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What Brings People Together?

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1 What Brings People Together?
Colonial Regions What Brings People Together?

2 Interpret this cartoon – what is it saying?

3 New England Who started the New England Colonies?
All colonies were started by Puritans a religious group who wanted to make the church of England simpler (less Catholic). They left England because they were being persecuted (treated unfairly). They had very strong religious beliefs and wanted to be free to practice them.

4 Massachusetts During the reign of Charles I in England Puritans were being persecuted. They called it the “Evil Times.” In 1629 – Puritans, led by John Winthrop started the Massachusetts Bay Company, got a charter, and left England to start a new Colony. They wanted to form a new society based on their religious beliefs. Who founded Massachusetts? Why?

5 Massachusetts How was Massachusetts governed?
Only church members could vote Elected representatives to an assembly called the General Court Great Migration = because of success 15,000 people moved to Massachusetts between 1629 and 1640 Population growth = problems between Puritans and others

6 Connecticut Who founded Connecticut? Why?
Puritan minister Thomas Hooker Believed the governor and other officials in Massachusetts had too much power Became a separate colony in 1662

7 Connecticut How was Connecticut different?
Settlers wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut = the first constitution. Precedent for other states and the US Limited government Gave all land owners the power to vote

8 Rhode Island Who founded Rhode Island? Why? Started by Roger Williams.
He was kicked out of Massachusetts and started Rhode Island in 1636. Believed: Puritans had too much power. the business of church and state should be separate. in religious tolerance = he wanted people to be able to practice their own beliefs.

9 Massachusetts Government
What were the governments of the New England Colonies like? Massachusetts: only members of the church were allowed to vote. Selected representatives to the General Court, the legislature (law making body).

10 Connecticut Government
What were the governments of New England like? Connecticut: did not like the power of the Massachusetts government Wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut: gave all property owners the right to vote and limited the power of the government (the first constitution)

11 New England Government
What were New England governments like? All New England Colonies had town meetings Settlers discussed and voted on many issues. These helped democracy grow in America.

12 Puritan Rules How did the Puritans in New England treat people who disagreed with them? Roger Williams: ordered to leave Massachusetts because he spoke out against Puritan power and he believed in religious tolerance Anne Hutchinson: woman who spoke out against Puritans and their teachings was forced to move to Rhode Island.

13 Indians How did the Puritans treat the Indians?
Indians taught the Puritans how to live in America. More settlers arrived and took native lands. 1675:Puritans fought the Indians led by Metacom or “King Phillip” Puritans defeated the Indians. All Indians would be forced off of their homelands.

14 Economy What was the Economy like in the New England?
Based on the environment. Farming was common but the soil was rocky. Cut down trees and sent them down rivers to the ports. Shipbuilding and whaling became America’s first industries. Cities like Boston grew around these businesses.

15 Importance? Puritans brought their religious ideas with them.
Even though the Puritans lost power, the motivation of religion would always be important in the North. The environment was bad for farming so slavery never grew. Because of the environment, industries and cities grew in the North = population growth! Why were the New England Colonies important?

16 Middle Colonies What were the Middle Colonies? New York New Jersey
Pennsylvania Delaware

17 New Netherlands becomes New York
Who founded the Middle Colonies? The Dutch started New Netherlands. Patroons had huge pieces of land (like feudalism). Dutch rule was unpopular because they abused power. Allowed all religions leading to diversity. 1664 – the English invaded New Amsterdam harbor. Dutch colonists refused to fight Peter Stuyvesant was very unpopular even though he restored law and order NAC

18 New York and New Jersey Who founded the Middle Colonies?
Charles II gave the colony to his brother the Duke of York. Renamed it New York. The Duke gave the southern part of the land to his friends: Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley. They renamed it New Jersey. Carteret and Berkeley had themselves a money making proprietary colony!

19 Pennsylvania PA and DE: Quakers (William Penn)
Believed people were equal in god’s eyes. Against war and refused to serve in the army Some were hanged for beliefs. Penn: from a wealthy family. Joined the Quakers. Who founded the Middle Colonies? He became convinced the Quakers would not make it in England. Granted a charter because of a debt owed to Penn’s father.


21 The Middle Colonies Pennsylvania and Delaware: Quakers “Holy Experiment” - Build a religious society based on beliefs: equality and peace! People came from all over Europe to escape persecution Led to diversity unlike any other region. NY and NJ: money, land, and opportunity. Why did people come to the Middle Colonies?

22 Middle Colonies What was life like in the Middle Colonies? Government:
All started as proprietary colonies. Each had a legislature and limits on government Eventually all became royal colonies. Royal government still had legislatures but less power for the people because of the governor.


24 Middle Colonies What was life like in the Middle Colonies?
Economy: Diverse based on the environment. It was also diverse because of the ethnic diversity. “Bread Basket” great soil for wheat and grain Skilled workers from all over = manufacturing Port cities like Philadelphia and New York grew.

25 Middle Colonies Religion: What was life like in the Middle Colonies?
Religious Tolerance Diversity: Because of religious tolerance and the legacy of New Sweden and New Netherlands, people came from all over Europe (IE Pennsylvania Dutch) Many people moved west (backcountry) What was life like in the Middle Colonies?

26 Middle Colonies Importance?
Why were the Middle Colonies important? Diversity: different talents and skills to the economy Manufacturing and cities = population growth and economic power A lot in common with New England Environment was not good for slavery (except DE) Quakers = first anti-slavery (abolitionists)

27 Southern Colonies What were the Southern Colonies? Virginia Maryland
North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

28 Southern Colonies Who founded the Southern Colonies?
VA = Virginia Company MD – Lord Baltimore NC and SC: 8 nobles GA: James Oglethorpe

29 The Southern Colonies Why did people come to the Southern Colonies?
Money and land MD: Catholics GA: for debtors

30 Southern Colonies What was life like in the Southern Colonies?
Government: VA House of Burgesses = legislature Each colony followed the precedent (example) All became royal colonies


32 Southern Colonies What was life like in the Southern Colonies?
Economy: Based on environment. Tidewater = near water had plantation slavery (rice, indigo, and tobacco) Backcountry = small farms grew grain and raised livestock



35 Southern Colonies Slavery:
Slaves traveled to America over the deadly “Middle Passage” Slave codes took away rights after Bacon’s Rebellion Few people owned slaves Slaves were important to the rich “planters” who owned many! What was life like in the Southern Colonies?

36 Southern Colonies What was life like in the Southern Colonies?
Religion: Act of Toleration – MD protected religious freedom Religion was not as important to everyday life in the South

37 Southern Colonies Importance?
Why were the Southern Colonies important? Making money became the primary motivation of most people Economy was based on plantation slavery Powerful landowners were slave owners who needed the slaves. Fewer cities and little manufacturing (smaller than the North)

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