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Parent Middle School Technology Meeting WEDNESDAY, 9/9/2015.

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1 Parent Middle School Technology Meeting WEDNESDAY, 9/9/2015

2 iPads Best Practices ◦Swipe Up to close all apps after a double click on Home Button ◦Hard Reset – Hold Home and Power Button until the iPad turns off and the Apple appears ◦iPad will not turn on? ◦Charge it ◦Hold down both power and home button ◦Keep updates current ◦Keep the iPad charged Need Help? ◦Check with the teacher ◦Check with the IT Staff ◦Email

3 Canvas “General Canvas” is a non-graded class that all students in grades 6-8 are a member ◦Calendar ◦Books ◦Announcements ◦Discussions You may login as a parent (see directions)

4 How to login to Canvas as a Parent Parents interested in observing your student’s Canvas account 1.Go to on a computer. Much easier on a computer. (Many mobile devices do not allow this setup feature) 2.You will see a box for parents to sign up (see below) 3.Enter the information and click start participating (You will need your students Canvas username and password to set this up). 4.Canvas will send an email to you allowing you to set your own password. You will have to set a password before Canvas will let you log back in even though you can participate at registration. 5.You are now an observer in their classes. You can access grades, assignments in the calendar as well as teacher feedback. Continued...

5 Continued 6.If you need to add more than one student, click on your personal account settings. Open “Observing” link at the bottom. 7.username and password of next student and click “Add Student”. Continue this process for all of your students. I suggest on the calendar, you color coordinate each students classes (assign 1 color to student#1, a second color to student#2, etc). 8.This makes it easier to track what assignments are due daily for multiple students in one household.

6 Canvas Problems  Go to the teacher first  Try again  Check and Sync the Calendar  Cannot login? Send an email to I will reset the  Tip – If you are taking an electronic test:  Fill in or short answer  Answers are case sensitive  Restrictions will prevent you from taking an online quiz or test.

7 Books Adobe format Large files Three ways: ◦MDM ◦“General Canvas” ◦Share from Google Drive

8 Canvas – How to Submit Assignments  From Canvas Help From Canvas Help  Follow the steps carefully  Check and see if it is submitted  Assignment Submission Tip – Do not close the App before you get confirmation.  Assignments are often submitted from Notability

9 ParentPortal Here is the link: Be sure to send an email if you need a login to The Portal will have information not on Canvas: ◦Report Cards ◦Attendance ◦Other general announcements Students will have a Portal Account Soon

10 Web Site Has additional information: ◦Calendar ◦Sports ◦Latest News ◦Important Links

11 Calendars Are located on the following: ◦Web Site ◦Portal ◦Canvas

12 Facebook and Twitter School has both accounts – Social Media for parents, friends, and former students Facebook - 924 Likes and 1165 Visits – Be sure to “like” us and “visit” often. Twitter - (14) - Please follow us!

13 Additional Help We can help tonight with the following: ◦Login issues ◦Assignments ◦iPads ◦Portals Online Help ◦Web site ◦Email ◦Canvas Discussions

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