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Status report on the implementation of GISC at CMA Li Xiang NMIC, CMA 2010.2.

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1 Status report on the implementation of GISC at CMA Li Xiang NMIC, CMA 2010.2

2 To support WIS/GISCs functions and provide the services of DAR, Data request, Data subscription and GTS data ingest to WIS centers and authorized users. Metadata generation Metadata Synchronization Metadata search Data subscription Data dissemination Web interfaces Development of GISC service


4 Metadata Information Generating VolC1...... Table B1-B6 from OP for GTS code list. Vol A Static Referance Information. Metadata Generator Software XML File VolC1 + Template GTS Bulletin CMA Satellite Data CMA TIGGE Data CMA NWP Data Metadata Basic Info. Metadata Generation Metadata File Generating

5 Metadata files: 114,495, including the metadata files for – GTS data (Vol C1) 59,175 – CMA NWP + FY satellite data : 1,222 – TIGGE products: 54,098 (10 centers products) Metadata Generation Auto-generation - DAR metadata for GTS Bulletin WMO Volume C1 (Catalogue of Meteorological Bulletins) - CMA NWP, FY Satellite Data, TIGGE data

6 Metadata synchronization system JMA,DWD … Provider System Harvest System Metadata Synchronization (OAI, FTP) Development environment Java jdk1.5 Oracle 10g OAI framework: - OAICat - OAIHarvester2 Web container - Tomcat

7 Metadata Synchronization – provider configuration, monitoring

8 Metadata Synchronization – harvester configuration, monitoring

9 Directory navigation Metadata Search Simple Search (keywords, title, time, …) Complex Search (geographical location+keywords+…) SRU service, being implemented based on OCLCs SRW/SRU open source

10 Data subscription Web Interface (subscribe data) Subscription parser (data order, dissemination metadata) Service management (queue, monitoring) Data dissemination (ftp, http, email)

11 Data dissemination GTS –protocols: ftp, tcp sockets –other GTS centers Internet –protocols: ftp, http, email –other centers, end-users

12 Implemented the services –Metadata synchronization OAI-PMH, FTP –Remote data request/reply Access JMA data from CMA WIS portal Access CMA data from JMA WIS portal –Web Data Ingest CMA:bulletin-based interface, TAC->BUFR JMA: report-based interface software shared between CMA and JMA Collaboration with JMA Data Synchronization using blog-based technology

13 Metadata –DWD Metadata generator –Dissemination metadata Contents, XML template Service backup –CMA Metadata synchronization components: harvester and provider Collaboration with DWD Data synchronization test (2009.9) –AFD/FTP/SFTP, BLOG/HTTP/HTTPS –test results: AFD has a better performance on making routine data exchange

14 Collaboration with DWD Metadata synchronization test (2010.1) Test beds –CMA: in-house software –DWD: GeoNetwork Test results – CMA harvesting metadata from DWD provider 12387 metadata in 14940s 1.206s/rec –DWD harvesting metadata from CMA provider 47326 metadata in 64441s 1.361s/rec -> more tests planned in March -> analyze performance and make improvement

15 Participants: CMA, DWD, JMA WISPO Discussion on DAR Metadata Data Synchronization Metadata Synchronization Service Monitoring and Service Backup Outcomes test plans for metadata synchronization the document related to DAR metadata, including metadata file identifier, usage of keywords, usage of ISO element for accessing online data and products, and submited it to CBS expert team. Collaboration meeting on WIS development

16 Collaboration with HKO HKO will operate a DCPC in connection with the World Weather Information Service (WWIS) and Severe Weather Information Centre (SWIC) under the WMO Public Weather Services Programme. Beijing will be one of its the associated GISC NMIC, CMA and HKO made discussion on WIS development in Beijing in November, 2009 –DAR metadata –metadata provision Metadata provision tests –planned in March

17 Progress Metadata generation Metadata Synchronization Metadata search 80% (SRU service will be available in March) Data subscription 80% Data dissemination Web interface 70% GISC service backupPlanned in 2010

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