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20.8.20041 EFICENT Freiburg, Germany, 3 April 2009 EFI Regional Offices Risto Päivinen.

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1 20.8.20041 EFICENT Freiburg, Germany, 3 April 2009 EFI Regional Offices Risto Päivinen

2 22 February 20142 Over 130 member organisations in 37 countries Affiliate Members (outside Europe) Canada Japan United States Associate and Affiliate Members of EFI

3 22 February 20143 -EFI Association 1993-2005 -International organisation 2005- Convention on EFI 2003 Convention ratified Signatory countries

4 EFI Core activities NetworkingAdvocacyInformationResearch

5 4 Research Programmes co-ordinated at Headquarters: Forest Ecology and Management Forest Product Markets and Socio-Economics Policy Analysis Forest Resources and Information Research at EFI Regional Offices and Project Centres

6 Information EFI publications: Research Reports Discussion Papers Proceedings Policy Briefs EFI News Events: EFI organises/co-organises 15- 20 events/a Electronic information- databases, forest portal

7 Advocacy EFI represents forest research community in various platforms EFI is voice of forest science Statements Discussion papers, policy briefs Policy relevant events

8 20.8.20048 HQ ROs PCs Associate Membership Member Countries Networking EFI provides infrastructure for networking to its Associate Members

9 22 February 20149 EFI Project Centres 1999- Regional or topical research project-networks Limited time duration Hosted by EFI member institution

10 22 February 201410 EFI Regional Offices 2007- EFIMED Barcelona EFI HQ Joensuu

11 20.8.200411 EFI Regional Offices 2009-

12 20.8.200412 - implement the EFI strategy at regional level - have a long-term perspective - are integral parts of EFI ( branch offices of an international organisation) - Head of Office reports to EFI Director/HQ - staff is employed by, or seconded to EFI - governed by ToR and EFI management rules Regional offices

13 20.8.200413 Regional Offices: Benefits Regional offices provide an instrument for implementing the goals of the European Research Area European regions can utilise EFIs pan-European network and research expertise. Help regional experts, institutions and governments to address issues important for their regions in a European context.

14 20.8.200414 Regional Offices: Benefits pool financial and intellectual resources for tackling policy-relevant issues. reduce the fragmentation of research structures- >increase the effectiveness of the participating institutes allow EFI to be more visibly present in Europes regions.

15 20.8.200415 Jean Monnet: When an idea fits well in the needs of its time, it belongs no more to its originators, - it will be more powerful than those who intiated it.

16 20.8.200416 Looking forward to fruitful co-operation within EFICENT

17 20.8.200417 EFI organisation

18 20.8.200418 Regional Offices Project types: Externally funded projects (e.g. FP7 etc.) Concerted Action type projects (each partner covers own costs) Funding allowing: open calls for projects

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