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Evolution of Optical Fibre Types and Cables

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1 Evolution of Optical Fibre Types and Cables
Jim Matthews III Corning Incorporated

2 Optical Fiber & Cable ITU-T SG15/Question 15: G
Optical Fiber & Cable ITU-T SG15/Question 15: G.650 Series Recommendations G.650 Definition and test methods for the relevant parameters of single-mode fibres G.651 Characteristics of a 50/125 µm multimode graded index optical fibre cable G.652 Characteristics of a single-mode optical fibre cable G.653 Characteristics of a dispersion-shifted single-mode optical fiber cable G.654 Characteristics of a cut-off shifted single-mode optical fibre cable G.655 Characteristics of a non-zero dispersion shifted single-mode optical fibre cable G.scl Characteristics of a fibre and cable with non-zero dispersion for broadband optical transport

3 Current Optical Fiber & Cable Activities (SG15)
The Recommendation on SM Test Methods was subdivided into three smaller Recommendations: G Definitions and test methods for linear, deterministic attributes (consented) G Definitions and test methods for statistical and non-linear attributes (consented) G Test methods for installed single-mode links (under discussion) 40 GB/s applications facilitate PMD Discussions PMDQ values Correspondence Group New fiber type - Draft Recommendation G.scl Non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber that would operate in the S, C, and L bands Correspondence Group preparing a draft for the next mtg.

4 ITU-T Study Group 6 Outside Plant
1/6 Environmental issues of telecommunication plant 2/6 Fire safety of telecommunication installations 3/6 Copper networks for shared multi- services in one multi-pair cable 4/6 Infrastructure and installation considerations for cables and equipment 5/6 Optical fibre cable network maintenance 6/6 Installation of underground telecommunication cables in small trenches 7/6 Joint closures, termination and distribution frames, outdoor enclosures and passive components 8/6 Optical fibre cable construction 9/6 Construction of optical networks in the access area 10/6 Marinized Terrestrial Cables as defined in ITU-T Recommendation G.972

5 Current Activities - SG6 Outside Plant
Focal point for global standards on Outside Plant Access, metropolitan and inter-office (long-haul, core) and MTCs Installation, protection, maintenance of optical and other transport networks, systems and equipment Installation, protection and maintenance of cables, equipment and accessories for access and long distance networks for new services Impact of the infrastructure on the environment Handbooks Revisions of L-Series Recommendations

6 New Collaboration Trial
New Discussion Group in SG 6 ( exploder) Participating groups: ITU-T SG6 IEC SC 86A Optical Fibres and Cables IEC SC 86B Optical Interconnecting Devices and Passive Components IEC SC 46C Wires and Symmetric Cables Objectives: Identify the areas of common interest Identify desired ways of cooperation and timescales Cooperation and planning of future work

7 Conclusions New Fibre Types New Fibre and Cable Specifications
Broad range of applications S, C, and L Bands New Fibre and Cable Specifications Polarization Mode Dispersion, Chromatic Dispersion….. New Requirements and Techniques for Outside Plant Installation, environmental, operational…. New Working Methods and Collaboration Efficiency, Speed, and Relevance

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