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ES_21_2 Spain, Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, Cuevas de Caballero (Artenara) and Pico de la Gorra (San Mateo) EUROPEAN ADVANCED COURSES OF FIRE MANAGEMENT.

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Presentation on theme: "ES_21_2 Spain, Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, Cuevas de Caballero (Artenara) and Pico de la Gorra (San Mateo) EUROPEAN ADVANCED COURSES OF FIRE MANAGEMENT."— Presentation transcript:

1 ES_21_2 Spain, Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, Cuevas de Caballero (Artenara) and Pico de la Gorra (San Mateo) EUROPEAN ADVANCED COURSES OF FIRE MANAGEMENT (Nov 2008 and March 2009) W.P. 9.1. Examples of prescribed burning and its effects UL-UFF

2 Plot Description Town: Artenara and San Mateo. Gran Canaria Place: Cuevas de Caballero and Pico de la Gorra Area: 14 ha General slope: 30% Use: The plots estan placed in the highest zone of the island of Gran Canaria. Nowadays not estan used and only ways and footpaths exist. Objectives: 1.Training 2.Wildfire Prevention (diminishing the fuel load and change the forest structure).

3 Plot Description Vegetation structure: Mixed reforested stand of native Canary Islands pine (Pinus canariensis) and introduced Pinus radiata species. Exist a vigorous shrub (Telline microphylla, Adenocarpus foliolosus,...)

4 Plot Situation

5 MOTIVATION Gran Canaria it is one of the European territories with major experience in the application of prescribed burning. Since 2002, the Service of the Environment and specifically EQUIPOS PRESA is applying this technology as a fuel management tool. Being Canary Island a small territory, with the unique ecosystems and species to protect, the execution of the prescribed burning use has resulted in a meticulously achieving of great skills in this technique. In March 2009 we hold a 2nd European Advanced Course of Fire Management. In this course we tried to share our knowledge and experiences with an hands-on approach. Aims of the course: That the students at the end of course could be able to: 1.To plan and to measure a prescribed burning. 2.To organize the logistics and safety in prescribed burning. 3.To execute burning prescribed in several models of fuel and forest structures 4.To handle adequately the fire torch as a tool to induce fine changes in vegetation structure.

6 Prescription: Weather and fuel conditions in the burning day to have the wished effects VariableLowWishedHigh Temperature (ºC)51526 Air Relative Humidity (%)304570 Mid flame Wind speed (km/h) 21525 Soil moisture050100 1-h fuel moisture (%)5710 10 and 100 h, Live herbaceous, Live woody and humus moisture71015 Rate of spread (km/h)0,10,52,0 Flame length (m)0,30,51,5 Fire type (1 = heat, 2 = rear, 3 = flank, 4 = circle) 1, 2, 3 PRESCRIPTION WINDOW (summary)

7 Members UL-UFF (Cataluña), Junta de Castilla la Mancha, GEACAM (Castilla La Mancha), EGMASA (Andalucia), Firefighters from Castellón & Valencia (Valencia), Universitá di Pádova (Italia), TRAGSA, Gobierno de Aragón, MATINSA (Madrid), UME (Canarias), Unidades Presa (Canarias)

8 Theoretical knowledge The first days of the course realized theoretical classes. The first day all the pupils were present at the classroom, whereas the second day the half of the assistants they received theoretical knowledge while they began another half with the prescribed burning. For the theoretical classes one worked a scene of sand with which to simulate the execution of a prescribed burning. Later there were more communications on the condition of the burning prescribed in Italy, in Castilla La Mancha (Spain) and others as Prevention of Labour Risks in prescribed burning.

9 Plot preparation & Organization Plot preparation: Before the execution of the burning a breefing is realized where the tasks are distributed. Its designated the burning boss, safety boss, ignition boss, the firemen in charge of the torches, and the managers of the safety. Previously cut of the bushes is realized and pruning the trees. The fuel remains dry in the soil of the plot. Before beginning the burning the lines of defense are realized

10 Execution Before initiating the burning realizes a fire test. This us goes to indicate that ignition pattern we are going to use. The burning is begun on the high part of the plot, expanding with fire the line of defense. The students are familiarizing themselves with the fire torch.

11 Ignition patterns On having initiated the plot the backfire is in use for expanding the line of defense. To the being a course, the aim of the prescribed burning is the training. For this are in use a several ignition patters as that of flanks, that of points, that of strips... Also they become practical of being burn in tandem.

12 Surgery and Fire Management During the burning, the pupils are monitored by monitors of the PRESA units. Beside testing different ignition patterns carry out small plots with plants inside in order that the pupils learn not to damage them. This is done by means of "surgery" is to say doubling the flame and taking advantage of the suction of the fire.

13 During the course, they were invited to journalists in order that they were informing about the course the local population. Every time the prescribed burning is more known and accepted by the society of Canary Islands. Prescribed burning demostration site

14 Effects 5 months later Initial situation During prescribed burning 1 day later This one is the plot that burned in the I European Advanced Course in Fire Management, in november 2008. Five months later the first plants start going out though the scorch is evident.

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