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PoA for CFL lighting (using AMS-II.C.) A Case Study - Cuidemos Mexico May 2011.

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1 PoA for CFL lighting (using AMS-II.C.) A Case Study - Cuidemos Mexico May 2011

2 Project Overview – Cuidemos Mexico Distribution of up to 4 CFLs for free per household Gold Standard CERs Partners include Cool nrg, Standard Bank, Eneco, ING and local retailers Comex and Coppel Supported my Mexican Government Positive impacts of 45m CFL campaign –Reduction of 11.25m t CO 2 –Households save US $247m p.a –Mexican Government saves $300m p.a in electricity subsidies PoA registered: July 09 CPA 1 completed in Puebla in Nov 2009 – 1 million CFLs Issuance request: Apr 11

3 Programmatic CDM DOE Relationship Stakeholder Consultations Specific Methodological Requirements Financing Post 2012 Uncertainty Secretariat Communication Validation/Verification Timeframes UNFCCC Documentation / Process Requirements Policy Certainty Innovative Finance & Projects Integrated Response Elements of Success for Programmatic CDM

4 Lack of processes inhibiting PoAs Our experience was there was no way to: Upload a monitoring report Upload a final verification report and thereby join the completeness check queue Gain visibility of Issuance process status Update the monitoring plan (note: clarified in EB60) Make the distinction on UNFCCC website between the start date for individual CPAs as opposed to the overall PoA [note: this issue has since been resolved] Financing $20m Travel costs

5 Potential suggestions for addressing this Work on the identified problems Take submissions or propose process where straightforward Define process for new problems as they occur Establish a contact person in case of process issue Agree set number of days that contact person will respond Outline process for how issue will be dealt with

6 PoA rules stricter than SSC rules Project design deviations, start dates Requirements / interpretations or lack of make PoAs expensive, unworkable Additionality: impact of mandatory laws Sampling: guidelines on 90/10 Multi-country: site visits, CPAs Align PoA rules with SSC rules Clarity on additonality, sampling, multi-country PoAs Stricter rules & interpretations make PoAs difficult to get off the ground

7 DOE liability Additionality Sampling Multi- country Contact person Wishlist

8 Thank you Lara Olsen +61 3 9387 2964

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