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World Meteorological Organization Working together in weather, climate and water Working Together at Regional Level for a better future W. Zhang, D/OBS;

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1 World Meteorological Organization Working together in weather, climate and water Working Together at Regional Level for a better future W. Zhang, D/OBS; R. Masters, D/DRA WMO

2 Annual Global Monitoring

3 3 Res. 11.3/1 (Cg-XVI) -IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WMO INTEGRATED GLOBAL OBSERVING SYSTEM (WIGOS) Requests Regional associations to: Develop their regional WIGOS implementation plans; Coordinate WIGOS implementation activities with WIS in their operating plan and work programme; Promote capacity building and outreach activities to assist Members in the implementation of WIGOS;

4 4 Congress further agreed that: Deliver the WIGOS Implementation Plan by the end of 2012; Establish a clear support structure to develop understanding of what is required to implement the Implementation Plan; and Coordinate with Members, the technical commissions and the regional associations to identify needs for nominated experts, including National Focal Points, and to work with Members to fill those needs.

5 5 TC and RA Sessions of next FP 1 st quarter 2 nd quarter 3 rd quarter4 th quarter 2012 CIMO TECO RA II CBS XVI 2013RA IV JCOMM IV RA VI 2014RA VRA III CBS ext(14) RA I CIMO XVI 2015Cg 17

6 6 Key issues on RA-WIGOS/WIS WHAT/WHO/WHEN? WHAT: –Firstly is the decision of the RA WIGOS priority areas –This should be decided by RAs WHAT: should be Services driven approach –WIGOS/WIS aim to provide data products & information for services, by integrating space & surface systems, WIGOS more than just observations ! –RAs shall determine RA-WIGOS priority areas based upon their RA services priority requirements –National WIGOS/WIS plan shall also determine their WIGOS priority based upon their urgent services needs.

7 7 Key issues on RA-WIGOS/WIS WHAT/WHO/WHEN? WHO: –RAs and Members within that RA should play primary role for RA-WIGOS/WIS and NA-WIGOS/WIS through their enhanced working structure –TCs play important technical support role –Secretariat departments provide coordination and organizing support role

8 8 WHO do the real job: Joint Mechanisms-1 Joint Working Team (J-WT) for each RA Composition –Chairperson of the J-WT from RA –Core members ( 4-5) from the RA –TC members from CBS and/or CIMO or other TCs (coordinate at ICG-WIGOS) –Secretariat P staff support, mainly focal points one each from DRA and OBS Dept. –National Focal Points can be invited. ToR of the J-WT –To develop the RA-WIGOS/WIS implementation plan –To provide technical guidance and support to the RA & Members of the RA for the WIGOS/WIS implementation –To report to the J-MG; RA sessions and TCs sessions on the progress & key issues with RA-WIGOS/WIS implementation Working methods –Develop RA-WIGOS/WIS plan by intensive working period (e-mtgs mainly) –Work together with relevant RA WGs & NMHSs for the WIGOS/WIS implementation during the IP Phase

9 9 WHO oversight the job: Joint Mechanisms 2- Joint Management & Oversight Group (J-MG) for each RA Composition –President of RA = Chair –PTC (CBS or CIMO or other TCs, priority dependent) or his representative –Chairperson of the J-Working Team –D/DRA & D/OBS, supported by DRA Regional Director & OBS WIGOS project office ToR of J-MG –Guidance & Decisions on the RA-WIGOS/WIS priority areas –Nominate J-WT member, supervise & review J-WT progress –Identify and mobilize resources to support the RA-WIGOS implementation Working methods –Discuss and exchange views by email/video/audio –Face to face meeting annually, before each EC session –The meeting can be integrated with RA MG under a special item

10 10 Report to WHO: Cross Reporting & Review procedures (1) I-1: Report to RA session: the following suggestions are proposed: An Expert Segment be arranged 2-3 days before the political segment, to allow in-depth key technical discussions and suggestions within the regional experts J-WT Chair report to the RA session for guidance and key decisions, and he is responsible for the follow-up I-2: Report to RA MG annually during the inter-session period Set annual targets clearly with performance indicators RA MG review annual progress against the targets, and solve key problems

11 11 Report to WHO :Cross Reporting & Review procedures (2) II-1: Report to relevant TC sessions. The following ideas are considered: A specific time slot for the RA WIGOS report and discussion in the TC agenda. RA-WIGOS documents are part of the TC documents Each J-WT Chair shall report to the TC session for guidance and key technical decisions. II-2: Report to TC MG annually during the TC inter-session period Each J-WT provide summary before TC (CBS) MG Each TC MG session shall review RA-WIGOS/WIS progress

12 12 Report to WHO :Cross Reporting & Review procedures (3) III-1: Report to EC sessions: Annual EC session is an excellent chance to coordinate & guide RA-WIGOS/WIS key issues by EC members. WIGOS PO consolidate all the RA WIGOS progress before each EC, incorporate into EC WIGOS documents PRA/PTC joint session : Review all RA WIGOS progress as one of the agenda items of PRA/PTC joint session Special side meeting (s) should be arranged, in case of need, with all the specific EC members for specific issues III-2: Report to Cg 17 All RA presidents shall report to Cg 17 on their RA-WIGOS/WIS achievements & key issues TC presidents shall also report to Cg17 on both global and regional WIGOS/WIS implementation progress & achievements.

13 13 WHO support: Joint Support mechanism lets make the connections ! DRA & OBS depts, working together with other relevant depts, to play a key coordinating & supporting role to the work of the J-WT. Subject to the availability of funds: DRA Dept: –Support J-WT chairperson & core members for RA activities, including chairperson attendance to the CBS and/or CIMO sessions / activities –Support DRA staff to coordinate & attend TC sessions / activities OBS/RES/CLW Depts: –Support J-WT TC members activities, including attendance to the RA sessions / activities –Support OBS staff to attend RA sessions / activities RAs + Members –Mobilize resources (within the RA and/or working together with funding agencies, supported by D/RM) for supporting regional & national WIGOS/WIS implementation & coordination activities within the Region.

14 14 Key issues on RA-WIGOS WHAT/WHO/WHEN? WHEN: –WIGOS/WIS IP Plan shall be available no later than EC 64 (2012), in which RA- WIGOS plans are key components –Implementation shall start soon after EC 64 (June 2012) –Final report to Cg 17, 2015

15 15 Milestones for each year are needed: Take RA II as an example 1 st quarter2 nd quarter3 rd quarter4 th quarter 2012 Phase 0 IP dev @4 th Q 2011 & MG review @ 1 st Q 2012 Pre-phase IP 1) Teco on WIGOS 2) RA II review & app 2013 IP phase 1 IP phase 1 review 2014 IP phase II IP phase II review 2015 IP phase III CG 17 IP phase III

16 Key discussion questions What is the right strategy and efficient mechanism ? Are the proposed Joint Working and Management Mechanisms OK? What about the Reporting and Review process ? Resources Mobilization strategy for the real WIGOS Implementation ?

17 17 EC-LXII proposed key priorities for 2012-2015 GFCS Capacity building WIGOS/WIS Disaster Risk Reduction Aeronautical meteorology

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