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Emirates Telecommunications Corporation Emirates Internet Exchange EMIX.

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1 Emirates Telecommunications Corporation Emirates Internet Exchange EMIX

2 Hassan M. AL Abdouli Marketing Manager Emirates Internet Exchange - EMIX Presented by

3 AGENDA ETISALAT Fiber Optic Connection via UAE ETISALAT available Earth Stations Emirates Internet Exchange - EMIX

4 Etisalat Cable connection Oman Fiber Optic Cable Iran Fiber Optic Cable Saudi A. Fiber Optic Cable FOG Fiber Optic Cable FLAG Fiber Optic Cable SMW3 Fiber Optic Cable Etisalat has invested in the following International mega projects:

5 FOG Cable The FIRST SUBMARINE CABLE in the Gulf linking GCC countries

6 FLAG Cable Connecting Europe to South Asia via middle East

7 SMW-3 Cable Connecting Europe to South Asia via middle East with more landing points

8 ETISALAT EARTH STATIONS EMIX UAE Node Intelsat Arabsat Thaicom 3Asiasat Panamsat Eurostar Insat Apstar IIR

9 Commercially Launched September 1998

10 EMIX - Mission To become the Regional hub providing all Neighboring Countries with access to the Internet via Fiber Optic at competitive prices

11 Reasons for EMIX Most of the Regional ISP s are connected to USA Cable is favored over satellite because Some Regional ISP s are connected via satellite All E-mail and Web traffic are routed via US. d. Delay in Cable ~ 200 MS c. Satellites are affected by Radar Interference b. Satellite links are erroneous resulting in retransmissions. a. Delay in Satellite ~ 600 MS

12 Benefits of EMIX Supporting BGP-4 routing Keep Regional Internet traffic within the Region such as E-mail, Telnet, Web Site and all other Internet traffic Develop regional content Direct connection to NAP in USA Diverse Suite of Services (Symmetric, Asymmetric and Simplex) Ability to utilize different Satellite provider to connect Indian ISPs via EMIX.

13 Benefits of EMIX Shorter Provisioning period Competitive pricing Quicker response times 24 hours and 7 days a week customer support Ability to utilize FLAG or SMW-3 to connect ISP via EMIX

14 EMIX Services Simplex EMIX offers the following services to suit your needs: Asymmetric Symmetric Incoming bandwidth is equal to Outgoing bandwidth Incoming bandwidth is more than Outgoing bandwidth Incoming bandwidth only

15 EMIX Connection Cable Etisalat can provide the service via Satellite Full circuit Half circuit

16 Network Operation Center Located in UAE - Dubai a. Bugs b. Download software c. Report Problem In-band and Out-of-Band NMS Technical Support by highly trained Staff Assist you getting your own IP addresses Smart-Net Support 24 x 7 manned, Assist you to configure your own Network Cisco Network Support Agreement

17 EMIRATES INTERNET EXCHANGE NETWORK TOPOLOGY GENUITY STM-1 (155 Mbps) EMIX UAE Node EMIX New York Node UUNET FLAG Cable EMIX Customers TELEGLOBE Peering New York IIE 100 Mbps Netplus Hong Kong FLAG Cable PC-1 cable Peering Singtel Peering Malaysia Peering Taiwan AC-1 Cable FLAG California FLAG UK STM-1 (155 Mbps) FLAG Cable DS-3 DS-3DS-3 (45 Mbps)(45 Mbps)(45 Mbps) STM-1 (155 Mbps) STM-1 (155 Mbps)

18 EMIX FUTURE TOTAL BANDWIDTH (Qtr 1 of 2002) 155 Mbps UK EMIX UAE Node EMIX New York Node SMW-3 Cable 155 Mbps Japan 155 Mbps UK FLAG Cable EMIX California Node EMIX Europe Node FLAG PC-1 AC-1 Cable 155 Mbps Japan

19 Kuwait QualityNet Kuwait GulfNet Qatar Q-tel Pakistan PTCL Zanzibar Zantel Iran Kish Trading Sudan Sudatel Somalia BTelco Peering Singtel Exchange Teleport service Thaicom Peering Taiwan Gate EMIX Customers EMIX UAE Node OmanTel Peering Telekom Malaysia

20 Http// Tele971 2 6184 784 Mbl 971 50 6627 181 Fax971 2 6336 700 EMIX Contact address


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