Calling Name –Some LIDBs contain: address and Zip Code

5 2/22/2014 5 The Illuminet Solution äLIDB platforms are: –geographically dispersed –fault tolerant –real time databases. äLIDBs are built to be fast. They are designed to supply information during call processing. äThe administrators/owners (Telephone companies) of the data housed in LIDB keep the data accurate because it lessens their exposure to fraud and if the data isnt accurate their subscribers ability to make calls can be impacted. äStandards have been set for query and response formats. äThey can be accessed via ILLUMINET via IP.

6 2/22/2014 6 The Illuminet Solution How to access the information in LIDB äUse a TCAP query called GetData –Telcordia GR2838 Percentage of LIDBs with GetData capability 70-75 percent. äCompanies that do not have GetData today are looking for business case justifications to deploy it äENUM could be the driver äExpect 100 percent coverage Illuminets Network is connected to all LIDB databases

7 2/22/2014 7 The Illuminet Solution ENUM TALI LIDBs IP GetData query format STP ILLUMINET SS7

8 2/22/2014 8 Solution Check List Number to Name Authentication can be done Fraud prevention and reduction can be achieved Number hijacking deterrent

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